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Glossary: D
First Air Date: August 7th, 2012
Last Air Date: March 5th, 2014
Created By: Chris Sanders
Star Casts: Jay Baruchel, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, T.J. Miller, Andree Vermeulen
Aired On: Cartoon Network
Episode Runtime: 22 minutes
Total Seasons: 2 Seasons
Total Episodes: 40 Episodes
Type: Scripted
Status: Ended
Homepage: Cartoon Network - DreamWorks Dragons

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Dreamworks Dragons: Race to the Edge

From the creators of "How to Train Your Dragon" comes a new series that takes Hiccup and Toothless to the edge of adventure.

Seasons and Episodes

Specials (8 Episodes)

1: Racing For The Gold - Aired: 2010-02-12

Ski Jump, Snowboarding, Speed Skating, Bobsled and Medal Ceremony.

2: Legend of the BoneKnapper Dragon - Aired: 2010-10-15

Hiccup and the gang join Gobber on a quest to find a legendary boneclad Dragon.

3: Gift of the Night Fury - Aired: 2011-11-15

The Viking town of Berk, now enjoying its new alliance with the dragons, is preparing for its annual winter holiday of Snoggletog. However, that spirit is threatened when all the dragons, except Toothless who needs Hiccup to help him, suddenly fly away for some reason. While Astrid ineffectually tries to salvage the occasion, Hiccup decides to build Toothless a new prosthetic to allow him to fly independently, only to have the dragon take off as well. However, as the holiday approaches, Hiccup finds himself swept up to learn the dragons' secret the hard way and to find a solution to bring them home early.

4: Book of Dragons - Aired: 2011-11-15

Hiccup and his friends explore and add to their primary reference about dragons.

5: Dragon: Scauldron - Aired: 2011-11-18

No overview available.

19: How to Train Your Dragon: Homecoming - Aired: 2019-12-03

Hiccup plans to celebrate dragons with a grand holiday pageant at the Snoggletog Festival. This heartwarming idea leads to a series of unexpected, hilarious and thrilling events – but no matter what happens, everyone in Berk is reminded that dragons and humans are forever bonded.

20: How to Train Your Dragon: Snoggletog - Aired: 2019-12-08

Come settle by the warmth of a roaring fire in Hiccup & Astrid's home. You never know who is going to stop by for a sip of Yak Nog!

21: Dragons Dawn Of The Dragon Racers - Aired: 2014-11-11

How Dragon Racing was invented. Hiccup and all his friends from the dragon academy fight about who really invented it.

Riders of Berk (20 Episodes)

1: How to Start a Dragon Academy - Aired: 2012-08-07

Dragons are still dragons, and as a result, they are causing mayhem in the Isle of Berk. Stoick is reconsidering allowing the dragons to roam freely on Berk. It is up to Hiccup and his friends to convince Stoick otherwise.

2: Viking for Hire - Aired: 2012-08-07

The peace with the dragons has put Gobber out of business, since his job was making weapons to fight dragons. Stoick asks Hiccup to help find a new job for him ... but unfortunately a change of profession does not seem to go well with Gobber.

3: Animal House - Aired: 2012-09-04

The dragons unintentionally reduce Berk's food productivity by still scaring the living daylights out of the local livestock, and with the first winter storm coming, the dragon-riding Viking youths of Berk must try and familiarize the local animals with their Dragon companions.

4: The Terrible Twos - Aired: 2012-09-11

Hiccup finds an injured baby dragon. Toothless does not warm up to the energetic newcomer and the baby's angry mother arrives looking for her lost son.

5: In Dragons We Trust - Aired: 2012-09-18

The Dragons are blamed for vandalism, and Hiccup tries to prove their innocence by forming a night patrol called the "Dragon United Monitoring Brigade" (DUMB), but not in time to prevent the dragons' banishment from the island. Hiccup begins to suspect that Mildew is responsible for the scapegoat.

6: Alvin and the Outcasts - Aired: 2012-09-25

Hiccup had discovered Mildew framed the dragons but has destroyed all evidence of it, therefore he must prove of their innocence in order to get them back. Meanwhile, Alvin the Treacherous of the Outcast Tribe are on the mission to raid the Isle of Berk in order to find and capture the "Dragon Conqueror".

7: How to Pick Your Dragon - Aired: 2012-10-03

Stoick is in need of learning how to ride a dragon, and he quickly insists on riding Toothless all the time. Meanwhile, a mysterious dragon has been attacking fishing ships.

