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First Air Date: August 10th, 2001
Last Air Date: May 20th, 2017
Created By: Genndy Tartakovsky
Star Casts: Phil LaMarr, Greg Baldwin, Tara Strong, Grey DeLisle, Tom Kenny
Aired On: Cartoon Network, Adult Swim
Episode Runtime: 22 minutes
Total Seasons: 5 Seasons
Total Episodes: 62 Episodes
Type: Scripted
Status: Ended
Homepage: Cartoon Network - Samurai Jack

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Samurai Jack

A great warrior is displaced to the distant future by the evil shape-shifting wizard Aku. The world has become a bleak place under the rule of Aku, segregated into fantastic tribes and ruled by Aku's evil robot warlords. Jack travels this foreign landscape in search of a time portal that can return him to his home time so he can "undo the future that is Aku!".

Seasons and Episodes

Specials (13 Episodes)

1: The Making of Samurai Jack

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2: Original Animation Test

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3: Original Artwork

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4: Creator Scrapbook

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5: An Original Episode Pitch

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6: The Martial Arts of Samurai Jack

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7: Lost Artwork

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8: Samurai Jack Promos

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9: Deleted Scenes

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10: Genndy's New Projects

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11: Genndy's Roundtable

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12: Creator Commentary Episode XXV - Jack and the Spartans

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13: Creator Commentary Episode XXXVII - Birth of Evil

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Season 1 (13 Episodes)

1: The Beginning - Aired: 2001-08-10

Aku, an evil shape-shifting demon, devastates a young prince's land, and his parents send him into exile. After years of intensive training, the prince receives a mystical sword and samurai's robes, and frees his people from Aku's minions. He then defeats Aku in battle, but before striking the final blow the latter casts a spell to send him into the future.

2: The Samurai Called Jack - Aired: 2001-08-10

The samurai is plunged into a dystopian world ruled by Aku, adopting the name "Jack". After getting in a fight at a nightclub, he is hired by a group of canine miners to protect them from Aku's forces.

3: The First Fight - Aired: 2001-08-10

Armed with various weapons and traps, Jack single-handledly defeats Aku's "beetle-bots". He subsequently vows to fight the demon's oppression until he can return to the past.

4: Jack, the Woolies and the Chritchellites - Aired: 2001-08-13

Jack comes in contact with a tribe of creatures who utilize their technology to subdue a group of supposedly savage beasts called "Woolies". Little does Jack know, there is more to the situation than meets the eye.

5: Jack and the Three Blind Archers - Aired: 2001-08-20

Jack learns of a powerful wishing well that can return him to the past, but must find a way past the three deadly archers who protect it.

6: Jack in Space - Aired: 2001-08-27

Samurai Jack befriends a colony of scientists building a spaceship to escape Aku's tyrannic rule. Jack agrees to assist in their escape by fighting off the blockade orbiting the planet in return for a trip through time back home.

7: Jack Under the Sea - Aired: 2001-09-03

When Jack hears tales of a race of amphibians living in the underwater city of Oceanus in possession of a time machine, Jack sets out to the city and is welcomed by its Triceraquins, but is unprepared for a terrible surprise.

8: Jack and the Lava Monster - Aired: 2001-10-12

Called on by a mysterious voice coming from a nearby volcano, Jack overcomes many obstacles and booby traps to find a Viking king transformed into a giant rock figure by Aku, who insists that Jack slay him in battle so that he may reach Valhalla.

9: Jack vs. Mad Jack - Aired: 2001-10-15

Angered by the failure of his bounty hunters and mercenaries to defeat Jack, Aku uses the samurai's inner darkness to create a mirror image whose sole purpose is to destroy him.

10: Jack and the Scotsman - Aired: 2001-10-29

While crossing a seemingly endless bridge, Jack runs into the Scotsman: a robust, if impulsive, stereotypical Scottish warrior who also wields an enchanted sword. Their argument turns into a fight that causes them to both fall off the bridge. After realizing that Aku has placed bounties on both of them, however, they join forces to escape and form a new friendship.

11: Jack and the Warrior Woman - Aired: 2001-11-19

A talented warrior named Ikra joins Jack as he seeks a magical jewel that could send him back to his own time. However, Ikra's true motives threaten to derail his quest.

12: Jack and the Gangsters - Aired: 2001-11-26

Jack teams up with some gangsters to try to get close to Aku. The only way to do it is to get a mystical jewel guarded by three elementals.

13: Aku's Fairy Tales - Aired: 2001-12-03

Seeking to weaken Jack's popularity among his subjects, Aku gathers the children of the world in his palace and tells them a series of "fairy tales", all of which portray himself as a hero and Jack as the villain.

