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Glossary: R
First Air Date: June 4th, 2009
Last Air Date: July 6th, 2016
Created By: Andrew Lenchewski
Star Casts: ---
Aired On: USA Network
Episode Runtime: 42 minutes
Total Seasons: 8 Seasons
Total Episodes: 104 Episodes
Type: Scripted
Status: Ended
Homepage: USA Network - Royal Pains

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Royal Pains

A young E.R. doctor who, after being wrongly blamed for a patient's death, moves to the Hamptons and becomes the reluctant "doctor for hire" to the rich and famous. When the attractive administrator of the local hospital asks him to treat the town's less fortunate, he finds himself walking the line between doing well for himself and doing good for others.

Seasons and Episodes

Specials (7 Episodes)

1: Gag Reel

No overview available.

2: TB or Not TB - Deleted Scenes

No overview available.

3: The Honeymoon's Over - Deleted Scenes

No overview available.

4: Am I Blue - Deleted Scenes

No overview available.

5: Nobody's Perfect - Deleted Scenes

No overview available.

6: Wonderland - Deleted Scenes

No overview available.

7: Royal Pains Paulo's Video Blog

No overview available.

Season 1 (12 Episodes)

1: Pilot - Aired: 2009-06-04

Young Dr. Hank Lawson has been recently fired when he stumbles into a new career as a concierge physician for the rich and privileged denizens within the Hamptons. Along with an assist from his ambitious brother, who provides his encouragement and advice with money along the way.

2: There Will Be Food - Aired: 2009-06-11

A ballerina Evan is dating loses consciousness after he feeds her junk foods she had to give up to keep her dancer's physique.

3: Strategic Planning - Aired: 2009-06-18

Hank and Divya are called to the home of a wealthy U.S. senator, whose pushy wife Lilly Everett asks them to perform a discreet "executive physical" on their teenage son Kendrick, who will be Notre Dame's starting quarterback in the fall.

4: TB or Not TB - Aired: 2009-06-25

When Allison Moore, the owner/head chef of a trendy Hamptons restaurant suffers a stroke, Hank attempts to save her from potential long-term damage, but she goes missing before treatment is administered. And on the day that Hank had previously planned to get married he spends time with Jill.

5: No Man Is an Island - Aired: 2009-07-09

Hank and Evan take on a job looking after a wealthy family who live on a private island which is technology-free. Despite Hank's better judgment, a woman plans on having her baby right there on the island. Meanwhile, Evan finds himself clashing with a teenage family member. Back at home, Jill struggles with hospital politics.

6: If I Were a Sick Man - Aired: 2009-07-16

Hank finds himself needing to quarantine the guests from a party and considers making a call to the County Health to announce a possible outbreak. Elsewhere, Evan makes some interesting facts concerning Divya's personal life, and Jill wants to keep her relationship with Hank under wraps.

7: Crazy Love - Aired: 2009-07-23

Hank and Divya treat a Spanish spitfire involved in an accident whose injuries are more serious then they appear. A dream job offer from Boris brings Jill's childhood friend Katie back to the Hamptons, but tempers flare when Hank learns Boris has been keeping a dark secret. And the arrival of Divya's fiancee causes to her to rethink their relationship.

8: The Honeymoon's Over - Aired: 2009-07-30

Hank treats a childrens book illustrator that has a heart condition. Divya is treating a software guru who just married a swimsuit supermodel. Hank and Jill deal with the fact that Hank seems to be going down the same road as her former boyfriend.

9: It's Like Jamais Vu All Over Again - Aired: 2009-08-06

During an equestrian show, a young girl falls from her horse and is complaining of strange symptoms which makes Hank believe her father is hiding something. Elsewhere, Divya weighs over telling her dad the truth about her job, and Hank meets Jill's ex-husband.

10: Am I Blue? - Aired: 2009-08-13

To kick his drug habit, Tucker's dad decides to undergo a rapid detox, but Hank objects be cause of it's dangers. Elsewhere, Even accidentally makes a night club owner mad; Hank and Jill try to contact Boris, who has fled to New York.

11: Nobody's Perfect - Aired: 2009-08-20

While in New York to examine Boris' strange illness, Hank discovers the Gardner family wants to go after his medical license. Elsewhere, while on a reclusive millionaire's yacht, Evan and Divya face a medical crisis. Also, Jill and her ex-husband clash over the divorce papers.

