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First Air Date: September 8th, 2015
Last Air Date: October 15th, 2018
Created By: ---
Star Casts: Stephen Colbert, Jon Batiste
Aired On: CBS
Episode Runtime: 45 minutes
Total Seasons: 4 Seasons
Total Episodes: 340 Episodes
Type: Talk Show
Status: Returning Series
Homepage: CBS - The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

Last Updated: Tue, 16 Oct 2018 21:52:49 +0000

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The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

Improv actor and comic Stephen Colbert leaves his "The Colbert Report" character behind as he makes his long-awaited return to television. As the host of The Late Show franchise redux -- taped at the historic Ed Sullivan Theatre at New York -- Colbert talks to actors, athletes, politicians, comics, artists and musicians as himself for the first time. Loyal fans, however, will also be treated to consistency as Colbert remains backed by many members of his writing and digital team from his former venture. Julliard-trained Jon Batiste serves as the bandleader.

Seasons and Episodes

Season 1 (143 Episodes)

1: George Clooney, Jeb Bush, Jon Batiste & Stay Human - Aired: 2015-09-08

Stephen welcomes George Clooney, Republican Presidential candidate Jeb Bush, plus a musical performance by Jon Batiste & Stay Human with special guests.

2: Scarlett Johansson, Elon Musk, Kendrick Lamar - Aired: 2015-09-09

Stephen welcomes actress Scarlett Johansson, Space X and Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk, plus an interview with and musical performance by Kendrick Lamar.

3: Vice President Joe Biden, Travis Kalanick, Toby Keith - Aired: 2015-09-10

Stephen welcomes Vice President Joe Biden, Uber CEO Travis Kalanick, plus a musical performance by Toby Keith.

4: Amy Schumer, Stephen King, Troubled Waters (Paul Simon) - Aired: 2015-09-11

Stephen welcomes comedian Amy Schumer, author Stephen King, plus an interview with and performance by Troubled Waters.

5: Emily Blunt, Justice Stephen Breyer, The Dead Weather - Aired: 2015-09-14

Stephen welcomes actress Emily Blunt, Justice Stephen Breyer, plus a performance by The Dead Weather.

6: Tim Cook, Jake Gyllenhaal, Run The Jewels with TV On The Radio - Aired: 2015-09-15

Stephen welcomes actor Jake Gyllenhaal, Apple CEO Tim Cook, plus a performance by Run the Jewels with TV on the Radio.

7: Kevin Spacey, Carol Burnett, Abbi Jacobson, Ilana Glazer, Willie Nelson - Aired: 2015-09-16

Stephen welcomes actor Kevin Spacey, TV legend Carol Burnett, plus a performance and interview with Willie Nelson and John Mellencamp.

8: Trevor Noah, U.N. Ban Ki-Moon, Chris Stapleton - Aired: 2015-09-17

Stephen welcomes Trevor Noah, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon, plus a musical performance by Chris Stapleton.

9: Lupita Nyong’o, Sen. Bernie Sanders, An American in Paris (Christopher Wheeldon, Robert Fairchild, Leanne Cope) - Aired: 2015-09-18

Stephen welcomes Lupita Nyong’o, Senator Bernie Sanders, plus an interview with and performance by “An American in Paris’” Christopher Wheeldon, Robert Fairchild, and Leanne Cope

10: Stephen Curry, Sen. Ted Cruz, Don Henley - Aired: 2015-09-21

Stephen welcomes NBA MVP Stephen Curry, Senator Ted Cruz, plus a musical performance by Don Henley.

11: Donald Trump, Dr. Ernest Moniz, Raury - Aired: 2015-09-22

Stephen welcomes Donald Trump, U.S. Secretary of Energy Dr. Ernest Moniz, plus a musical performance by Raury.

12: Hugh Jackman, Hugh Evans, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Pearl Jam - Aired: 2015-09-23

Stephen welcomes actor Hugh Jackman with founder of the Global Poverty Projects Hugh Evans, Senator Elizabeth Warren, plus an interview with and musical performance by Pearl Jam.

13: Andrew Sullivan, Maria Shriver, Jim Gaffigan, Archbishop Thomas Wenski, YMCA Jerusalem Youth Chorus, the Choir of St. Jean Baptiste - Aired: 2015-09-24

Stephen welcomes author Andrew Sullivan, journalist and activist Maria Shriver, comedian Jim Gaffigan, Archbishop Thomas Wenski, plus a musical performance by the YMCA Jerusalem Youth Chorus and the Choir of St. Jean Baptiste.

14: Malala Yousafzai, Kerry Washington, The Arcs - Aired: 2015-09-25

Stephen welcome Pakistani activist Malala Yousadzai, American actress Kerry Washington, plus Dan Auerbach's band The Arcs.

15: First Lady Michelle Obama, John Legend - Aired: 2015-09-28

Stephen welcomes First Lady Michelle Obama and singer John Legend.

16: Ellen Page, Jesse Eisenberg, Dominic Wilcox - Aired: 2015-09-29

Stephen welcomes actress Ellen Page, actor Jesse Eisenberg, plus inventor and designer Dominic Wilcox.

17: John Oliver, Evan Spiegel, Bill Withers, Ed Sheeran - Aired: 2015-09-30

Stephen welcomes John Oliver, founder of Snapchat Evan Spiegel, plus an interview with singer-songwriter Bill Withers and a performance by Ed Sheeran.

18: John Kerry, Claire Danes, PewDiePie - Aired: 2015-10-01

Stephen welcomes Secretary of State John Kerry, actress Claire Danes, and YouTube comedian PewDiePie.

19: Morgan Freeman, Ruth Wilson, Sean Murray - Aired: 2015-10-02

Stephen welcomes actor Morgan Freeman, executive producer of the CBS series “Madam Secretary,” actress Ruth Wilson, plus an interview with and demonstration by Hello Games founder Sean Murray.

20: Senator John McCain, Yo-Yo Ma, Misty Copeland - Aired: 2015-10-05

Stephen welcomes Senator John McCain, special guest Yo-Yo Ma, plus an interview with and performance by ballerina Misty Copeland.

21: Bill Clinton, Billy Eichner, Florence & the Machine - Aired: 2015-10-06

Stephen welcomes Former President Bill Clinton, comic Billy Eichner, plus a musical performance by Florence and the Machine.

22: Gina Rodriguez, Ben Bernanke, Tame Impala - Aired: 2015-10-07

Stephen welcomes actress Gina Rodriguez, economist Ben Bernanke, plus musical guest Tame Impala.

23: Cate Blanchett, Brian Chesky, Dartmouth Football Dummy - Aired: 2015-10-08

Stephen welcomes actress Cate Blanchett, Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky, and Dartmouth's Robotic MVP.

24: James Corden, Shane Smith, Halsey - Aired: 2015-10-09

Stephen welcomes TV host James Corden, Vice Media CEO Shane Smith, plus a musical performance by Halsey.

25: Carey Mulligan, Elvis Costello, Darlene Love - Aired: 2015-10-12

Stephen welcomes actress Carey Mulligan, musician Elvis Costello, plus a musical performance by Darlene Love.

26: Sarah Silverman, Elijah Wood, Symphony of the Goddesses - Aired: 2015-10-13

Stephen welcomes actress Sarah Silverman, actor Elijah Wood, plus a musical performance by Legends of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses.

27: Jack Black, Nick Woodman, Michelle Dorrance - Aired: 2015-10-14

Stephen welcomes actor Jack Black, CEO of GoPro Nick Woodman, plus a dance performance by Michelle Dorrance.

28: Oprah Winfrey, Joseph Fink, Jeffrey Cranor, Judith Hill - Aired: 2015-10-15

Stephen welcomes media proprietor Oprah Winfrey, podcast creators Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor, plus a musical performance by Judith Hill.

29: Jimmy Kimmel, the cast and director of “Crimson Peak”, Beach House - Aired: 2015-10-16

Stephen welcomes TV host Jimmy Kimmel, “Crimson Peak” cast members Jessica Chastain, Tom Hiddleston, and Mia Wasikowska, with director Guillermo Del Toro, a performance by Beach House, plus Vance Joy performs with Jon Batiste & Stay Human.

30: Sienna Miller, Melissa Benoist, Chance the Rapper - Aired: 2015-10-26

Stephen welcomes actress Sienna Miller, “Supergirl” Melissa Benoist, plus a performance by Chance the Rapper.

31: Hillary Clinton, Anthony Bourdain, Carrie Brownstein, Lianne La Havas - Aired: 2015-10-27

Stephen welcomes presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton, chef Anthony Bourdain, author Carrie Brownstein, plus Lianne La Havas performs with Jon Batiste & Stay Human.

32: Julianna Margulies, Jonathan Franzen, Alabama Shakes - Aired: 2015-10-28

Stephen welcomes actress Julianna Margulies, author Jonathan Franzen, plus a musical performance by Alabama Shakes.

