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First Air Date: June 3rd, 2013
Last Air Date: June 6th, 2018
Created By: Peter Paige, Bradley Bredeweg
Star Casts: Teri Polo, Sherri Saum, Hayden Byerly, Noah Centineo, David Lambert, Maia Mitchell, Danny Nucci, Cierra Ramirez
Aired On: ABC Family, Freeform
Episode Runtime: 42 minutes
Total Seasons: 5 Seasons
Total Episodes: 104 Episodes
Type: Scripted
Status: Ended
Homepage: ABC Family - The Fosters

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The Fosters

Stef Foster, a dedicated police officer, and her partner Lena Adams, a school vice principal, have built a close-knit, loving family with Stef's biological son from a previous marriage, Brandon, and their adopted twins, Mariana and Jesus. Their lives are disrupted in unexpected ways when Lena meets Callie, a hardened teen with an abusive past who has spent her life in and out of foster homes. Lena and Stef welcome Callie and her brother, Jude, into their home thinking it's just for a few weeks, until a more permanent placement can be found. But life has something else in store for the Fosters.

Seasons and Episodes

Specials (5 Episodes)

1: Girls United Webisode 1: Run Baby Run - Aired: 2014-03-02

Gabi goes missing and Girls United counselor, Michelle, calls a meeting to ask if the girls know anything about where she may have run off to.

2: Girls United Webisode 2: Stab in the Back - Aired: 2014-03-02

The girls discuss who of them can be pregnant.

3: Girls United Webisode 3: Got Your Back - Aired: 2014-03-02

Callie and Kiara share some mutual secrets. Callie also discovers that Becka harms herself with a knife.

4: Girls United Webisode 4: Scorpion Kings - Aired: 2014-03-02

Gabi's father visits the Girls United home for some information about Gabi.

5: Girls United Webisode 5: United We Stand - Aired: 2014-03-02

Gabi comes back and reveals she went away because she has HIV.

Season 1 (21 Episodes)

1: Pilot - Aired: 2013-06-03

Callie, a 16-year-old girl fresh out of juvenile hall, goes to live in the care of Lena and her partner Stef and their kids.

2: Consequently - Aired: 2013-06-10

Callie is accused of selling pills around school, and Lena and Stef decide not to punish Brandon which causes tension among the parents.

3: Hostile Acts - Aired: 2013-06-17

Mike asks Brandon to move in with him, and Jesus and Lexi continue to keep their relationship a secret from Mariana.

4: Quinceanera - Aired: 2013-06-24

Everyone is celebrating Mariana's quinceanera, and the secret Jesus has been hiding comes to light, which causes tension between Mariana and Lexi.

5: The Morning After - Aired: 2013-07-01

Stef and Lena try to find time to work on their relationship, while Lexi and Jesus have to deal with the consequences of their actions.

6: Saturday - Aired: 2013-07-08

Brandon has an audition for a sought after piano coach, while Jesus is invited to a church camp.

7: The Fallout - Aired: 2013-07-15

Lexi's parents punish her when they find out the truth about Lexi and Jesus.

8: Clean - Aired: 2013-07-22

Stef and Lena have dinner with Lena's ex.

9: Vigil - Aired: 2013-07-29

Mariana and Jesus deal with the repercussions of their actions.

10: I Do - Aired: 2013-08-05

The Fosters are getting married, but Stef is not as involved as a stressed out Lena would like.

11: The Honeymoon - Aired: 2014-01-13

The family is impacted by Callie's decision to run away; Mariana learns the truth about Lexi's trip.

12: House and Home - Aired: 2014-01-20

Callie meets a woman who works in the foster care system; Brandon reveals why Callie ran away.

13: Things Unsaid - Aired: 2014-01-27

Lena worries when Stef returns to work; Kelsey exposes secrets from Mariana's past.

14: Family Day - Aired: 2014-02-03

Stef and Lena visit Callie; Jude must decide if he wants to be a part of the Foster family.

15: Padre - Aired: 2014-02-10

A family gathering brings Callie back into the Fosters' home for the first time since she ran away.

16: Us Against the World - Aired: 2014-02-17

Callie hopes to earn back the trust of her loved ones; Stef is called to testify in Mike's case.

17: Kids in the Hall - Aired: 2014-02-24

Callie's good deed creates trouble for a friend; Brandon makes a deal with an unsavory classmate.

18: Escapes and Reversals - Aired: 2014-03-03

Jesus is pressured to make a difficult choice; Callie is torn between protecting two friends.

19: Don't Let Go - Aired: 2014-03-10

Callie reunites with her father; Jesus struggles to keep focused at school without his medication.

20: Metropolis - Aired: 2014-03-17

Mariana and Jesus worry about dates as the Winter Ball approaches; Zac's mother visits Lena.

21: Adoption Day - Aired: 2014-03-24

Stef and Mike deal with the fallout from a shocking revelation; Brandon makes another bad decision.

Season 2 (21 Episodes)

1: Things Unknown - Aired: 2014-06-16

Callie and Jude face separation. Brandon suffers guilt after sleeping with Dani.

2: Take Me Out - Aired: 2014-06-23

Brandon struggles with a major medical decision. Stef seeks answers on Mike's whereabouts.