8: Portrait of Hiccup as a Buff Man - Aired: 2012-10-10

After getting his picture painted with his father, Hiccup begins to fear that he is not Stoick's ideal son, so to prove himself, he and his friends set out on a treasure hunt that even Stoick had not been able to complete.

9: Dragon Flower - Aired: 2012-10-17

After Mildew poisons all the dragons on the island, he is forced to help Hiccup, Stoick, and Gobber find and capture the ferocious Scauldron in order to get the antidote.

10: Heather Report, Part 1 - Aired: 2012-11-14

The teens of Berk find a mysterious girl named Heather on Thor's Beach. While Hiccup and the other teens openly welcome the newcomer, Astrid's jealousy turns to suspicion when she notices Heather is taking an unusual interest in the Book of Dragons.

11: Heather Report, Part 2 - Aired: 2012-11-21

Heather's betrayal to Berk caused the Book of Dragons to fall into Alvin the Treacherous' hands, and Heather's imprisonment on Berk. In order to get the book back from Alvin, Astrid disguises herself as Heather and goes into Outcast Territory. Towards the end of her mission, Astrid learns and confirms Heather's true motives for helping the Outcasts.

12: Thawfest - Aired: 2012-11-28

Berk's annual festive sporting competition, the Thawfest games, is underway and all the teens are participating with the dragons for the first time in Viking history. Hiccup is determined to finally best Snotlout, who constantly gloats about being the reigning Thawfest champion, but Hiccup's successes begin to make him arrogant and boastful, much to Astrid's displeasure and disappointment.

13: When Lightning Strikes - Aired: 2012-12-05

Sudden lightning storms are endangering the residents of Berk and it is believed Thor is angry at the island. Mildew leads the superstitious villagers into blaming Toothless, "the unholy offspring of lightning and death itself", for the lightning, leaving Hiccup to find the true answers for Thor's sudden destructive anger.

14: What Flies Beneath - Aired: 2013-02-06

A rogue dragon – a Whispering Death – shows up in Berk, tearing up the village. He's on a mission to find Toothless and settle a score. Despite Hiccup's efforts to help, Toothless insists on facing the dragon alone. But unlike their past battle, Toothless's inability to fly my prove to be his undoing.

15: Twinsanity - Aired: 2013-02-13

Dagur the Deranged visits Berk to renew a peace treaty between the Berserkers and Berk, and the dragons are put into hiding to dispel rumours that Berk is training a dragon army. But when Ruffnut and Tuffnut begin to fight, their dragon, Barf and Belch, is left out of control. The Viking youths must bring the twins back together to control their dragon and avoid provoking Dagur to war.

16: Defiant One - Aired: 2013-02-20

Caught in a waterspout, Toothless' prosthetic tail is damaged, rendering him unable to fly and thus leaving him, Hiccup and Snotlout stranded on Outcast Island. The three must work together to repair the damage, overcome the rivalry between Hiccup and Snotlout and return home to Berk before they are captured by Alvin and the Outcasts.

17: Breakneck Bog - Aired: 2013-02-27

When Hiccup discovers Trader Johann's ship was shipwrecked in a rumored haunted bog with a gift made for him by his mother, he will stop at nothing to retrieve it.

18: Gem of a Different Color - Aired: 2013-03-06

When Snotlout and the villagers mistake dragon eggs for gems that bring good fortune, Fishlegs, who is responsible for the eggs' discovery, must take a stand against Snotlout and reunite the eggs with their Changewing mothers before they destroy Berk.

19: We Are Family, Part 1 - Aired: 2013-03-13

During Berk's annual Bork week celebrations, Hiccup is granted access to Bork the Bold's private and personal archives. When he finds information and a map about an island inhabited by Night Furies within Bork's notes, Hiccup is determined to bring Toothless to his family.

20: We Are Family, Part 2 - Aired: 2013-03-20

Mildew has betrayed the Vikings of Berk and allowed Alvin the Treacherous to kidnap Hiccup and Toothless. Astrid and Stoick must rescue them from Outcast Island along with help from a new friend.

Defenders of Berk (20 Episodes)

1: Live and Let Fly - Aired: 2013-09-19

Certain that Alvin is planning an attack on Berk, Stoick institutes flight restrictions on the dragon academy. Hiccup, certain that Alvin will be using his newfound dragon-training knowledge to bolster his attack, forms a secret “Dragon Flight Club” in order to train the kids to defend Berk against Alvin’s dragon army.