33: Seth MacFarlane, Neil DeGrasse Tyson - Aired: 2015-10-29

Stephen welcomes musical guest Seth MacFarlane and astrophysicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson.

34: Charlie Rose, Stacy Schiff, Ghost - Aired: 2015-10-30

Stephen welcomes “CBS This Morning” co-host Charlie Rose, author Stacy Schiff, a musical performance by Ghost, plus the Zombies sit in with Jon Batiste & Stay Human.

35: Allison Janney, Colin Quinn, Margaret Cho - Aired: 2015-11-02

Stephen welcomes actress Allison Janney from the CBS comedy “Mom,” comedian Colin Quinn, plus an interview with and performance by comic Margaret Cho.

36: Antonio Banderas, Reed Hastings, John Irving - Aired: 2015-11-03

Stephen welcomes actor Antonio Banderas, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings, and author John Irving.

37: Daniel Craig, Elizabeth Gilbert, Dr. Eugenia Cheng - Aired: 2015-11-04

Stephen welcomes actor Daniel Craig, author Elizabeth Gilbert, plus an interview with and demonstration by Dr. Eugenia Cheng.

38: Bryan Cranston, Shamir - Aired: 2015-11-05

Stephen welcomes actor Bryan Cranston, plus a musical performance by Shamir.

39: Whoopi Goldberg, John Kasich, Glen Hansard - Aired: 2015-11-06

Stephen welcomes TV host Whoopi Goldberg, GOP candidate John Kasich, plus a musical performance by Glen Hansard.

40: Ethan Hawke, Claire McCaskill, Amy Klobuchar, Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats - Aired: 2015-11-09

Stephen welcomes actor Ethan Hawke, Senator Claire McCaskill & Senator Amy Klobuchar, plus a musical performance by Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats.

41: Aziz Ansari, Shonda Rhimes, Bruce Campbell, Lucy Lawless - Aired: 2015-11-10

Stephen welcomes comic Aziz Ansari, TV producer Shonda Rhimes, and actors Bruce Campbell & Lucy Lawless.

42: Viola Davis, Brian Greene, George Ezra - Aired: 2015-11-11

Stephen welcomes actress Viola Davis, physicist Brian Greene, plus a musical performance by George Ezra.

43: Jennifer Connelly, Judd Apatow, The Internet - Aired: 2015-11-12

Stephen welcomes actress Jennifer Connelly, director Judd Apatow, plus a musical performance by The Internet.

44: Mark Ruffalo, John Cleese, Michael Flatley - Aired: 2015-11-13

Stephen welcomes actor Mark Ruffalo, actor John Cleese, plus an interview with and performance by Michael Flatley.

45: Bill Maher, Florent Groberg, Shepard Fairey, Acro-Cats - Aired: 2015-11-16

Stephen welcomes Bill Maher, Medal of Honor Recipient Army Captain Florent Groberg, author Shepard Fairey, plus a special performance by The Acro-Cats.

46: Julianne Moore, Burt Reynolds, Public Image Ltd - Aired: 2015-11-17

Stephen welcomes actress Julianne Moore, actor Burt Reynolds, a musical performance by Public Image Ltd, plus CeeLo Green sits in with Jon Batiste & Stay Human.

47: Sharon Stone, Justin Theroux, James Taylor - Aired: 2015-11-18

Stephen welcomes actress Sharon Stone, actor Justin Theroux, plus a musical performance by James Taylor.

48: Jane Fonda, Andrew Lloyd Webber - Aired: 2015-11-19

Stephen welcomes actress Jane Fonda, an interview with and performance by Andrew Lloyd Webber, plus young guitarist Brandon Niederauer sits in with Jon Batiste & Stay Human.

49: Michael Caine, Larry Wilmore, Boots - Aired: 2015-11-20

Stephen welcomes actor Michael Caine, comic Larry Wilmore, a musical performance by Boots, plus Vulfpeck sits in with Jon Batiste & Stay Human.

50: Sylvester Stallone, Ted Koppel, My Morning Jacket - Aired: 2015-11-23

Stephen welcomes actor Sylvester Stallone, author Ted Koppel, plus a musical performance by My Morning Jacket.

51: Spike Lee, Andy Cohen, Carly Simon - Aired: 2015-11-24

Stephen welcomes director Spike Lee, Bravo's Andy Cohen, plus a musical performance by Carly Simon.

52: Gloria Estefan, Eric Greitens, Jake Wood, Daniel Boulud - Aired: 2015-11-25

Stephen welcomes musician Gloria Estefan, Navy SEAL Eric Greitens with former Marine Sgt. Jake Wood, and chef Daniel Boulud.

53: Steve Carell, Jennifer Hudson - Aired: 2015-12-07

Stephen welcomes actor Steve Carell, plus an interview with and performance by Jennifer Hudson from the Broadway production of “The Color Purple.”

54: Marion Cotillard, George Saunders, Joanna Newsom - Aired: 2015-12-08

Stephen welcomes actress Marion Cotillard, author George Saunders, plus a musical performance by Joanna Newsom.

55: Michelle Dockery, Hugh Bonneville, Allen Leech, Adam McKay, Kurt Vile - Aired: 2015-12-09

Stephen welcomes “Downton Abbey” cast members Michelle Dockery, Hugh Bonneville, and Allen Leech, director Adam McKay, plus a musical performance by Kurt Vile.

56: Bruce Willis, Michael Lewis, Lizzo - Aired: 2015-12-10

Stephen welcomes actor Bruce Willis, author Michael Lewis, plus a musical performance by Lizzo.

57: Lin-Manuel Miranda, Ike Barinholtz, Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings - Aired: 2015-12-11

Stephen welcomes playwright Lin-Manuel Miranda, actor Ike Barinholtz, plus a musical performance by Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings.

58: Jennifer Lawrence, Doris Kearns Goodwin, Sleater-Kinney - Aired: 2015-12-14

Stephen welcomes actress Jennifer Lawrence, historian Doris Kearns Goodwin, plus a musical performance by Sleater-Kinney.

59: Quentin Tarantino, Jonathan Groff, Squeeze - Aired: 2015-12-15

Stephen welcomes director Quentin Tarantino, actor Jonathan Groff, plus a musical performance by Squeeze.

60: Robert De Niro, Daniel Gilbert, Henry Rollins - Aired: 2015-12-16

Stephen welcomes actor Robert De Niro, author Daniel Gilbert, plus an interview with and comical music performance by Henry Rollins.

61: Michael Moore, Samantha Power, Michael C. Hall, Lazarus - Aired: 2015-12-17

Stephen welcomes director Michael Moore, US Ambassador to the UN Samantha Power, actor Michael C. Hall, plus a musical performance from the cast of the musical “Lazarus.”

62: Mandy Patinkin, Kayvon Beykpour, Leon Bridges - Aired: 2015-12-18

Stephen welcomes actor Mandy Patinkin, Periscope CEO Kayvon Beykpour, plus a musical performance by Leon Bridges.

63: Samuel L. Jackson, Olivia Hallisey - Aired: 2016-01-04

Stephen welcomes actor Samuel L. Jackson, and Google Science Fair Winner Olivia Hallisey.

64: John Krasinski, Killer Mike, George Church, Foals - Aired: 2016-01-05

Stephen welcomes actor John Krasinski, Hip Hop artist Killer Mike, geneticist George Church, and a musical performance by Foals.

65: Jerry Seinfeld, Senator Rand Paul, Andra Day - Aired: 2016-01-06

Stephen welcomes a stand-up performance by and interview with Jerry Seinfeld, Senator Rand Paul, plus a musical performance by Andra Day.

66: Damian Lewis, America Ferrera, FloydLittle's Double Dutch team - Aired: 2016-01-07

Stephen welcomes actor Damian Lewis, actress America Ferrera, plus a performance by FloydLittle's Double Dutch team.

67: Matthew Broderick, Sarah Parcak, Kacey Musgraves - Aired: 2016-01-08

Stephen welcomes actor Matthew Broderick, space archaeologist Sarah Parcak, plus a musical performance by Kacey Musgraves.

68: Jane Lynch, Sec. Julian Castro, EL VY - Aired: 2016-01-11

Stephen welcomes actress Jane Lynch, from the the CBS comedy series "Angel From Hell"; Secretary of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Julian Castro, and a musical performance by EL VY.

69: Saoirse Ronan, Jeremy Stoppelman, Laura Ricciardi & Moira Demos, James Bay - Aired: 2016-01-12

Stephen welcomes actress Saoirse Ronan, CEO of Yelp Jeremy Stoppelman, "Making a Murderer" Filmmakers Laura Ricciardi and Moira Demos, and a musical performance by James Bay.

70: Paul Giamatti, Guerrilla Girls, J.B. Mauney - Aired: 2016-01-13

Stephen welcomes actor Paul Giamatti, artists Guerrilla Girls, and professional bull rider J.B. Mauney.

