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First Air Date: August 19th, 2016
Last Air Date: April 4th, 2019
Created By: Ben Edlund
Star Casts: Peter Serafinowicz, Griffin Newman, Valorie Curry, Brendan Hines, Yara Martinez, Scott Speiser
Aired On: Prime Video
Episode Runtime: 30 minutes
Total Seasons: 2 Seasons
Total Episodes: 22 Episodes
Type: Scripted
Status: Canceled
Homepage: Prime Video - The Tick

Last Updated: Sat, 04 May 2024 10:31:03 +0000

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The Tick (2017)

In a world where superheroes have been real for decades, an accountant with zero powers comes to realize his city is owned by a super villain. As he struggles to uncover this conspiracy, he falls in league with a strange blue superhero.

Seasons and Episodes

Season 1 (12 Episodes)

1: The Tick - Aired: 2016-08-19

In a world where superheroes and villains are very real, unassuming office temp Arthur becomes obsessed with a sinister conspiracy he believes has taken over his City. Everyone thinks he's crazy, except his mysterious new ally, The Tick, a bizarre blue superhero who might just be a figment of Arthur's imagination...

2: Where's My Mind - Aired: 2017-08-24

Tick and Arthur have a run-in with local villainess Miss Lint and her gang, who will stop at nothing to get back the mysterious supersuit that Tick took from them and gave to Arthur. Dot, Arthur's paramedic sister, moonlights for an unsavory business.

3: Secret/Identity - Aired: 2017-08-24

Arthur takes a break from hunting the Terror and tries to get back to his safe, normal, and unheroic life as an accountant unaware he's being stalked by the menacing vigilante Overkill. Tick confesses to an existential crisis.

4: Party Crashers - Aired: 2017-08-24

Tick crashes an Everest family party to convince Arthur's sister Dot of her brother's super-heroic destiny. Another more dangerous party-crasher arrives to threaten Arthur and his family.

5: Fear of Flying - Aired: 2017-08-24

Tick and Dot help Arthur try to control his flyaway supersuit as the Pyramid Gang pursues them. Miss Lint has an unexpected caller.

6: Rising - Aired: 2017-08-24

Tick and Arthur try to use Ramses to prove that the Terror is alive and run into trouble. Miss Lint takes the advice of an old friend.

7: Tale from the Crypt - Aired: 2018-02-22

Arthur has a surprising encounter while in The Terror's lair. The Tick attempts a rescue with Dot and Overkill.

8: After Midnight - Aired: 2018-02-22

Arthur, Dot, and Overkill try to get a message to Superian, with the help of a retired hero.

9: My Dinner with Android - Aired: 2018-02-22

The Tick and Arthur rush to rescue the endangered Dr. Karamazov. Dot gets some personal information from Overkill.

10: Risky Bismuth - Aired: 2018-02-22

The Tick and Arthur harbor an out of commission Superian. Dot gathers more intel on the Pyramid Gang, and Overkill confronts Miss Lint.

11: The Beginning of the End - Aired: 2018-02-22

The team races to counteract The Terror's plan for Big Bismuth and the VLM. Miss Lint and Overkill have something resembling a heart to heart.

12: The End of the Beginning (Of the Start of the Dawn of the Age of Superheros) - Aired: 2018-02-22

The Tick and Arthur find themselves on a final collision course with The Terror as he attempts to bring his evil plans to fruition.

Season 2 (10 Episodes)

1: Lesson One: Think Quick! - Aired: 2019-04-04

Tick and Arthur go on their first patrol of The City, battle a bank robbing monstrosity, and attract the attention of AEGIS. Dot has a weird day. She and Overkill have a few drinks and compare plights.

2: A.E.G.I.S and You - Aired: 2019-04-04

The local AEGIS branch has reopened - Tick and Arthur tour the facility and take the hero test. Overkill and Dangerboat prepare to go back on the lam, but Dot intervenes. Superian encounters social media, and Miss Lint decides on a new villain strategy.

3: Hot Beige! - Aired: 2019-04-04

Tick and Arthur pursue the trail of the bank robbers into the gambling underworld. Overkill reconnects with an old mentor and learns his enemy The Duke may still be alive.

4: Blood and Cake - Aired: 2019-04-04

A strange bit of information sends Dangerboat in to lockdown. Dot frees Overkill of a burden and joins him on a mission. Meanwhile, Superian takes Arthur's advice - badly.

5: Magic is Real - Aired: 2019-04-04

Tick and Arthur hunt their bank robbing nemesis in the sewers, aided by new superpowered pals - but Arthur must face this enemy alone. Dot and Overkill question a piece of furniture and learn one of The Duke's secrets.

6: Categorically Speaking - Aired: 2019-04-04

Tick and Arthur fight a beaurocratic battle to save an innocent creature from AEGIS experimentation. Dot tours an AEGIS open house, as Overkill visits an old friend.

7: Lei-Lo, Ho! - Aired: 2019-04-04

Tick and Arthur, with the help of Tinfoil Kevin, confront the Donnelley brothers and rescue their precious hostages. Walter starts acting oddly. Dot and Overkill storm the Duke's lair.

8: Joan! - Aired: 2019-04-04

Tick and Arthur must take care of six adorable babies while hiding them from AEGIS. Joan and Kevin lend a hand. Superian unexpectedly drops in for a therapy session.

9: In the Woods - Aired: 2019-04-04

Tick and Arthur join the Flag-5 and undergo initiation with their fellow team members. Walter and Dot throw a wrench into Arthur's dream come true. The Duke makes a deadly move on AEGIS.

10: Choose Love! - Aired: 2019-04-04

The Tick, Arthur, Dot, and the rest of the family must battle The Duke and AEGIS itself. Miss Lint reveals her true goal and Superian weighs the pros and cons of accidental genocide.