Season 2 (13 Episodes)

1: Jack Learns to Jump Good - Aired: 2002-03-01

After his lack of jumping skills cause him to lose a chance to return home, Jack helps a peaceful tribe of apelike creatures and their human leader defend themselves against the attacks of a larger rival tribe in return for lessons on how to "jump good".

2: Jack Tales - Aired: 2002-03-08

Three short stories: Jack vs. the Worm: Jack confronts a two-headed riddling serpent who will grant him his wish if he can answer their questions; The Metal-Eaters: Jack confronts a family that feed on metal and eat Jack's sword; Jack, the Gargoyle and the Fairy: Jack tries to rescue a wish-granting fairy from a gargoyle so that she may grant his wish to return home.

3: Jack and the Smackback - Aired: 2002-03-15

Jack is captured and taken to the "Dome of Doom", where he forced to fight as a gladiator against the Dome's champions.

4: Jack and the Scotsman II - Aired: 2002-03-22

The Scotsman needs Jack's help to save his kidnapped wife. But this woman is hardly the damsel in distress the Scotsman makes her out to be.

5: Jack and the Ultra-robots - Aired: 2002-03-29

While investigating the destruction of several scattered villages, Jack learns that Aku's new "ultra-bots" are responsible. Unable to destroy them, he receives assistance from an unexpected source: their creator.

6: Jack Remembers the Past - Aired: 2002-04-05

Upon stumbling onto the ruins of his family's estate, Jack recalls some of his childhood memories.

7: Jack and the Monks - Aired: 2002-04-12

Jack searches for truth by climbing the "Mountain of Fatoom" with three monks.

8: Jack and the Dragon - Aired: 2002-09-06

A village is overpowered by a stench coming from "The Spire". Jack investigates and finds a dragon with severe indigestion.

9: Jack vs. the Five Hunters - Aired: 2002-09-13

Aku challenges the Imakandi, regarded as the greatest hunters in the universe, to capture the ultimate prey: Jack.

10: Jack vs. Demongo, The Soul Collector - Aired: 2002-09-20

Aku sends his servant Demongo, a demon who captures and enslaves the souls of warriors to serve him, to destroy Jack.

11: Jack Is Naked - Aired: 2002-09-27

Jack must chase a mysterious thief who stole his clothing while he was bathing, but things get complicated when his pursuit leads him into another world, whose denizens could gaze on his nudity.

12: Jack and the Spartans - Aired: 2002-10-04

While ascending a mountain, Jack encounters a hidden society of warriors who have fought for five generations against an army of robots and offers to help them put an end to it.

13: Jack's Shoes - Aired: 2002-10-11

When a gang of robot bikers destroy his sandals, Jack seeks revenge, but realizes that he can't do so without footwear, something he has difficulty choosing.

Season 3 (13 Episodes)

1: Chicken Jack - Aired: 2002-10-18

Jack bumps into an old wizard who transforms him into a chicken - a rather goofy-looking master of the martial arts that nobody can understand. He gets captured and taken to a animal fight where he must defeat a robot beetle and snake. Jack wins but must then fight a spider-like creature, a giant worm, and the ratlike mechanical "Finisher". Jack's series of wins make his new owner a wealthy man but when he goes out to buy some decent clothing he bumps into the same wizard who hits them both with a spell - causing Jack to become human and the owner to become a chicken. Jack departs with a new found appreciation for the virtues of not eating chicken.

2: Jack and the Zombies - Aired: 2002-10-25

Aku resolves to do something about The Samurai once and for all and lures him into a cemetery. Then the wizard unleashes hordes of the undead and one of the creatures manages to possess Jack's sword and deliver it to Aku. Armed with the sword and his own shape-shifting powers, Aku runs Jack ragged and then captures him and tries to kill him with the sword...which Jack finally remembers can't be used by the evil to harm the innocent. With the sword incapable of harming him, Jack regains his weapon and drives Aku away.

3: Jack and the Rave - Aired: 2002-11-01

In his travels Jack comes to a tavern and a crying tavern owner. Then shadowy figures attack but Jack discovers they are teenagers, the "Children of Aku", under a magical musical spell. Knocking one out and following them in disguise, jack finds their rave and a sinister DJ playing the music. The DJ spots Jack and a fight ensues. Jack takes the fight directly to the DJ who is his near-equal. When Jack gets the upper hand the DJ dons a speaker-battlesuit but Jack regains his lost sword at the last minute and triumphs, freeing the children.