12: Wonderland - Aired: 2009-08-27

Hank treats a hallucinating woman. Meanwhile, Charlie and Jill move in together, while Divya and Raj anguish over their engagement party.

Season 2 (18 Episodes)

1: Spasticity - Aired: 2010-06-03

Hank and Divya treat the heir of a famous inventor whose desire to distance himself from his father puts him in harm's way. Meanwhile, Jill's job at Hamptons Heritage is threatened when her mentor starts proceedings to have her fired.

2: Lovesick - Aired: 2010-06-10

After having her heart broken, Newberg's stepdaughter lands in the hospital with a condition directly related to her relationship woes. Divya attempts to bring romance into her relationship with Raj.

3: Keeping the Faith - Aired: 2010-06-17

A actor from a popular film francises collapeses on the ground and Hank is there to save the day again. But this time he uncovers the secret past involved and the condition that he is suffering from is what caused the collapse. Eddie R. wants to make it up to his boys and lets it slip that he is going to be staying in the Hamptons for a longer time then anticipated.

4: Medusa - Aired: 2010-06-24

Boris flies Hank to another country, where he and another doctor research potentially life saving gene therapies. Back in the Hamptons, Hank's temporary replacement, Dr. Emily Peck, rubs Divya the wrong way.

5: Mano A Mano - Aired: 2010-07-01

Hank saves a hand; Boris' health quickly fails after Marisa's treatment; Divya clashes with Dr. Peck.

6: In Vino Veritas - Aired: 2010-07-15

The behavior of Tucker's best friend causes him to suspect the worst, but Hank realizes a medical condition is to blame. Meanwhile, Divya treats a woman who fears her job as a winemaker is on the line when her symptoms hinder her palate.

7: Comfort's Overrated - Aired: 2010-07-22

When the purveyor of a popular Hamptons food truck seems quickly corrupted by his success, Hank puts together his odd behavior, and pinpoints the cause of his symptoms.

8: The Hankover - Aired: 2010-07-29

Hank must try to remain professional and put aside his feelings in order to treat a childhood foe. Raj's bachelor party is Evan's latest project while a bridal event draws Divya and Jill to the city.

9: Frenemies - Aired: 2010-08-05

Hank treats Dr. Blair's seven year-old son, Jake, whose symptoms appear to be directly related to his parents' divorce.

10: Whole Lotto Love - Aired: 2010-08-12

When two lottery winners arrive in the Hamptons, Hank treats them both for conditions that appear to be related to their newly lavish lifestyle.

11: Big Whoop - Aired: 2010-08-19

Hank and Emily care for a patient together but disagree on the course of treatment. Meanwhile, Evan concocts a cyber retaliation plan against Emily.

12: Open Up Your Yenta Mouth And Say Ah - Aired: 2010-08-26

Hank treats a chatty socialite who disappears before he can diagnose her.

13: Mulligan - Aired: 2011-01-20

Following Eddie's heart attack, Hank and Evan discover things they didn't know about their father. Hank treats Jill after she collapses at a golf tournament and Divya still hasn't decided what to do about her feelings for Adam.

14: Pit Stop - Aired: 2011-01-27

Hank and Divya must find what is making a reality-show's cast ill. Evan's latest plan is to franchise HankMed and he has an unexpected ally.

15: A History of Violins - Aired: 2011-02-03

Hank makes a house call to help a teen singing prodigy. Hank and Emily have their biggest fight yet and Eddie just has to insert himself into it. Evan finds himself in a sticky situation with the Paige's father.

16: Astraphobia - Aired: 2011-02-10

When a park ranger is hit by lightning, Hank is able to save his life. Now the ranger wants to recapture the experience.

17: Fight or Flight - Aired: 2011-02-17

A woman who left a high stress lifestyle and moved to the Hamptons can't seem to relax but Hank has a medical explanation for her.

18: Listen to the Music - Aired: 2011-02-24

Hank is worried that a new patient had previously been misdiagnosed, and wants to get to the bottom of the case. Meanwhile, Divya and Raj take dance lessons in preparation for their wedding, but they end up as patients themselves.