71: Olivia Munn, T.J. Miller, Father John Misty - Aired: 2016-01-14

Stephen welcomes actress Olivia Munn, T.J Miller, and a musical performance by Father John Misty.

72: Scott Kelly, Abby Wambach, Maria Bamford - Aired: 2016-01-15

Stephen welcomes astronaut Scott Kelly, U.S. Women's Soccer star Abby Wambach, and comedian Maria Bamford.

73: Patricia Heaton, Quincy Jones, Deray McKesson, Grace - Aired: 2016-01-18

Stephen welcomes Patricia Heaton, Quincy Jones, Civil Rights Activist DeRay McKesson, and a musical performance by Grace.

74: Charlie Day, Colin Hanks, Margo Price - Aired: 2016-01-19

Stephen welcomes Charlie Day, Colin Hanks from the CBS comedy series "Life in Pieces," and a musical performance by Margo Price.

75: James Spader, Brandon Marshall, Sarah Koenig, Rev Run - Aired: 2016-01-20

Stephen welcomes actor James Spader, New York Jets Wide Receiver Brandon Marshall, host and Executive Producer of "Serial" Podcast Sarah Koenig, and Rev Run.

76: Christian Slater, Josh Radnor, Iggy Pop - Aired: 2016-01-21

Stephen welcomes actors Christian Slater and Josh Radnor and musician Iggy Pop.

77: Steven Tyler, Gaby Hoffmann, Låpsley - Aired: 2016-01-22

No overview available.

78: Donald Rumsfeld, Russell Westbrook, Jackson Browne - Aired: 2016-01-25

Stephen welcomes Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, Oklahoma City Thunder Point Guard Russell Westbrook, and a musical performance by Jackson Browne.

79: Laurence Fishburne, Michael Novacek, Lake Street Dive - Aired: 2016-01-26

Stephen welcomes Laurence Fishburne, Michael Novacek, and a musical performance by Lake Street Dive.

80: Chris Pine, Danielle Brooks, Jonah Reider, Baauer - Aired: 2016-01-27

Stephen welcomes Chris Pine, actress Danielle Brooks, Columbia University student Jonah Reider, and a musical performance by Baauer.

81: Josh Brolin, John Dickerson, Erin Brockovich, Aubrie Sellers - Aired: 2016-01-28

Stephen welcomes Josh Brolin, John Dickers, host of CBS News's "Face the Nation"; Environmental Activist Erin Brockovich, and a musical performance by Aubrie Sellers.

82: John Travolta, Courtney B. Vance, Amy Cuddy, John Moreland - Aired: 2016-02-01

Stephen welcomes John Travolta and Courtney B. Vance, author Amy Cuddy, and a musical performance John Moreland.

83: David Schwimmer, Joel Osteen, M. Ward - Aired: 2016-02-02

Stephen welcomes David Schwimmer, Pastor Joel Osteen, and a musical performance by M. Ward.

84: Dr. Phil McGraw, Mark & Jay Duplass, Michael Eric Dyson, Anderson Paak and the Free Nationals - Aired: 2016-02-03

Stephen welcomes Dr. Phil, creators of "Togetherness" Mark and Jay Duplass, author Michael Eric Dyson, and a musical performance by Anderson .Paak and the Free Nationals.

85: Michael Strahan, Samantha Bee, Wilco - Aired: 2016-02-04

Stephen welcomes Michael Strahan, Samantha Bee, and a musical performance by Wilco.

86: Bobby Cannavale, Donny Deutsch, Charles Kelley - Aired: 2016-02-05

Stephen welcomes Bobby Cannavale; Advertising executive Donny Deutsch, and a musical performance by Charles Kelley.

87: Tina Fey and Margot Robbie, Will Ferrell, Megyn Kelly, Key & Peele - Aired: 2016-02-07

Stephen welcomes Tina Fey and Margot Robbie, Will Ferrell, Megyn Kelly, and Key & Peele.

88: Bill O'Reilly, Eddie George, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis - Aired: 2016-02-08

Stephen welcomes Bill O'Reilly, former NFL star Eddie George, and a musical performance by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis.

89: Olivia Wilde, Christiane Amanpour, Jon Batiste & Stay Human - Aired: 2016-02-09

Stephen welcomes Olivia Wilde, Christiane Amanpour, and a musical performance by Jon Batiste & Stay Human.

90: Ben Stiller, Bernie Sanders, Tao: Seventeen Samurai - Aired: 2016-02-10

Stephen welcomes Ben Stiller, Senator Bernie Sanders, and a performance by Tao: Seventeen Samurai.

91: Kelsey Grammer, Fred Armisen, Sarah McDaniel, Ty Segall and the Muggers - Aired: 2016-02-11

Stephen welcomes Kelsey Grammer, Fred Armisen, “Playboy” cover girl Sarah McDaniel, and a musical performance by Ty Segall and the Muggers.

92: Craig Ferguson, Senator Cory Booker, Scott Waites - Aired: 2016-02-15

Stephen welcomes Craig Ferguson, Senator Cory Booker, and World Darts Champion Scott Waites.

93: Eva Longoria, Abbi Jacobson & Ilana Glazer, Lucinda Williams - Aired: 2016-02-16

Stephen welcomes Eva Longoria, Abbi Jacobson & ilana Glazer, and a musical performance by Lucinda Williams.

94: Kate Hudson, Governor John Kasich, Courtney Barnett - Aired: 2016-02-17

Stephen welcomes Kate Hudson, Governor John Kasich, and a musical performance by Courtney Barnett.

95: Tea Leoni, Amanda Peet, Triumph the Insult Comic Dog - Aired: 2016-02-18

Stephen welcomes actress Tea Leoni from the CBS drama series "Madam Secretary", Amanda Peet, and Triumph the Insult Comic Dog.

96: Chelsea Handler, Zosia Mamet, The Lumineers - Aired: 2016-02-19

Stephen welcomes Chelsea Handler, Zosia Mamet, and a musical performance by The Lumineers.

97: Casey Affleck, Richard Dreyfuss, Mavis Staples - Aired: 2016-02-22

Stephen welcomes Casey Affleck, Richard Dreyfuss, and an interview with and musical performance by Mavis Staples.

98: Debra Messing, Zachary Quinto, Violent Femmes - Aired: 2016-02-23

Stephen welcomes Debra Messing, Zachary Quinto, and a musical performance by Violent Femmes.

99: Adrien Brody, Danai Gurira, Brian Greene - Aired: 2016-02-24

Stephen welcomes Adrien Brody, actress Danai Gurira from "The Walking Dead," and Physicist Brian Greene.

100: Tim Daly, Graham Nash, Jason Isbell - Aired: 2016-02-25

Stephen welcomes Tim Daly from the CBS drama series “Madam Secretary," Singer-songwriter Graham Nash, and a musical performance by Jason Isbell .

101: Spike Jonze, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Jack Garratt - Aired: 2016-02-29

Stephen welcomes Director Spike Jonze, Jeffrey Dean Morgan from the CBS drama series “The Good Wife” and a musical performance by Jack Garratt.

102: Chrissy Teigen, Mike Birbiglia, Adam Savage - Aired: 2016-03-01

Stephen welcomes Chrissy Teigen, comedian Mike Birbiglia, and Adam Savage of “MythBusters."

103: Octavia Spencer, John Stamos, Bob Saget, Dave Coulier, Lucius - Aired: 2016-03-02

Stephen welcomes Octavia Spencer, the cast of “Fuller House”: John Stamos, Bob Saget and Dave Coulier, and a musical performance by Lucius.

104: Christopher Meloni, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Edward Byers, Ray LaMontagne - Aired: 2016-03-03

Stephen welcomes Christopher Meloni, actress Mary Elizabeth Winstead;, Medal of Honor Recipient Edward Byers, and a musical performance by Ray LaMontagne.

105: Will Arnett, Charles Barkley, Max Greenfield - Aired: 2016-03-07

Stephen welcomes Will Arnett, Charles Barkley, and actor Max Greenfield.

106: Helen Mirren, J.J. Abrams, DMA’S - Aired: 2016-03-08

Stephen welcomes Helen Mirren, J.J. Abrams, and a musical performance by DMA'S.

107: Sally Field, Jerrod Carmichael, Esperanza Spalding - Aired: 2016-03-09

Stephen welcomes Sally Field, Jerrod Carmichael, and a musical performance by Esperanza Spalding.

108: Anna Kendrick, Loretta Lynch, Brian Fallon - Aired: 2016-03-10

Stephen welcomes Anna Kendrick, U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch, and a musical performance by Brian Fallon.

109: Jeff Daniels, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Audra McDonald - Aired: 2016-03-11

Stephen welcomes Jeff Daniels, actress Mary Elizabeth Winstead, and Audra McDonald.

110: John Oliver, Jordan Spieth, New Order - Aired: 2016-03-14

Stephen welcomes John Oliver, World #1 Golfer Jordan Spieth, and a musical performance by New Order.