4: Couple on a Train - Aired: 2002-11-08

While taking a trip on a Old West-style train, Jack is stalked by a bounty hunter, Ezekial Clench. He manages to defeat him but unwittingly falls prey to Ezekial's ex-wife Josephine.

5: Jack and the Scarab - Aired: 2002-11-22

In the past during his training days in Egypt as a boy, the Samurai wandered into a temple and saw part of an ancient prophecy concerning Set. In the modern day, as he travels toward Egypt, Aku unearths three ancient Minions and tasks them to kill Jack in return for freeing them. The three creatures, armed with mystic weapons, prove more than a match for Jack but he remembers the prophecy. Unraveling a series of riddles, Jack assembles the three pieces and summons an ancient god to destroy the creatures.

6: Jack and the Traveling Creatures - Aired: 2003-04-26

To get to a time passage, Jack must pass a lake which sucks down any who try to cross it without touching its bottom. The locals summon an ancient creature who can walk upon the bottom but tall enough to stay above the water. It puts in a good word for two other creatures: a crawling creature that helps Jack pass a mountain and a flying creature that flies him to the portal. Jack must face its Guardian, a mighty warrior with an unlimited arsenal of weapons and incredible strength who says the only one who may pass is the one destined to use it. Ultimately Jack is defeated and the Guardian sends Jack back, as a mysterious warrior (apparently an older bearded version of Jack) within the time passage apparently tells the Guardian that Jack can't use it . . . yet.

7: Jack and the Annoying Creature - Aired: 2003-05-03

Whilst crossing a desert to seek the Crystal of Cagliostoro, Jack comes across a oasis. He unwittingly disturbs an overly friendly creature, who begins following Jack, messing up Jack's every move along his quest. After the creature eats the Crystal, Jack spurns the creature who even more upset to discover in the morning that Jack has abandoned him. Jack meanwhile runs into some mean bots that are more than a match for him. On hearing Jack's cry of pain and seeing him unconscious, the creature becomes enraged and transforms into its vicious form to defeat the robots. Jack wakes up and is left to wonder what happened to the robots.

8: Jack and the Swamp Wizard - Aired: 2003-05-10

Jack finds a swamp where a foul-tempered hermit answers his call. The wizard tells Jack of the titan Chronos and his powers over space and time, now locked within three pieces of armor set with gems. Three trap-solving sequences follow - the helmet is hidden in a water trap, one gauntlet in a volcanic air trap, and the second gauntlet in a lens-dome. Jack manages to defeat all three traps and Aku uses the armor/gems to summon a time-space-monster to kill Jack. Jack realized that it had been a trap all along and took one of the gems, causing the creature to fall apart, and then goes after Aku. Jack manages to slice and dice his way through anything Aku throws at him with surprising ease - Aku flees as a triumphant Jack speaking of how the future/past holds his victory.

9: Jack and the Haunted House - Aired: 2003-05-17

Jack travels through a beautifully animated swampland, when he comes across a small shadow crying in the distance. After approaching the being, it drops a small toy doll and Jack follows it back to a small house in hopes of giving the item back to the creature. Jack travels through the house, taking on the memory of a family, ravaged by some creature, with each specific items unlocking these horror filled dreams. Jack finally uncovers the owner of the doll, a little girl, and also discovers that all the windows or doors have disappeared. Later Jack awakens to see the little girl gone, only to find in a beautiful room with the family Jack sees in his visions. Although the family pretends nothing is amiss, eventually each lets out strange light from their mouths which forms into a large shadowy dragon beast that devours Jack, allowing him to see the family trapped inside.

10: Jack, the Monks, and the Ancient Master's Son - Aired: 2003-05-31

Jack meets two Shaolin monks and after a brief fight he convinces them of his credentials and they take him to see their Grand Master at their hidden temple. The Master was at the temple when Jack studied there and remembers him. The Master directs Jack to a gateway that opens at noon and he and the two monks travel to the tower it is atop. Moving up the tower's catwalks they must fight a seemingly endless horde of stone statues. Jack gets to the portal but turns back to help the two monks rather then make his escape. The three of them escape the statues by destroying the tower and his time portal.

11: The Birth of Evil (1) - Aired: 2003-08-16

The gods Odin, Ra, and Rama battle a great dark evil. One shard escapes and falls to primitive Earth, creating a vast black forest. Down through the millennia it spreads and kills until the period of feudal Japan. An emperor and his army set out to fight the evil with the aid of a mystical elixir. His army is wiped out but the emperor fires an arrow covered with the elixir into the heart of the darkness, but only sets it free and gives it voice and face: Aku. Aku imprisons the Emperor and wipes out his lands.