Season 3 (16 Episodes)

1: Traffic - Aired: 2011-06-29

HankMed saves the passengers of a toppled Jitney; Divya deals with the fallout from her broken engagement; Jill returns with news.

2: But There's a Catch - Aired: 2011-07-06

Ken "Killer" Keller hosts a charity football tournament on his estate and invites Hank to play along. The contest gets fierce as Keller gets injured and Hank must put his competitive nature aside to treat him.

3: Rash Talk - Aired: 2011-07-13

Best friends worry about their line of house-cleaning products.

4: The Shaw/Hank Redemption - Aired: 2011-07-20

On a trip to Florida to attend Eddie's parole hearing, Hank and Evan find him in the company of an ex-con seeking spiritual salvation whose erratic behavior has Hank worried.

5: A Man Called Grandpa - Aired: 2011-07-27

In order to save Eddie's chance at parole, Evan attempts to curry favor with his newfound grandfather at the horse races, but his luck runs out when he and Hank discover the real reason they've never met Ted.

6: An Apple a Day - Aired: 2011-08-03

Hank treats a wound that will not heal; Paige shares the condition for agreeing to marry Evan.

7: Ta Da For - Aired: 2011-08-10

Hank searches for the cause of a magician's anxiety; Evan books a segment on "The Today Show".

8: Run, Hank, Run - Aired: 2011-08-17

A runner struggles to regulate body temperature while training; Boris' decline may not be related to the disease.

9: Me First - Aired: 2011-08-24

Hank treats a fearful asthmatic boy; Paige's secret is exposed; Divya's date has a surprising result.

10: A Little Art, A Little Science - Aired: 2011-08-31

An art collector cannot stay conscious; Hank recommends treatment for Paige's mother; Divya struggles to maintain balance.

11: A Farewell to Barnes - Aired: 2012-01-18

Hank blames Dr. Van Dyke for a prescription error; the HankMed team attends a divorce party.

12: Some Pig - Aired: 2012-01-25

When a mysterious illness overcomes the members of an up and coming rock band, Hank and Divya have to work together to find the cause; but Hank struggles with trusting Divya after her near fatal prescription error.

13: My Back to the Future - Aired: 2012-02-01

When a back problem limits Hank's ability to treat patients, Evan hires Dr. Van Dyke as a temporary replacement.

14: Bottoms Up - Aired: 2012-02-08

A Hollywood star wants to revive his career by doing Shakespeare in the Hamptons; Divya learns that Raj is moving on; Jack delays treatment.

15: Hank and the Deep Blue Sea - Aired: 2012-02-15

Evan offers to assist Divya with breaking free from her financial burden. Also, Jill's teenage nephew, Luke, calls on HankMed when his boss fails to take care of some troubling symptoms.

16: This One's for Jack - Aired: 2012-02-22

Hank struggles to cope with Jack's illness; young brothers keep Hank busy; Evan teams up with Boris' cousin.

Season 4 (16 Episodes)

1: After the Fireworks - Aired: 2012-06-06

Hank embarks on a fresh start with his medical practice and separates from his brother Evan, who also starts his own venture. As Divya attempts to reconcile the brothers, HankMed teams up once more in the face of a Hampton's emergency.

2: Imperfect Storm - Aired: 2012-06-13

When Jill’s chess-obsessed nephew gets kicked out of camp for fighting, Hank realizes Luke may be suffering from more than just teenage hormones. Evan courts a young, lonely heiress for his new client roster, and Divya – caught between the brothers -- faces an impossible choice.

3: A Guesthouse Divided - Aired: 2012-06-20

Hank and Evan heatedly compete for a new business opportunity. Meanwhile, Divya attempts to covertly reconcile the brothers' differences.

4: Dawn of the Med - Aired: 2012-06-27

Hank & Evan's father Eddie makes his return to the Hamptons and schemes to bring his boys back together. Hank has a new patient who is participating in a zombie race for charity. Evan also has a new patient, a retired biochemist with a possibly sinister past.

5: You Give Love a Bad Name - Aired: 2012-07-11

A matchmaker patient tries to setup Hank and Divya. Elsewhere. Evan attempts to get a handle on the overcrowded HankMed. Paige plans a party that spins out of control, and Boris protects his family.

6: About Face - Aired: 2012-07-18

HankMed treats an absentminded country club manager while Evan, with Paige's help, lands the business opportunity he's always dreamed of.