111: Steve Martin & Edie Brickell, Shirley MacLaine, Gustavo Dudamel - Aired: 2016-03-15

Stephen welcomes Steve Martin & Edie Brickell, Shirley MacLaine, and an interview with Los Angeles Philharmonic conductor Gustavo Dudamel and performance with orchestra.

112: Theo James, Jussie Smollett, Laurie Anderson - Aired: 2016-03-16

Stephen welcomes Theo James, Jussie Smollett, and a musical performance by Laurie Anderson.

113: William H. Macy, Melissa Rauch, Isaac Mizrahi - Aired: 2016-03-17

Stephen welcomes William H. Macy, Melissa Rauch, and Isaac Mizrahi.

114: Tom Hiddleston, Laura Benant, Frightened Rabbit - Aired: 2016-03-28

Stephen welcomes Tom Hiddleston, Laura Benanti from the CBS drama series "Supergirl" and a musical performance by Frightened Rabbit.

115: Adam Driver, Rachel Bloom, Savages - Aired: 2016-03-29

Stephen welcomes Adam Driver, Rachel Bloom, and a musical performance by Savages.

116: Eric Stonestreet, Jason Jones, Elizabeth Warren - Aired: 2016-03-30

Stephen welcomes Eric Stonestreet, Jason Jones, and Senator Elizabeth Warren.

117: Sarah Paulson, Tatiana Maslany, Wynton Marsalis, Lil Buck, Jared Grimes - Aired: 2016-03-31

Stephen welcomes Sarah Paulson, Tatiana Maslany, and interview with and musical performance by Wynton Marsalis, Lil Buck, and Jared Grimes.

118: Steve Buscemi, Benjamin Walker, Broadway Cast of 'American Psycho' - Aired: 2016-04-01

Stephen welcomes Steve Buscemi, actor Benjamin Walker, and a performance by the cast of Broadway's "American Psycho."

119: Matthew Perry, Nick Offerman, Explosions In The Sky, Parliament-Funkadelic - Aired: 2016-04-04

Stephen welcomes Matthew Perry from the CBS comedy series "The Odd Couple," Nick Offerman, a musical performance by Explosions In The Sky, and Parliament-Funkadelic sitting in with Jon Batiste and Stay Human.

120: Melissa McCarthy, Ben Falcone, Arianna Huffington, BABYMETAL - Aired: 2016-04-05

Stephen welcomes Melissa McCarthy & Ben Falcone, Arianna Huffington, and a musical performance by BABYMETAL.

121: Anna Kendrick, Sam Rockwell, David Duchovny, Autolux - Aired: 2016-04-06

Stephen welcomes Anna Kendrick & Sam Rockwell, David Duchovny, and a musical performance by Autolux.

122: Mindy Kaling, Tituss Burgess, Ken Burns - Aired: 2016-04-07

Stephen welcomes Mindy Kaling, Tituss Burgess, and filmmaker Ken Burns.

123: Hillary Clinton, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Katharine McPhee, Sturgill Simpson, Wayne Shorter - Aired: 2016-04-18

Stephen welcomes Hillary Clinton, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Katharine McPhee from the CBS drama series "Scorpion," a musical performance by Sturgill Simpson, and Wayne Shorter sitting in with Jon Batiste and Stay Human.

124: Rep. Paul Ryan, Kevin Spacey, Thomas Middleditch, The Flaming Lips, Arturo Sandoval - Aired: 2016-04-19

Stephen welcomes Kevin Spacey, actor Thomas Middleditch, a musical performance by The Flaming Lips, and Arturo Sandoval sitting in with Jon Batiste and Stay Human.

125: Dennis Quaid, Matt Walsh, Charles Bradley, Tootie & Jimmy Heath - Aired: 2016-04-20

Stephen welcomes Dennis Quaid, actor Matt Walsh, a musical performance by Charles Bradley, and Tootie & Jimmy Heath sitting in with Jon Batiste and Stay Human.

126: Tom Hanks, Leslie Odom Jr., The Strumbellas, Roy Haynes - Aired: 2016-04-21

Stephen welcomes Tom Hanks, Leslie Odom Jr., a musical performance by The Strumbellas, and Roy Haynes sitting in with Jon Batiste and Stay Human.

127: Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Sam Morril - Aired: 2016-04-22

Stephen welcomes Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, and comedian Sam Morril.

128: Michelle Williams, Eddie Huang, Bob Mould - Aired: 2016-04-25

Stephen welcomes Michelle Williams, Viceland's Eddie Huang, and a musical performance by Bob Mould.

129: J.K. Simmons, Jane Krakowski, Chris Wallace - Aired: 2016-04-26

Stephen welcomes J.K. Simmons, Jane Krakowski, and Chris Wallace.

130: Susan Sarandon, David Tennant, Catfish and The Bottlemen - Aired: 2016-04-27

Stephen welcomes Susan Sarandon, actor David Tennant, and a musical performance by Catfish and The Bottlemen.

131: Julianna Margulies, Christine Baranski, Matt Czuchry, Hank Azaria, Phil Knight - Aired: 2016-04-28

Stephen welcomes the cast of the CBS drama series "The Good Wife": Julianna Margulies, Christine Baranski, and Matt Czuchry, also Hank Azaria, and Nike Co-Founder and Chairman Phil Knight.

132: Anderson Cooper, Mark Feuerstein, Gwen Stefani - Aired: 2016-04-29

Stephen welcomes Anderson Cooper, Mark Feuerstein and a musical performance by Gwen Stefani.

133: Bill O'Reilly, Morris Chestnut, Deerhunter - Aired: 2016-05-02

Stephen welcomes Bill O'Reilly, Morris Chestnut, and a musical performance by Deerhunter.

134: Dakota Johnson, Sebastian Stan, Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real - Aired: 2016-05-03

Stephen welcomes Dakota Johnson, Sebastian Stan, and a musical performance by Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real.

135: Anthony Mackie, Rob Reiner, Maxwell - Aired: 2016-05-04

Stephen welcomes Anthony Mackie, Rob Reiner, and a musical performance by Maxwell.

136: Judge Judy, Zac Posen, W. Kamau Bell - Aired: 2016-05-05

Stephen welcomes Judge Judy, Zac Posen and W. Kamau Bell.

137: Lily Tomlin, Kumail Nanjiani, Ryan Hamilton - Aired: 2016-05-06

Stephen welcomes Lily Tomlin, actor Kumail Nanjiani, and a performance by stand-up comedian Ryan Hamilton.

138: Kaley Cuoco, Dan Savage, The National - Aired: 2016-05-09

Stephen welcomes Kaley Cuoco from the CBS comedy series "The Big Bang Theory," author and podcast host Dan Savage, and a musical performance by The National.

139: Chloe Grace Moretz, Katie Couric, Charlamagne Tha God - Aired: 2016-05-10

No overview available.

140: Kate Beckinsale, B.J. Novak, Desiigner - Aired: 2016-05-11

No overview available.

141: Ryan Gosling, Russell Crowe, Jessie Mueller, Animal Collective - Aired: 2016-05-12

No overview available.

142: Matt Bomer, Zach Woods, Nick Griffin - Aired: 2016-05-13

No overview available.

202: Actress Anna Gunn; journalist John Dickerson; inventor Simone Giertz. - Aired: 2016-09-02

Actress Anna Gunn; journalist John Dickerson; inventor Simone Giertz.

Season 2 (154 Episodes)

1: Harry Connick Jr., Ava DuVernay, Grouplove - Aired: 2016-09-06

Stephen welcomes Harry Connick Jr., Ava DuVernay, and a musical performance by Grouplove.

2: Whoopi Goldberg, Regina Hall, Captain Sully Sullenberger - Aired: 2016-09-07

Stephen welcomes Whoopi Goldberg, Regina Hall, and Captain Sully Sullenberger.

3: Jessica Alba, Bradley Whitford, George Takei - Aired: 2016-09-08

Stephen welcomes Jessica Alba, Bradley Whitford, and George Takei.

4: Tituss Burgess, Jeff Ross, Adam Richman - Aired: 2016-09-09

Stephen welcomes Tituss Burgess, Jeff Ross, and Adam Richman.

5: Dr. Phil McGraw, Alan Cumming, Hamilton Leithauser + Rostam - Aired: 2016-09-12

Stephen welcomes Dr. Phil McGraw, Executive Producer of the CBS drama series "Bull", Alan Cumming, and a musical performance by Leithauser + Rostam.

6: Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Millie Bobby Brown, The Head and The Heart - Aired: 2016-09-13

Stephen welcomes Joseph Gordon-Levitt, actress Millie Bobby Brown, and a musical performance by The Head and The Heart.

7: Trevor Noah, Allen Iverson, Chris Gethard - Aired: 2016-09-14

Stephen welcomes Trevor Noah, Allen Iverson, and Chris Gethard.