12: The Birth of Evil (2) - Aired: 2003-08-16

The gods send the Emperor a mystical horse to free him and deliver him to a castle in the sky. The three gods give him powers and forge a mystic sword for him to wield. The Emperor goes forth to fight Aku. Aku is vulnerable to the sword but his shape shifting abilities prove the Emperor's equal, particularly when Aku takes on the form of an entire army. But the Emperor manages to prove seemingly triumphant and the Emperor's wife greets him with his newborn son. The Emperor resolves that in case Aku returns, he must formulate a plan.

13: Jack and the Labyrinth - Aired: 2003-08-26

Jack is directed to a deathtrap-filled labyrinth which holds a diamond that can restore him to his time. Unfortunately a master Thief also enters the labyrinth going for the item. The two of them prove equally adept in their own styles of bypassing the same traps through technology and training. The two men are forced to alternately join forces to defeat the guardian statue-robots and double-cross each other to make sure they end up with the gem. Jack helps the Thief escape who in return leaves him trapped - overwhelmed, Jack is on the verge of defeat when the Thief returns to pull him out. The two seem to come to terms...just as the diamond shatters and the Thief apparently disappears.

Season 4 (13 Episodes)

1: Jack vs. the Ninja - Aired: 2003-06-14

Aku sends forth the robotic ninja Shinobi, Warrior of the Dark, to kill the Samurai. Jack responds to the cries of a young boy from a village beset by robot lobsters. Jack defeats them all while Shinobi watches - then the ninja takes the boy to a nearby ruined tower where he strikes from the darkness at Jack as he follows. Jack knows of the ninja's technique and reveals that he is trained to blend with the light just as Shinobi can blend with the dark. The warriors of light and dark fight from shadow to light and back again - with the sun going down, Jack quickly runs out of concealment and in a last desperate measure reflects the waning light onto Shinobi and destroys him with a well-tossed sword.

2: Robo-Samurai vs. Mondo-bot - Aired: 2003-06-21

Jack enters the abandoned city of Andromeda and finds himself under attack by a monstrous giant robot, the Mondo-Bot. Jack is initially defeated and rescued by local robots who believe he is the Chosen One. The city is built on a magical city of giants and Jack goes underwater to seek them out and finds a giant samurai robot which pulls Jack into it. Jack's bot is resistant to everything the Mondo-Bot shoots at it so the two engage in an enormous close combat battle and Jack proves triumphant.

3: Samurai vs. Samurai - Aired: 2003-06-28

While traveling through the rain, Jack takes refuge in an inn and meets Da Samurai, a hip-hop singer/fighter. His performance is interrupted by a new version of Aku's bounty hunters. Jack defeats them handily, much to Da Samurai's amazement. Da Samurai challenges him to battle and Jack eventually agrees. Jack requires him to first fight with sticks and Jack is clearly the superior warrior. Their fight is interrupted by the arrival of many more of Aku's hunters. Da Samurai is captured and Jack defeats the 100+ robots...but they assemble into one gigantic multi-headed robot. Da Samurai saves Jack by taking an energy blast, giving Jack time to defeat the robot and acknowledge Da Samurai has taken the first step on the path of a true warrior.

4: The Scotsman Saves Jack (1) - Aired: 2003-08-23

While traveling the Scotsman finds Samurai Jack working as a waiter named Brent Worthington. The Scotsman rescues the amnesiac Jack from bounty hunters and realizes that Jack was injured by the tango beast. He follows the trail from the tango beast to a bar of bounty hunters to a sea captain to a chart that directs them to The Great Unknown. The Scotsman hires a ship to take them there.

5: The Scotsman Saves Jack (2) - Aired: 2003-08-23

The ship sails into the Great Unknown and encounters sirens who hypnotize everyone except the Scotsman who is conveniently immune thanks to his musical taste for Scottish music and his wife's singing. The entranced crew bring the ship to ground and give the sirens all their treasure as the Scotsman confronts the Sirens. They send the crews against him but use his bagpipes to snap them out of it. While the Sirens attack the defenseless Scotsman, Jack grabs his sword and kills the beasts. When the other ships leave without them and they have to have a series of contests to determine who will row the boat. Jack wins them all, including an epic thumb-wrestling battle.

6: The Aku Infection - Aired: 2003-11-05

Jack is infected with a bit of Aku and the piece infects him with Aku, trying to take him over and drive him to evil.

7: The Princess and the Bounty Hunters - Aired: 2003-11-12

Bounty hunters come together and vie among themselves to determine who will go first. Each hunter outlines his plan while another, armored hunter points out the flaws in each plan. The armored hunter is a woman, Princess Mira and she proposes they fight together, but she claim the bounty so that Aku will free her people.. The bounty hunters prepare their trap, digging pits to ambush Jack. But Jack defeats them all in the span of a second and even the princess yields before his superior ability.