7: Fools Russian - Aired: 2012-07-25

Hank attends a secret meeting in Manhattan; Evan and Jeremiah treat an Internet entrepreneur; Divya reconciles with her father.

8: Manimal - Aired: 2012-08-01

Hank and Divya treat a veterinarian; Evan and Paige help a friend deal with loss; Boris must make accommodations.

9: Business and Pleasure - Aired: 2012-08-15

An undercover DEA agent believes she is suffering from meth toxicity.

10: Who's Your Daddy? - Aired: 2012-08-22

HankMed treats a polo team owner; Divya struggles with dating; Evan worries about a meeting of the in-laws.

11: Dancing with the Devil - Aired: 2012-08-29

HankMed treats a pop star before her tour; Evan helps Paige prepare for school; Hank gets to know a local pediatrician; Divya becomes distracted.

12: Hurts Like a Mother - Aired: 2012-09-05

Hank works to diagnose two seemingly unrelated illnesses; Evan supports Paige during a difficult time; Divya's new boyfriend turns to Jeremiah for help.

13: Something Fishy This Way Comes - Aired: 2012-09-12

Hank must travel to help an injured Dmitry; Paige deals with the fallout from the secret.

14: Sand Legs - Aired: 2012-09-19

Hank has a realization about his relationships; Divya's fling takes a surprising turn.

15: Off-Season Greetings (1) - Aired: 2012-12-16

The long-planned nuptials of Evan and Paige are finally here but along with this anticipated event comes secrets from the past that are finally revealed and flashbacks.

16: Off-Season Greetings (2) - Aired: 2012-12-16

Several months after the events of the explosive summer finale. With the Hamptons decked out for the holidays, Dr. Hank Lawson continues to treat his patients in very unexpected ways, but Hank's biggest challenge will be facing his own medical issues. As the wedding approaches, Evan and Hank head to Las Vegas for some bachelor party fun, while Paige and Divya travel out of town for her bachelorette party. And with a snowstorm descending on the Hamptons, Paige rapidly finds her dream wedding turning into a nightmare.

Season 5 (13 Episodes)

1: Hank Watch - Aired: 2013-06-12

Hank gets back to work after recovering from surgery and treats a woman whose fund-raising efforts may be harming her health. Elsewhere, Jeremiah helps HankMed meet demand; a potential new client catches Evan off guard; and Divya receives surprising news.

2: Blythe Spirits - Aired: 2013-06-19

Hank treats a cop with a rebellious teenage daughter; Evan and Paige adjust to their new home; HankMed receives an offer from a patient; the changes in Divya's life may be more complicated than she expected.

3: Lawson Translation - Aired: 2013-06-26

Hank's investigation into Boris's death leads him to a shocking discovery; Divya and Jeremiah check out a Savannah hospital; Evan's crusade takes an unexpected turn.

4: Pregnant Paws - Aired: 2013-07-10

Hank and Divya treat who woman who may have rabies; Jeremiah treats a radio disc jockey; Paige interviews for an internship; Hank and Evan struggle with Divya's news and Shelby looks for alternatives to start her own concierge business.

5: Vertigo - Aired: 2013-07-17

Hank continues to treat Don and becomes more involved in the lives of Don and Molly; Divya tends to a young conductor, whose passion for music may be harming his health; Evan confronts obstacles in his new political venture; and Paige sees a new side of Blythe.

6: Can of Worms - Aired: 2013-07-24

Hank treats a diet-cocktail maven facing a great deal of pressure; one of Evan's detractors has an accident; Divya's neighbor is diagnosed with an ailment that hits close to home for Divya; and Hank makes a business decision.

7: Chock Full O' Nuts - Aired: 2013-07-31

Hank treats a spin instructor; Divya helps a successful candymaker who's facing unexpected challenges; Hank grows impatient with Killer Keller's negotiating tactics; Divya and Jeremiah try to better share their space; and Evan is upset when Paige makes a major purchase.

8: Hammertime - Aired: 2013-08-07

An unexpected visitor and a major auction at Shadow Pond thrust Hank, Evan, and Paige into an unfamiliar, high-stakes world that requires them to pull together like never before. Meanwhile, when Divya treats an older couple, who aren’t about to let their age slow them down, she realizes the pace of her own life has changed in unexpected ways.