8: Tracee Ellis Ross, Andrew Rannells, Mac Miller & Anderson .Paak - Aired: 2016-09-15

Stephen welcomes Tracee Ellis Ross, Andrew Rannells, and a musical performance by Mac Miller & Anderson .Paak.

9: John Slattery, Oliver Stone, Jon Fisch - Aired: 2016-09-16

Stephen welcomes John Slattery, Oliver Stone, and a stand-up comedy performance by Jon Fisch.

10: Chris Pratt, Scott Bakula, Frederik the Great - Aired: 2016-09-19

Stephen welcomes Chris Pratt, Scott Bakula, from the CBS drama series "NCIS: New Orleans", and Frederik the Great, the World's Most Handsome Horse.

11: First Lady Michelle Obama, America Ferrera - Aired: 2016-09-20

Stephen welcomes First Lady Michelle Obama, and America Ferrera.

12: Ethan Hawke, Tim Meadows, Wilco, Nile Rodgers - Aired: 2016-09-21

Stephen welcomes Ethan Hawke, Tim Meadows, a musical performance by Wilco, and Nile Rodgers sitting in with Jon Batiste and Stay Human.

13: Anthony Anderson, Mark Consuelos, The Kills - Aired: 2016-09-22

Stephen welcomes Anthony Anderson, Mark Consuelos, and a musical performance by The Kills.

14: Bruce Springsteen; Emma Willmann - Aired: 2016-09-23

Musician Bruce Springsteen; comic Emma Willmann.

15: Rob Lowe, Kal Penn, Emma Willmann - Aired: 2016-09-26

Stephen welcomes Rob Lowe from the CBS drama series "Code Black", actor Kal Penn, and comedian Emma Willmann.

16: Sean Penn, Sutton Foster, Regina Spektor - Aired: 2016-09-27

Stephen welcomes Sean Penn, Sutton Foster, and a musical performance by Regina Spektor.

17: Lupita Nyong'o, Donnie Wahlberg, John Prine - Aired: 2016-09-28

Stephen welcomes Lupita Nyong'o, Donnie Wahlberg, from the CBS drama series, "Blue Bloods," and a musical performance by John Prine.

18: Morgan Freeman, Judith Light, Jimmy Eat World - Aired: 2016-09-29

Stephen welcomes Morgan Freeman, Executive Producer of the CBS drama series "Madam Secretary," Judith Light, and a musical performance by Jimmy Eat World.

19: Samantha Bee, Abby Elliott, Asa Butterfield - Aired: 2016-09-30

Stephen welcomes Samantha Bee, Abby Elliott, and actor Asa Butterfield.

20: Mindy Kaling, Gary Owen, Sum 41 - Aired: 2016-10-03

Stephen welcomes Mindy Kaling, comedian Gary Owen, and a musical performance by Sum 41.

21: John Leguizamo, Cheri Oteri, Paul F. Tompkins, Melissa Etheridge - Aired: 2016-10-04

Stephen welcomes John Leguizamo, Cheri Oteri, Paul F. Tompkins, and Melissa Etheridge sitting in with Jon Batiste and Stay Human.

22: Armie Hammer, Lindsay Vonn, Gustavo Dudamel with the Simon Bolivar Symphony Orchestra - Aired: 2016-10-05

Stephen welcomes Armie Hammer, Lindsey Vonn, and a musical performance by Gustavo Dudamel with the Simon Bolivar Symphony Orchestra.

23: Emily Blunt, Gael Garcia Bernal, Phantogram - Aired: 2016-10-06

Stephen welcomes Emily Blunt, Gael Garcia Bernal, and a musical performance by Phantogram.

24: Diane Lane, Aja Naomi King, Alingon Mitra - Aired: 2016-10-07

Stephen Diane Lane, Aja Naomi King, and a stand-up comedy performance by Alingon Mitra.

25: President Barack Obama, Bill O'Reilly, Randall Park, Bob Weir - Aired: 2016-10-17

Stephen welcomes President Barack Obama, Bill O'Reilly, Randall Park, and a musical performance by Bob Weir.

26: Nick Offerman, Wayne Gretzky, Morgan Spurlock and Joseph - Aired: 2016-10-18

Stephen welcomes Nick Offerman, Wayne Gretzky, and Morgan Spurlock.

27: Hugh Laurie, Paul Reiser, Nate Silver - Aired: 2016-10-19

Stephen welcomes Hugh Laurie, Paul Reiser, and Nate Silver.

28: Tiger Woods, Elijah Wood, Jorge Ramos - Aired: 2016-10-20

Stephen welcomes Tiger Woods, Elijah Wood, and Jorge Ramos.

29: Matt LeBlanc, Joy Bryant, Eleanor Holmes Norton, Wyclef Jean - Aired: 2016-10-21

Stephen welcomes Matt LeBlanc, from the CBS comedy series "Man With a Plan," Joy Bryant and Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton, and a musical performance by Wyclef Jean.

30: Tom Hanks, Adam Conover - Aired: 2016-10-24

Stephen welcomes Tom Hanks and TV host Adam Conover.

31: Will Forte, Dermot Mulroney, Wyatt Cenac, Mitski - Aired: 2016-10-25

Stephen welcomes Will Forte, Dermot Mulroney, from the CBS drama series "Pure Genius," Comedian Wyatt Cenac, and Mitski sitting in with Jon Batiste and Stay Human.

32: Joel McHale, Abbi Jacobson, Jon Glaser - Aired: 2016-10-26

Stephen welcomes Joel McHale, from the CBS comedy series "The Great Indoors," Abbi Jacobson, and Comedian Jon Glaser.

33: Mary-Louise Parker, Pusha T, The Record Company - Aired: 2016-10-27

Stephen welcomes Mary-Louise Parker, Pusha T, and a musical performance by The Record Company.

34: Drew Carey, Claire Foy, Matt Smith, Sebastian Maniscalco - Aired: 2016-10-28

Stephen welcomes Drew Carey, host of the CBS daytime series "The Price is Right," actors Claire Foy and Matt Smith, and a stand-up comedy performance by Sebastian Maniscalco.

35: Ruth Wilson, JB Smoove, Ghost Brothers - Aired: 2016-10-31

Stephen welcomes Ruth Wilson, JB Smoove, and the Ghost Brothers.

36: Mel Gibson, Luke Bracey, Tegan and Sara - Aired: 2016-11-01

Stephen welcomes Mel Gibson, Luke Bracey, and a musical performance by Tegan and Sara.

37: Michael Strahan, Nick Kroll, Aaron Lewis - Aired: 2016-11-02

Stephen welcomes Michael Strahan, Nick Kroll, and a musical performance by Aaron Lewis.

38: Aaron Eckhart, Tig Notaro, Ron Suskind - Aired: 2016-11-03

Stephen welcomes Aaron Eckhart, Tig Notaro, and Ron Suskind.

39: Viggo Mortensen, Patton Oswalt, Maz Jobrani - Aired: 2016-11-04

Stephen welcomes Viggo Mortensen, Patton Oswalt, and a stand-up comedy performance by Maz Jobrani.

40: Don Cheadle, Stevie Wonder, Katherine Waterston - Aired: 2016-11-07

Stephen welcomes Don Cheadle, Stevie Wonder, and Katherine Waterston.

41: Miles Teller, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Triumph the Insult Comic Dog - Aired: 2016-11-09

Stephen welcomes Miles Teller, Neil deGrasse Tyson, and Triumph, the Insult Comic Dog.

42: Sting, Thandie Newton - Aired: 2016-11-10

Stephen welcomes an interview with and musical performance by Sting, and Thandie Newton.

43: Eddie Redmayne, Senator Bernie Sanders, Alton Brown, Chris Thile - Aired: 2016-11-14

Stephen welcomes Eddie Redmayne, Senator Bernie Sanders, Alton Brown, and Chris Thile sitting in with Jon Batiste and Stay Human.

44: Anna Kendrick, Mahershala Ali, Chris Gethard - Aired: 2016-11-15

Stephen welcomes Anna Kendrick, Mahershala Ali, and Chris Gethard.

45: Marion Cotillard, Dev Patel, Dwight Yoakam - Aired: 2016-11-16

Stephen welcomes Marion Cotillard, Dev Patel, and a musical performance by Dwight Yoakam.

46: Amy Adams, Simone Biles, Jeff Watson - Aired: 2016-11-17

Stephen welcomes Amy Adams, Olympic gold medalist Simone Biles, and Jeff "The Bear Man" Watson.

47: William H. Macy, Colin Quinn, Drive-By Truckers - Aired: 2016-11-18

Stephen welcomes William H. Macy, Colin Quinn, and a musical performance by Drive-By Truckers.

48: Michael Weatherly, Carrie Fisher, The Pretenders - Aired: 2016-11-21

Stephen welcomes Michael Weatherly, from the CBS drama series "Bull," Carrie Fisher, and a musical performance by The Pretenders.