8: Jack and the Flying Prince and Princess - Aired: 2003-11-19

A prince and princess flee invaders of their planet and go for help, but ended up stranded on Earth and captured by Aku's forces - only Jack can rescue them.

9: Jack vs. Aku - Aired: 2003-11-24

Tiring of the failure of his minions, Aku decides to engage Jack in one-on-one combat to settle matters between them once and for all.

10: The Four Seasons of Death - Aired: 2004-09-25

Four separate stories following Jack through the four seasons: Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring. In Summer, Jack is traveling through the desert and is set upon by strange creatures formed of sandstorms. In Fall, a creepy little scientist attempts to make a poison to kill Jack. In Winter, a warrior race forge a mighty sword with which to slay Jack. In Spring, Jack finds rest in a mysterious garden paradise.

11: Tale of X-49 - Aired: 2004-09-25

The first three-fourths of the story is a monologue: a Terminator-like killer robot with human emotions tells us the story of his life. He formerly worked for Aku, but stopped because of his emotions and because he felt in love with a little dog. But Aku kidnapped his dog and forces him to fight against Jack if he wants to see it again. He is tracking Jack and he is finally destroyed by the samurai His last words are for his puppy and Jack looks sadly at him. Then there is a close-up of his car and the last image of the episode is a photo of the dog.

12: Young Jack in Africa - Aired: 2004-09-25

This episode takes place during Jack's childhood. After Aku's first attack, Jack is brought to a tribe in Africa where he is admitted into the adult community after a small ritual and the chief of the village teaches him the art of fighting with a stick. But an enemy tribe attacks the village in order to get a reward promised by Aku for Jack's capture and everyone is captured except for Jack. So he follows them, mastering the captors' weapon, using qualities of the animals he has observed to do so. After a difficult series of fights, Jack releases all the prisoners and with their help, the enemy tribe is defeated. At the end, Jack leaves the tribe because he is now considered to have learned all he can from them.

13: Jack and the Baby - Aired: 2004-09-25

While peacefully enjoying a snack of peaches, Jack hears a baby cry and races to find out what's the matter. He rescues Baby from a crew of hungry (baby-eating) monsters. The two then set off to find the baby's mother. Jack makes a great temporary parent, finding food, shelter, dealing with diapers. He tells Baby a bedtime story of Momotaro (Peach-boy, an archetypal Japanese folk-tale). When sick, Baby wants peaches; when they return to the peach orchard, the monsters find them again. After the final defeat of the monsters, Baby's mother is found. When she notices a surprising change in her child, Jack explains the baby has achieved sakai, the spirit of the samurai.

Season 5 (10 Episodes)

1: XCII - Aired: 2017-03-11

It's been 50 years since we last saw Samurai Jack and time has not been kind to him. Aku has destroyed every time portal and Jack has stopped aging, a side effect of time travel. It seems he is cursed to just roam the land for all eternity. His past haunts him as well as a cult of assasins dedicated to killing him for Aku's glory.

2: XCIII - Aired: 2017-03-18

Jack's will to survive is pushed to its absolute limits after a deadly, unseen foe launches a relentless surprise attack.

3: XCIV - Aired: 2017-03-25

Samurai Jack is gravely injured, but still decides to face one of the deadliest foes he's ever faced, Assassins from the Cult of Aku.

4: XCV - Aired: 2017-04-08

Samurai Jack partners with a deadly assassin in order to escape a gargantuan creature that has swallowed them whole.

5: XCVI - Aired: 2017-04-15

Samurai Jack fights to save a group of enslaved people from being harvested as the power source for a monstrous Mega-Robot.

6: XCVII - Aired: 2017-04-22

Ashi's search for Samurai Jack helps her to see his effect on the world after encountering numerous people and places where he has changed things for the better

7: XCVIII - Aired: 2017-04-29

Jack and Ashi overcome a series of dangerous physical and spiritual tests in order to recover Jack's sword.

8: XCIX - Aired: 2017-05-06

The burgeoning relationship between Jack and Ashi takes a turn after they are hunted by one of the galaxy's deadliest creatures.

9: C - Aired: 2017-05-13

Samurai Jack's worst fear is realized when he faces off against Aku; the demon makes a shocking discovery about Ashi that puts her in grave danger.

10: CI - Aired: 2017-05-20

The fate of the entire universe hangs in the balance as Samurai Jack faces Aku.