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First Air Date: February 8th, 2015
Last Air Date: May 19th, 2024
Created By: ---
Star Casts: Robert Durst, Andrew Jarecki
Aired On: HBO
Episode Runtime: 45 minutes
Total Seasons: 2 Seasons
Total Episodes: 12 Episodes
Type: Documentary
Status: Returning Series
Homepage: HBO - The Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst

Last Updated: Tue, 21 May 2024 03:43:19 +0000

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The Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst

Robert Durst, scion of NY's billionaire real-estate family, has been accused of three murders but has evaded justice for over 30 years. Durst speaks in this true crime series, revealing secrets of a case that has baffled authorities.

Seasons and Episodes

Season 1 (6 Episodes)

1: Chapter 1: A Body in the Bay - Aired: 2015-02-08

A dismembered body discovered in Texas in 2001 is possibly connected to Durst. In 2012, Durst contacts director Andrew Jarecki about an interview.

2: Chapter 2: Poor Little Rich Boy - Aired: 2015-02-15

Robert Durst discusses witnessing his mother's suicide when he was a child and his 1973 marriage to Kathleen McCormack, who disappeared in 1982.

3: Chapter 3: The Gangster's Daughter - Aired: 2015-02-22

Nearly 20 years after his wife disappeared, Robert Durst makes headlines again when his longtime confidante Susan Berman--a potential witness in the disappearance of Kathie Durst--is murdered in LA.

4: Chapter 4: The State of Texas vs. Robert Durst - Aired: 2015-03-01

Two years after the dismembered body of Morris Black washed up on the shores of Galveston, TX, Robert Durst goes on trial with a formidable team of attorneys and a brilliant defense strategy.

5: Chapter 5: Family Values - Aired: 2015-03-08

Present Day: In the 33 years since Kathie Durst disappeared, no progress has been made in finding out what happened to her, or finding her body. Without answers, her family and friends continue to hunt for the truth.

6: Chapter 6: What the Hell Did I Do? - Aired: 2015-03-15

Present day: Nearly a decade has passed since the filmmakers began investigating Robert Durst and his alleged crimes. They have spoken to more than 100 participants in Robert's story, including family, friends, police, lawyers, jurors and journalists in an attempt to get at the truth.

Part Two (6 Episodes)

1: Why Are You Still Here? - Aired: 2024-04-21

As new evidence is revealed, Robert Durst is arrested and charged with Susan Berman's murder. But who will support Bob in his time of need?

2: Friendships Die Hard - Aired: 2024-04-28

From jail, Bob makes frequent calls to people who've helped him in the past, including a longtime friend who is keeping his own secret.

3: Saving My Tears Until It's Official - Aired: 2024-05-05

At trial, prosecutors revisit the 1982 disappearance of Bob's first wife Kathie and make the case that Susan helped Bob cover up the crime.

4: The Unluckiest Man in the World - Aired: 2024-05-12

Longtime Durst confidant Stewart Altman defends him on the stand, but when his wife Emily testifies, she reveals crucial new details.

5: Mostly the Truth - Aired: 2024-05-19

Bob takes the stand to tell his version of events, but on cross-examination finds prosecutor Lewin better-prepared than he anticipated.

6: It Takes a Village - Aired: 2024-05-26

Found guilty of Susan's murder, Bob is sentenced to life – but dies in jail a few months later. Seeking closure for the murder of his wife Kathie, her family files a suit against Bob's estate, now controlled by his second wife, Debrah. Bob's friends, including Debbie, and members of the Durst family are questioned on the record for the first time. Who will be held accountable?