2: The Iron Gronckle - Aired: 2013-09-26

When Meatlug accidentally ingests magnetic rocks, she becomes magnetic herself - causing destruction through the town, but ultimately helping the kids win a battle against the Outcasts.

3: The Night and the Fury - Aired: 2013-10-03

The kids go on a dragon survival-training mission to Dragon Island, where they encounter Dagur, the Berserker Chief, who has become obsessed with hunting the Night Fury.

4: Tunnel Vision - Aired: 2013-10-10

Hiccup discovers that the town's water shortage has been caused by the Outcasts' plan to hide Whispering Death eggs under Berk, which soon hatch and tunnel under the island, threatening the villagers.

5: Race to Fireworm Island - Aired: 2013-10-17

Hookfang is losing his ability to catch on fire, and it's up to Snotlout, Hiccup and the others to find the lair of the Fireworm Queen, which may hold the only possible cure, before it's too late.

6: Fright of Passage - Aired: 2013-10-24

Hiccup must help Astrid face her fear of the terrifying Flightmare, a ghostly dragon that seemingly "froze" her uncle with fear, shaming her family name. With Fishlegs' help, they discover that there's more to the Flightmare than meets the eye

7: Worst in Show - Aired: 2013-11-07

A Terrible Terror training competition leads to a heated rivalry between Fishlegs and Snotlout, allowing Alvin to kidnap Meatlug. The kids must use their newly trained Terrors to rescue their friend.

8: Appetite for Destruction - Aired: 2013-11-14

When wild dragons start overwhelming Berk, Hiccup and Toothless discover islands are disappearing throughout the archipelago. When Hiccup and Toothless investigate the cause, they then encounter the Screaming Death.

9: Zippleback Down - Aired: 2013-11-21

While searching for traps, Tuffnut, Barf and Belch get trapped themselves... and a forest fire is approaching.

10: A View to a Skrill, Part 1 - Aired: 2013-12-05

When the dragon riders discover a frozen Skrill, a lightning-powered dragon revered by the Berserkers, they scramble to get it off Berk.

11: A View to a Skrill, Part 2 - Aired: 2013-12-05

Tuffnut goes undercover to help the riders rescue a Skrill.

12: The Flight Stuff - Aired: 2014-01-08

Snotlout becomes convinced he is dying, and leaves Hookfang to Gustav. But when he "miraculously" recovers, Snotlout takes his dragon back, and Gustav decides to get a dragon of his own and join the academy... whether they want him or not.

13: Free Scauldy - Aired: 2014-01-15

Hiccup and co. discover an injured Scauldron on the shores of Changewing Island. The kids must heal the dragon and return him safely to the ocean, before he falls victim to the elements, as well as the territorial Changewings.

14: Frozen - Aired: 2014-01-22

Hiccup and Toothless return from a mission to find Berk mysteriously empty. They discover that the village has been overrun by Speed Stingers, a venomous non-flying dragon that has trekked across the frozen sea to Berk.

15: A Tale of Two Dragons - Aired: 2014-01-29

Hookfang and Stormfly quarrel while the town prepares for the harvest.

16: The Eel Effect - Aired: 2014-02-05

Berk has been plagued with a bad case of the Eel Pox. Hiccup, Toothless and the gang, along with Gothi, go gather the ingredients for the cure. There's just one problem; the final ingredient is an eel from Eel Island.

17: Smoke Gets in Your Eyes - Aired: 2014-02-12

The mysterious theft of metal objects all over Berk reveals the presence of marauding Smokebreaths. Hiccup and Toothless soon discover that these dragons are the work of Dagur, in a plot to render Berk defenseless.

18: Bing! Bam! Boom! - Aired: 2014-02-19

When three adolescent Thunderdrums attack the village, only Stoick's Thornado can bring chaos to order.

19: Cast Out, Part 1 - Aired: 2014-02-26

Snotlout is expelled from the academy; Alvin returns to Berk to make amends.

20: Cast Out, Part 2 - Aired: 2014-03-05

Alvin reveals he trained the Screaming Death to attack Berk and destroy the island's inhabitants and only Snotlout and Hookfang can save Berk before it's too late. Meanwhile Hiccup gets ready for a final fight against Dagur to save Toothless and end the barbarians invasion of Berk once and for all.