9: Pins and Needles - Aired: 2013-08-14

Hank treats a florist with vivid dreams; Divya helps Evan prepare for a debate; Hank and Jeremiah disagree about treating Hank's post-surgical pain.

10: Game of Phones - Aired: 2013-08-21

Hank and Don must bring Molly home safely; Divya visits her mother in Italy; Paige is overwhelmed with work.

11: Open Invitation - Aired: 2013-08-28

Hank advocates an aggressive treatment plan for Don; Evan reaches out to Eddie to help Hank; Divya learns a long-kept secret.

12: A Trismus Story - Aired: 2013-09-04

HankMeds treat a thrill-seeking journalist who refuses to let a health scare keep her from her job. Elsewhere, Evan and Paige's relationship is put under the microscope thanks to political mudslinging, and Hank worries that Molly's behavioral problems may amount to more than simple teenage angst. Finally, Jeremiah comes to a startling conclusion after Shelby questions him regarding Hank's use of painkillers.

13: Bones to Pick - Aired: 2013-09-11

Hank treats a young paleontologist; Russel suffers an impossible injury; Evan and Paige need to take a drastic step; Divya receives news about her pregnancy.

Season 6 (13 Episodes)

1: Smoke and Mirrors - Aired: 2014-06-10

After a winter abroad, Hank returns to the Hamptons to celebrate the latest addition to the HankMed family. Evan and Paige take a hands-on approach to their marriage. Later Evan hatches a plan to make Hank stay in town after a saxophone player falls ill. Meanwhile Divya experiences the joys of motherhood and a mysterious party guest brings surprising news for the Lawson family.

2: All in the Family - Aired: 2014-06-17

Hank worries a rising tennis star’s health may prevent her from taking her career to the next level, while a fellow pro at her club may have fallen ill from an unexpected source. Later Hank and Evan adjust to a startling revelation about Eddie’s past. And Evan and Paige reach a new milestone. Elsewhere Jeremiah finds peace in an odd place.

3: A Bridge Not Quite Far Enough - Aired: 2014-06-24

Hank, Evan and Paige try to help Eddie have a relationship with Emma; Hank treats a private investigator; Divya must find a nanny; Jeremiah makes a friend.

4: Steaks on a Plane - Aired: 2014-07-01

Hank becomes embroiled in a plot while in Monte Carlo; Divya and Jeremiah treat mysteriously ailing firemen; Paige and Evan search for a new place to live.

5: Goodwill Stunting - Aired: 2014-07-08

Evan reaches out to a woman with a strange illness; Paige and Russel have a realization about their client; Evan and Jeremiah recognize they will have to go to battle; Hank wins back a former patient.

6: Everybody Loves Ray, Man - Aired: 2014-07-15

The chef at Ray’s new restaurant seems to be getting drunk on the job, but Hank believes it’s not just a matter of hitting the bottle. Divya treats a NASCAR crew chief who channels his anxiety into an unexpectedly dangerous habit. Evan’s friendship with Ray helps him find a promising space for HankMed’s new lab, but Jeremiah has concerns about the location. And while Hank tries to get Emma to think about her future, Divya makes an important decision about her own.

7: Electric Youth - Aired: 2014-07-22

Hank and Divya treat a house-sitter; Jeremiah treats a burlesque dancer and gets close to her roommate; Paige makes an important discovery; Emma becomes a tipster for a gossip site.

8: I Did Not See That Coming - Aired: 2014-07-29

As a new mother, Divya finds herself bonding with a HankMed patient who is struggling to get pregnant. Hank reignites his romance with a woman he met in Europe when she arrives in the Hamptons, and Divya worries about Jeremiah’s relationship with Viviana. Emma is the new it-girl on SnarkHampton and gets invited to one of the hottest parties of the summer, and Paige and Evan enlist Bob to help with their issues with Russel.

9: Oh, M. G. - Aired: 2014-08-05

Hank treats a perfumer who is losing the sense of smell; Evan and Ray hold a grand opening for HankLab; Divya tries to protect Jeremiah.

10: Good Air / Bad Air - Aired: 2014-08-12

Hank and Boris meet a potential trial patient in Argentina; Divya meets Sashi's grandmother; Russel tries to make amends with Paige; Evan strives to expose Oz.