49: James Marsden, Jimmie Johnson, John Waters - Aired: 2016-11-22

Stephen welcomes James Marsden, NASCAR Sprint Cup Champion Jimmie Johnson, and John Waters.

50: Danny DeVito, Max Greenfield, OK Go - Aired: 2016-11-23

Stephen welcomes Danny DeVito, Max Greenfield, and a musical performance by OK Go.

51: Lauren Cohan, Tim Daly, Sleigh Bells - Aired: 2016-11-30

Stephen welcomes Tim Daly from the CBS drama 'Madam Secretary,' Lauren Cohan, and a musical performance by Sleigh Bells.

52: Lauren Graham, Justin Long - Aired: 2016-12-01

Stephen welcomes Lauren Graham, and Justin Long.

53: Matthew Broderick, Ali Wentworth, Fergie - Aired: 2016-12-02

Stephen welcomes Matthew Broderick, Ali Wentworth, and a musical performance by Fergie.

54: Jason Bateman, Padma Lakshmi, Michael Lewis - Aired: 2016-12-05

Stephen welcomes Jason Bateman, Padma Lakshmi, and Author Michael Lewis.

55: Vice President Joe Biden, DJ Khaled - Aired: 2016-12-06

Stephen welcomes Vice President Joe Biden and DJ Khaled.

56: Sigourney Weaver, Andy Cohen, Pilobolus - Aired: 2016-12-07

Stephen welcomes Sigourney Weaver, Andy Cohen, and a dance performance by Pilobolus.

57: Octavia Spencer, John Mulaney, Travis Scott - Aired: 2016-12-08

Stephen welcomes Octavia Spencer, John Mulaney, and a musical performance by Travis Scott.

58: Olivia Munn, Martin Freeman, Tom Papa - Aired: 2016-12-09

Stephen welcomes Olivia Munn, Martin Freeman, and a stand-up comedy performance by Tom Papa.

59: John Goodman, Denée Benton, Norah Jones - Aired: 2016-12-12

Stephen welcomes John Goodman, actress Denée Benton, and a musical performance by Norah Jones.

60: Mark Wahlberg, Lee Daniels, Miranda Lambert - Aired: 2016-12-13

Stephen welcomes Mark Wahlberg, Lee Daniels, and a musical performance by Miranda Lambert.

61: Neil Patrick Harris, Megan Mullally - Aired: 2016-12-14

Stephen welcomes Neil Patrick Harris and Megan Mullally.

62: James Franco, Michael Stipe, Gad Elmaleh - Aired: 2016-12-15

Stephen welcomes James Franco, Michael Stipe, and a stand-up comedy performance by Gad Elmaleh.

63: Liam Neeson, Shepard Smith, Jon Batiste - Aired: 2016-12-16

Stephen welcomes Liam Neeson, Shepard Smith, and a musical performance by Jon Batiste.

64: The Best in Late Show Retrospectacular End-of-Year Wrapupabration! Tom Hanks, OK Go - Aired: 2016-12-19

Tom Hanks, OK Go

65: The Best in Late Show Retrospectacular End-of-Year Wrapupabration! Bruce Springsteen, David Duchovny, Bryan Cranston - Aired: 2016-12-20

Bruce Springsteen, David Duchovny, Bryan Cranston

66: The Best in Late Show Retrospectacular End-of-Year Wrapupabration! Robert De Niro, Amy Schumer, John Krasinski, Millie Bobby Brown - Aired: 2016-12-21

Robert De Niro, Amy Schumer, John Krasinski, Millie Bobby Brown

67: The Best in Late Show Retrospectacular End-of-Year Wrapupabration! Will Smith, Anna Kendrick - Aired: 2016-12-22

Will Smith, Anna Kendrick

68: The Best in Late Show Retrospectacular End-of-Year Wrapupabration! Chris Pratt, Jason Bateman, Triumph The Insult Comic Dog, Stevie Wonder - Aired: 2016-12-23

Chris Pratt, Jason Bateman, Triumph The Insult Comic Dog, Stevie Wonder

69: Oprah Winfrey, Pretty Yende - Aired: 2017-01-03

Media proprietor Oprah Winfrey; Pretty Yende performs.

70: Kate Beckinsale, Chris Messina, Jen Kirkman - Aired: 2017-01-04

Actress Kate Beckinsale; actor Chris Messina; comic Jen Kirkman.

71: Adam Driver, Alexa Davalos, Whitney - Aired: 2017-01-05

Actor Adam Driver; actress Alexa Davalos; Whitney performs.

72: Charlie Rose, Hayden Panettiere, Jack Maxwell - Aired: 2017-01-06

TV host Charlie Rose; actress Hayden Panettiere; TV personality Jack Maxwell.

73: Billy Joel, Josh Holloway - Aired: 2017-01-09

Singer Billy Joel; actor Josh Holloway.

74: Andrew Garfield, Erin Andrews, Cage the Elephant - Aired: 2017-01-10

Actor Andrew Garfield; sportscaster Erin Andrews; Cage the Elephant performs.

75: Jude Law, Gabrielle Union, Thomas L. Friedman - Aired: 2017-01-11

Actor Jude Law; actress Gabrielle Union; journalist Thomas L. Friedman.

76: Tom Selleck, Craig Robinson, A$AP Mob - Aired: 2017-01-12

Actor Tom Selleck; actor Craig Robinson; A$AP Mob performs.

77: Cuba Gooding Jr., Rupert Friend, Gary Gulman - Aired: 2017-01-13

Actor Cuba Gooding Jr.; actor Rupert Friend; comic Gary Gulman.

78: Sarah Paulson, Corey Stoll, Nick Grant with Watch the Duck - Aired: 2017-01-16

Actress Sarah Paulson; actor Corey Stoll; Nick Grant and Watch the Duck perform.

79: Billy Eichner, Mel B., Gilbert Gottfried - Aired: 2017-01-17

Comic Billy Eichner; singer Mel B.; comic Gilbert Gottfried.

80: Idina Menzel, Rachel Bloom, Louie Anderson - Aired: 2017-01-18

Actress Idina Menzel; actress Rachel Bloom; comic Louie Anderson.

81: Johnny Galecki, Chris Matthews, Bash & Pop - Aired: 2017-01-19

Actor Johnny Galecki; TV host Chris Matthews; Bash & Pop performs.

82: Jim Gaffigan, Cristela Alonzo, The Avett Brothers - Aired: 2017-01-20

Actor Jim Gaffigan; actress Cristela Alonzo; The Avett Brothers perform.

83: Leslie Mann, Lewis Black, Dan Levy - Aired: 2017-01-30

Actress Leslie Mann; comic Lewis Black; comic Dan Levy.

84: Josh Groban, Rachael Ray, Japandroids - Aired: 2017-01-31

Singer Josh Groban; chef Rachael Ray; Japandroids perform.

85: Ricky Gervais, Christina Ricci, Jain - Aired: 2017-02-01

Comic Ricky Gervais; actress Christina Ricci; Jain performs.

86: Dr. Phil McGraw, Michael Bolton, Maren Morris - Aired: 2017-02-02

Dr. Phil; singer Michael Bolton; Maren Morris performs.

87: Priyanka Chopra, Thomas Sadoski, Pat Brown - Aired: 2017-02-03

Actress Priyanka Chopra; actor Thomas Sadoski; comic Pat Brown.

88: Paul Giamatti, Wendy Williams, Highly Suspect - Aired: 2017-02-06

Actor Paul Giamatti; TV show host Wendy Williams; Highly Suspect performs.

89: John Oliver, Isabelle Huppert, The Avett Brothers - Aired: 2017-02-07

TV show host John Oliver; actress Isabelle Huppert; The Avett Brothers perform.

90: Robert De Niro, Ezra Edelman, Flo Morrissey, Matthew E. White - Aired: 2017-02-08

Actor Robert De Niro; documentary producer Ezra Edelman; Flo Morrissey and Matthew E. White sit in with Jon Batiste and Stay Human.

91: David Oyelowo, Taran Killam, Rae Sremmurd - Aired: 2017-02-09

Actor David Oyelowo; actor Taran Killam; Rae Sremmurd performs.

92: Will Arnett, Pete Holmes, Paul Mecurio - Aired: 2017-02-10

Actor Will Arnett; comic Pete Holmes; comic Paul Mecurio.

93: Shailene Woodley, Laverne Cox, Rick and Marty Lagina - Aired: 2017-02-13

Actress Shailene Woodley; actress Laverne Cox; treasure hunters Rick and Marty Lagina.

94: Christine Baranski, Hans Zimmer - Aired: 2017-02-14

Actress Christine Baranski; Hans Zimmer performs.

95: Bob Odenkirk, Tatiana Maslany, George Saunders - Aired: 2017-02-15

Bob Odenkirk, Tatiana Maslany, and author George Saunders are guests on Stephen's couch.