11: Hankmed on the Half Shell - Aired: 2014-08-19

Despite their strained relationship, Divya and Jeremiah work together to treat a model who is struggling to eat. After Ray’s past catches up with him, Evan tries to distance himself from their partnership but it proves to be harder than he expected. Hank and Boris return from Argentina with an idea to enlarge the scope of Boris’ foundation, and Emma violates her brothers’ trust.

12: A Bigger Boat - Aired: 2014-08-26

Hank treats Cinco when his sore wrist turns out to be more complicated than a simple sprain. Evan and Paige help Emma set a trap to catch Oz. Divya and Jeremiah treat a boat-builder who resents being left behind when his business partner takes a job sailing around the world. Hank helps Charlotte adjust to regaining her vision but the learning curve is steeper than either of them anticipated. Meanwhile, Boris takes a major step towards expanding his foundation.

13: Ganging Up - Aired: 2014-09-02

Hank and Evan search for Emma; Evan cannot understand Hank's reluctance to join Boris' new endeavor; Paige and Evan learn something about Bob; Jeremiah tries to accept Viviana's changes.

Season 7 (8 Episodes)

1: Rebound - Aired: 2015-06-02

Hank helps a TV host. Evan and Paige buy get some unexpected news. Divya saves a young skateboarder.

2: False Start - Aired: 2015-06-09

Hank treats a rookie athlete. Evan and Paige move into the guest house. Divya is in a jam.

3: Playing Doctor - Aired: 2015-06-16

An actor wants to shadow Hank in order to prepare for a role. Divya performs a genetic test on a royal patient. Evan accidentally takes his new motto of transparency a step too far. Paige embraces chaos during a home renovation project.

4: The Prince of Nucleotides - Aired: 2015-06-23

Hank treats a transgender teenager. Evan and Jeremiah host a gala fundraiser.

5: Voices Carry - Aired: 2015-06-30

Hank goes to Manhattan with Olympia. Evan fears Boris is keeping a secret. Divya receives a visitor.

6: Secret Asian Man - Aired: 2015-07-07

Keller asks Hank for help with an embarrassing medical problem. Divya treats a group of Civil War reenactors who are suffering from an age-old disease. Evan fears he may be in over his head when he's roped into a secret project with Boris.

7: Lama Trauma - Aired: 2015-07-14

Hank helps Boris prep a secret patient for surgery. Evan tries to chase a bad omen from the hospital. An offer from Quami forces Divya to make a major decision about her personal life.

8: Lending a Shoulder - Aired: 2015-07-21

Hank has an epiphany after running into his former fiancé. Evan and Paige help Elán through her labor. Divya envisions a new future for her career and family.

Season 8 (8 Episodes)

1: Stranger Danger - Aired: 2016-05-18

Hank attempts to help a stubborn politician whilst Divya's future is impeded. Jeremiah returns, and Eddie has a surprise for Hank and Evan.

2: Palpating the Orbital Rim - Aired: 2016-05-25

When Diana's hacked records go viral, Evan handles the aftermath. Divya helps Jeremiah and his parents. Hank and Jen go on a first date.

3: Fly Me to Kowloon - Aired: 2016-06-01

Hank finds romance in Hong Kong. Divya treats a repo man. Paige convinces Evan to rethink their parenting path.

4: Doubt of Africa - Aired: 2016-06-08

Hank works his first shift at the emergency room in years. Jeremiah bonds with his patient. Divya worries about Lena.

5: Saab Story - Aired: 2016-06-15

Hank treats an overworked Keller. Divya meets Hank's mentor. Evan and Paige struggle with the demands of IVF. Jeremiah creates a video for Divya's baby shower.

6: Home Sick - Aired: 2016-06-22

Hank meets a woman who fears she has an inherited disease. Eddie makes a medical decision. Jeremiah discovers that Boris went to clinical trials without his input.

7: The Good News Is... - Aired: 2016-06-29

Hank helps a theater legend at Eddie's wedding; Eddie and Evan reconcile. Paige and Evan wait for pregnancy test results.

8: Uninterrupted - Aired: 2016-07-06

As Boris prepares to leave the Hamptons forever, he asks Hank to join him; Evan and Paige consider a life-altering decision; Divya receives news.