96: Sally Field, Maggie Siff, Lady Antebellum - Aired: 2017-02-16

Actress Sally Field; actress Maggie Siff; Lady Antebellum performs.

97: Julie Andrews, Christina Hendricks, The Umbilical Brothers - Aired: 2017-02-17

Actress Julie Andrews; actress Christina Hendricks; The Umbilical Brothers perform.

98: Uma Thurman, Jason Jones, Alison Krauss - Aired: 2017-02-20

Actress Uma Thurman; actor Jason Jones; Alison Krauss performs.

99: Joe Scarborough, Kate Upton, Yvette Nicole Brown - Aired: 2017-02-21

Journalist Joe Scarborough; model Kate Upton; actress Yvette Nicole Brown.

100: Kelly Ripa, Billy Gardell, The Lemon Twigs - Aired: 2017-02-22

TV host Kelly Ripa; actor Billy Gardell; The Lemon Twigs perform.

101: Aubrey Plaza, Bradley Whitford, Lupe Fiasco - Aired: 2017-02-23

Actress Aubrey Plaza; actor Bradley Whitford; Lupe Fiasco performs.

102: Allison Williams, Cush Jumbo, Carmen Lynch - Aired: 2017-02-24

Actress Allison Williams; actress Cush Jumbo; comic Carmen Lynch.

103: Jon Stewart, Connie Britton, Zoey Deutch, Lori McKenna - Aired: 2017-02-27

Comic Jon Stewart; actress Connie Britton; actress Zoey Deutch; Lori McKenna performs.

104: Lisa Kudrow, Josh Earnest, Tony Rock - Aired: 2017-02-28

Actress Lisa Kudrow; former White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest; comic Tony Rock.

105: Patrick Stewart, Chris Colfer, Roy Wood Jr. - Aired: 2017-03-01

Actor Patrick Stewart; actor Chris Colfer; comic Roy Wood Jr.

106: Hugh Jackman, Condola Rashad, The Flaming Lips - Aired: 2017-03-02

Actor Hugh Jackman; actress Condola Rashad; The Flaming Lips perform.

107: Cate Blanchett, Paul Rust, Mo Amer - Aired: 2017-03-03

Actress Cate Blanchett; actor Paul Rust; comic Mo Amer.

108: Anderson Cooper, Judd Apatow, Jidenna - Aired: 2017-03-06

Journalist Anderson Cooper; producer Judd Apatow; Jidenna performs.

109: Kevin Kline, Jerrod Carmichael, Michael Hayden - Aired: 2017-03-07

Actor Kevin Kline; actor Jerrod Carmichael; retired Gen. Michael Hayden.

110: Mark Halperin, John Heilemann, Michael Ian Black, Jackson Galaxy - Aired: 2017-03-08

Political analysts Mark Halperin and John Heilemann; actor Michael Ian Black; cat behaviorist Jackson Galaxy.

111: Kristen Stewart, Maz Jobrani, Dawes - Aired: 2017-03-09

Actress Kristen Stewart; actor Maz Jobrani; Dawes performs.

112: Felicity Huffman, Jurnee Smollett-Bell, Anthony DeVito - Aired: 2017-03-10

Actress Felicity Huffman; actress Jurnee Smollett-Bell; comic Anthony DeVito.

113: Ewan McGregor, Finn Wittrock, The Shins - Aired: 2017-03-13

Actor Ewan McGregor; actor Finn Wittrock; The Shins perform.

114: Neil deGrasse Tyson, Todd Barry - Aired: 2017-03-14

Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson; comic Todd Barry.

115: Jessica Lange, Bassem Youssef, Judy Gold - Aired: 2017-03-15

Actress Jessica Lange; comic Bassem Youssef; comic Judy Gold.

116: Bryan Cranston, Audra McDonald, Greer Barnes - Aired: 2017-03-20

Actor Bryan Cranston; actress Audra McDonald; comic Greer Barnes.

117: Ryan Reynolds, Josh Lucas, Andy Daly, Green Day - Aired: 2017-03-21

Actor Ryan Reynolds; actor Josh Lucas; actor Andy Daly; Green Day performs.

118: Glenn Close, Michael McKean, H. Jon Benjamin - Aired: 2017-03-22

Actress Glenn Close; actor Michael McKean; actor H. Jon Benjamin.

119: Lily Tomlin, Jane Fonda, Jay Chandrasekhar, Aimee Mann - Aired: 2017-03-27

Actresses Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda; director Jay Chandrasekhar; Aimee Mann performs.

120: Hank Azaria, Kate Walsh, Circus 1903 - Aired: 2017-03-28

Actor Hank Azaria; actress Kate Walsh; performance from Circus 1903.

121: Emma Roberts, Ken Jeong, Luke Bryan, Dierks Bentley - Aired: 2017-03-29

Actress Emma Roberts; actor Ken Jeong; Luke Bryan and Dierks Bentley perform.

122: Marisa Tomei, Hugh Dancy, Broken Social Scene - Aired: 2017-03-30

Actress Marisa Tomei; actor Hugh Dancy; Broken Social Scene performs.

123: Susan Sarandon, Joey McIntyre, Robert Klein - Aired: 2017-03-31

Actress Susan Sarandon; singer Joey McIntyre; comic Robert Klein.

124: Jason Sudeikis, Jennifer Esposito, Joey Bada$$ - Aired: 2017-04-03

Actor Jason Sudeikis; actress Jennifer Esposito; Joey Bada$$ performs.

125: Louis C.K., Ernie Johnson Jr., Father John Misty - Aired: 2017-04-04

Comic Louis C.K.; sportscaster Ernie Johnson Jr.; Father John Misty performs.

126: Sigourney Weaver, Jon Favreau, Jon Lovett, Tommy Vietor, Steve Martin, Neal Schon - Aired: 2017-04-05

Actress Sigourney Weaver; podcast hosts Jon Favreau, Jon Lovett and Tommy Vietor; special appearance by Steve Martin; Neal Schon sits in with Jon Batiste and Stay Human.

127: Jessica Lange, Bassem Youssef, Judy Gold - Aired: 2017-04-06

Jessica Lange; Bassem Youssef; Judy Gold

128: Mandy Patinkin, Zosia Mamet, Jerrod Carmichael - Aired: 2017-04-07

Actor Mandy Patinkin; actress Zosia Mamet; actor Jerrod Carmichael.

129: Jennifer Hudson, Chris Hayes, Christian Borle - Aired: 2017-04-17

Actress Jennifer Hudson; journalist Chris Hayes; actor Christian Borle.

130: Alec Baldwin, Charlamagne Tha God, Moshe Kasher, Taj Mahal, Keb' Mo' - Aired: 2017-04-18

Actor Alec Baldwin; radio host Charlamagne Tha God; comic Moshe Kasher; Taj Mahal and Keb' Mo' sit in with Jon Batiste and Stay Human.

131: Rose Byrne, Lewis Black, P.J. Harvey - Aired: 2017-04-19

Actress Rose Byrne; actor Lewis Black; P.J. Harvey performs.

132: Elisabeth Moss, Anthony Atamanuik, Sheryl Crow - Aired: 2017-04-20

Actress Elisabeth Moss; comedian Anthony Atamanuik; Sheryl Crow performs.

133: Rosario Dawson, Renée Elise Goldsberry, Moshe Kasher - Aired: 2017-04-21

Actress Rosario Dawson; actress Renée Elise Goldsberry; comic Moshe Kasher.

134: Allison Janney, Sheryl Sandberg, Marty Stuart - Aired: 2017-04-24

Actress Allison Janney; Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg; Marty Stuart performs.

135: John Legend, Kelly Osbourne, Dr. John - Aired: 2017-04-25

Singer John Legend performs; TV personality Kelly Osbourne; Dr. John sits in with Jon Batiste and Stay Human.

136: America Ferrera, Thomas Middleditch, Dave and Virginia Grohl, Preservation Hall Band - Aired: 2017-04-26

Actress America Ferrera; actor Thomas Middleditch; author Virginia Grohl and musician Dave Grohl; Preservation Hall Band sits in with Jon Batiste and Stay Human.

137: LL Cool J, Phillipa Soo, Gorillaz - Aired: 2017-04-27

Actor LL Cool J; actress Phillipa Soo; Gorillaz performs.

138: Tom Hanks, Anna Baryshnikov - Aired: 2017-04-28

Actor Tom Hanks; actress Anna Baryshnikov.

139: Chris Pratt, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Ryan Adams - Aired: 2017-05-01

Actor Chris Pratt; astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson; Ryan Adams performs.

140: Amy Schumer, Gabourey Sidibe - Aired: 2017-05-02

Comic Amy Schumer; actress Gabourey Sidibe.

141: Jim Parsons, Jeff Garlin, Paul Scheer - Aired: 2017-05-03

Actor Jim Parsons; actor Jeff Garlin; actor Paul Scheer.

142: Charles Barkley, Debra Winger - Aired: 2017-05-04

Retired professional basketball player Charles Barkley; actress Debra Winger.

143: Richard Gere, Maria Bamford, Perfume Genius - Aired: 2017-05-05

Actor Richard Gere; comic Maria Bamford; Perfume Genius performs.

144: Rami Malek, Bill Nye, Roger Waters - Aired: 2017-05-08

Actor Rami Malek; scientist Bill Nye; Roger Waters performs.

145: Jon Stewart, Samantha Bee, John Oliver, Ed Helms, Rob Corddry - Aired: 2017-05-09

Comic Jon Stewart; TV host Samantha Bee; TV host John Oliver; actor Ed Helms; actor Rob Corddry.

146: Nick Offerman, Megan Mullally, Aaron Taylor Johnson, Dave Matthews, Tim Reynolds - Aired: 2017-05-10

Actors Nick Offerman and Megan Mullally; actor Aaron Taylor Johnson; Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds perform.

147: Mayim Bialik, Andy Karl, Ramy Youssef - Aired: 2017-05-11

Actress Mayim Bialik; actor Andy Karl; comic Ramy Youssef.

148: Tracy Morgan, Timothy Simons, Dan Auerbach - Aired: 2017-05-12

Actor Tracy Morgan; actor Timothy Simons; Dan Auerbach performs.

149: Danny McBride, Jane Krakowski, Metallica - Aired: 2017-05-15

Actor Danny McBride; actress Jane Krakowski; Metallica performs.

150: Gina Rodriguez, Ben Falcone, Jesus and Mary Chain - Aired: 2017-05-16

Actress Gina Rodriguez; actor Ben Falcone; Jesus and Mary Chain performs.

151: Julie Chen, Matt Walsh, David Ortiz - Aired: 2017-05-17

Talk show host Julie Chen; actor Matt Walsh; former professional baseball player David Ortiz.

152: Ricky Gervais, Corey Hawkins, The xx - Aired: 2017-05-18

Actor Ricky Gervais; actor Corey Hawkins; The xx performs.

153: Jennifer Garner, Demetri Martin, Paula Poundstone - Aired: 2017-05-19

Actress Jennifer Garner; actor Demetri Martin; comic Paula Poundstone.

198: Christoph Waltz, Chris O'Dowd, Sean Evans - Aired: 2017-08-08

Actor Christoph Waltz; actor Chris O'Dowd; YouTube personality Sean Evans.

Season 3 (32 Episodes)

27: Hugh Laurie, Gretchen Carlson, Adam Savage, Michael Stevens - Aired: 2017-10-25

No overview available.

52: Saoirse Ronan, Van Jones, Michelle Wolf - Aired: 2017-12-05

No overview available.

53: Ed Helms, Christopher Jackson, Bleachers - Aired: 2017-12-06

No overview available.

54: Sarah Paulson, John Hodgman, Bobby Flay - Aired: 2017-12-07

No overview available.

55: Mark Hamill - Aired: 2017-12-08

No overview available.

68: Molly Shannon, Thomas Lennon, Owen Smith - Aired: 2018-01-11

Actress Molly Shannon; actor Thomas Lennon; stand-up comedy performance by Owen Smith

69: Laurie Metcalf - Aired: 2018-01-12

No overview available.

70: John Lithgow, Chuck Schumer, Black Eyed Peas - Aired: 2018-01-15

John Lithgow; Senator Chuck Schumer; musical performance by Black Eyed Peas.

71: Jon Bon Jovi, Daniel Kaluuya, Ben Sinclair - Aired: 2018-01-16

No overview available.

72: Ricky Gervais, Matt Czuchry, Jon Bon Jovi - Aired: 2018-01-17

No overview available.

73: Sharon Stone, Rob Riggle, Fall Out Boy - Aired: 2018-01-18

No overview available.

74: J.K. Simmons - Aired: 2018-01-19

Actor J.K. Simmons.

133: Chris O'Donnell, Jack White - Aired: 2018-05-04

No overview available.

134: Jim Parsons, Alexis Ohanian, Lake Street Dive - Aired: 2018-05-07

Jim Parsons, from the CBS comedy "The Big Bang Theory"; Co-Founder of Reddit Alexis Ohanian; musical performance by Lake Street Dive.

135: Michael B. Jordan, Matt Walsh, Heather Pasternak - Aired: 2018-05-08

Actor Michael B. Jordan; actor Matt Walsh; stand-up comedy performance by Heather Pasternak.

136: Gayle King, Anna Wintour - Aired: 2018-05-09

Gayle King, co-anchor of "CBS This Morning"; Vogue Editor-in-Chief Anna Winter.

137: Annette Bening, Wyatt Cenac, Leon Bridges - Aired: 2018-05-10

Actress Annette Bening; comic Wyatt Cenac; musical performance by Leon Bridges.

138: Mayim Bialik, Melissa McCarthy, Daniel Boulud, Run the Jewels - Aired: 2018-05-11

Actress Mayim Bialik, from the CBS comedy THE BIG BANG THEORY; chef Daniel Boulud; special appearance by actress Melissa McCarthy; Run the Jewels celebrate Stephen Colbert's birthday.

139: Anthony Anderson, Glenda Jackson, Michael Pollan - Aired: 2018-05-14

Actor Anthony Anderson; Actress Glenda Jackson; Author Michael

140: Jamie Foxx, Nathaniel Rateliff & the Night Sweats - Aired: 2018-05-15

Actor Jamie Foxx; musical performance by Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats.

141: Chadwick Boseman, Erik Bergstrom - Aired: 2018-05-16

Actor Chadwick Boseman; stand-up comedy performance by Erik Bergstrom

142: Jake Tapper, Liam Payne featuring J. Balvin - Aired: 2018-05-17

Journalist Jake Tapper; musical performance by Liam Payne featuring J. Balvin.

143: Benedict Cumberbatch, Mary Gallagher - Aired: 2018-05-18

Actor Benedict Cumberbatch; stand-up comedy performance by Mary Gallagher

144: Zachary Quinto, Vanessa Bayer, Dean Baquet - Aired: 2018-05-21

Actor Zachary Quinto; actress Vanessa Bayer; Executive Editor of "The New York Times," Dean Baquet.

145: Andrew Garfield, David Cross, Jon Stewart, The Kills - Aired: 2018-05-22

Actor Andrew Garfield; actor/comic David Cross; special appearance by Jon Stewart; musical performance by The Kills.

146: Jason Bateman, Stephen King, Jim James - Aired: 2018-05-23

Actor Jason Bateman; author Stephen King; musical performance by Jim James.

147: Anne Hathaway, David Sedaris, Ahmed Bharoocha - Aired: 2018-05-24

Actress Anne Hathaway; author David Sedaris; stand-up comedy performance by Ahmed Bharoocha.

148: Ethan Hawke, Toni Collette, Jeff Arcuri - Aired: 2018-06-04

Actor Ethan Hawke; actress Toni Collette; stand-up comedy performance by Jeff Arcuri.

149: Bill Clinton, James Patterson, Tig Notaro - Aired: 2018-06-05

President Bill Clinton & Author James Patterson; comic Tig Notary.

150: Mandy Moore, Sara Bareilles, Josh Groban, Meghan Trainor - Aired: 2018-06-06

Actress Mandy Moore; Hosts of the 72nd Annual Tony Awards, singers Sara Bareilles & Josh Groan; musical performance by Meghan Trainor.

151: Nick Offerman, Niecy Nash, Lykke Li - Aired: 2018-06-07

Actor Nick Offerman; actress Niecy Nash; musical performance by Lykke Li.

152: Penelope Cruz, David Koechner, Interpol - Aired: 2018-06-08

Actress Penelope Cruz; actor David Kouchner; musical performance by Interpol.

Season 4 (11 Episodes)

18: Kristen Bell / Mark Leibovich / Nik Dodani - Aired: 2018-09-28

No overview available.

19: Jake Tapper/Eric Idle/Lauv/Julia Michaels - Aired: 2018-10-01

No overview available.

20: Eva Longoria/Damon Wayans Jr/Steve Kornacki - Aired: 2018-10-02

No overview available.

21: Nick Kroll/Jodie Whittaker/Cat Power - Aired: 2018-10-03

No overview available.

22: Lady Gaga - Aired: 2018-10-04

No overview available.

23: Ellie Kemper/Sam Elliott - Aired: 2018-10-05

No overview available.

24: Melissa McCarthy/Phoebe Robinson - Aired: 2018-10-15

No overview available.

25: Lin-Manuel Miranda/Brooke Baldwin - Aired: 2018-10-16

No overview available.

26: Peter Dinklage/Busy Phillipps/Noname - Aired: 2018-10-17

No overview available.

27: Joe Scarborough, Mika Brzezinski, Laura Benanti, The Revivalists - Aired: 2018-10-18

No overview available.

28: Robin Wright - Aired: 2018-10-19

No overview available.