3: Play - Aired: 2014-06-30

While Lena and Stef are away on a babymoon, the kids throw a party that gets out of hand.

4: Say Something - Aired: 2014-07-07

Callie meets her half-sister for the first time. Timothy starts a legal battle over his parental rights of the baby.

5: Truth Be Told - Aired: 2014-07-14

Callie worries about how her actions have impacted Jude. Emma puts Jesus in an awkward position.

6: Mother - Aired: 2014-07-21

Lena learns about a medical issue affecting her pregnancy. Stef confronts Mike about Ana.

7: The Longest Day - Aired: 2014-07-28

Dani deals with the consequences for what happened with Brandon. Jude and Callie spend the day on the Quinn's yacht.

8: Girls Reunited - Aired: 2014-08-04

Callie returns to the Girl's United home to deal with lingering issues. Mariana and Jesus plan a group dinner for Mat and Hayley.

9: Leaky Faucets - Aired: 2014-08-11

The kids attend a festival. Ana wants to make amends with the twins.

10: Someone's Little Sister - Aired: 2014-08-18

Callie asks her biological father for a favor; Connor is pressured to end his friendship with Jude.

11: Christmas Past - Aired: 2014-12-08

Brandon looks back on Callie and Jude’s first Christmas with the Foster family.

12: Over/Under - Aired: 2015-01-19

Stef and Lena take different sides on several issues; Brandon is invited to attend a music program.

13: Stay - Aired: 2015-01-26

Kiara seeks help after being placed in an unfit foster home; Mariana downplays her high math scores.

14: Mother Nature - Aired: 2015-02-02

The Adams fosters kids are not very excited to head out to the wilderness for a family camping trip, but Jesus shakes things up when he can no longer hold onto his secrets and gets a surprise visit. Callie and Brandon awkwardly navigate their relationship while Jude gets fed up with the way he’s being treated. Meanwhile, Mike asks Ana to move in with him.

15: Light of Day - Aired: 2015-02-09

Callie decides to try a new tactic with Robert while Brandon aims to convince the band that his mom’s rules can work for everyone. News about Ana’s situation gives Mariana an idea that would affect the entire Adams Foster family. Meanwhile, Jude tries to make amends with Connor and agrees to go on a group date.

16: If You Only Knew - Aired: 2015-02-16

Hiding a secret, Callie helps Daphne prepare for an official visit with her daughter, but both fear they may be recognized for their past actions. Things go awry when Brandon and his band play a "farm" party. With Mariana's urging, Stef and Lena consider Ana's proposal. Meanwhile, Jesus is offered an opportunity to attend a top-rated wrestling school.

17: The Silence She Keeps - Aired: 2015-02-23

Stef and Lena attempt to understand Callie's decision; Monte and Timothy's disagreement over the school curriculum puts Lena in a tough spot; Mariana tries to get a talented dancer to join her team.

18: Now Hear This - Aired: 2015-03-02

Mariana finds it difficult to deal with impending changes at home and focuses her attention on organizing a student protest over an administrative incident at school. Meanwhile, when she learns Kiara is back in town and on the streets, Callie is willing to do anything she can in order to help her friend, even if that means disobeying Stef’s orders and putting herself in danger. Jude finally confronts Connor over the mixed messages he’s been sending, leading to a make-or-break moment in their friendship.

19: Justify The Means - Aired: 2015-03-09

Stef confides in Lena and Callie about a plan that will make it possible for the Adams Fosters to adopt Callie, but she’s not being fully honest about some of the steps she’s taken to put the plan in motion. In turn, Lena hasn’t been completely truthful with Stef about her conflicting emotions over expanding their family. Meanwhile, Brandon has an opportunity to pursue his dream of being a classical musician, but it could come at a price. Jude breaks the rules in order to be with Connor and faces dire consequences.

20: Not That Kind of Girl - Aired: 2015-03-16

Callie confronts demons from the past; Mariana worries about the future of Ana's baby; Jude deals with the repercussions of his poor decision; Lena discusses her domestic troubles with Monte.

21: The End of the Beginning - Aired: 2015-03-23

Callie meets her grandfather, which gives her a new perspective on Robert. Meanwhile, Mariana gets ready for a crucial dance-team showdown; and Jude stands up for a friend.

Season 3 (20 Episodes)

1: Wreckage - Aired: 2015-06-08

As the family deals with the aftermath of the terrible car accident, Stef is determined to find the driver responsible for the crash. Callie continues to volunteer at the drop-in center where she meets AJ, a foster teen runaway searching for his older brother. Brandon starts at the Idyllwild Music Program and quickly realizes that he will be faced with serious competition. Meanwhile, Jude tells Connor he prefers to keep their relationship private at school.

2: Father's Day - Aired: 2015-06-15

As part of their annual tradition, Stef and Lena have Mike over for Father's Day brunch. Jude surprises everyone, especially Callie, by inviting his biological father, Donald, to join them. Callie spends Father's Day with the Quinns and hears some surprising news. Frustrated by his situation at Idyllwild, Brandon let's off some steam with his classmates.

3: Déjà Vu - Aired: 2015-06-22

When the family takes a vested interest in AJ, Callie has doubts about whether she can trust him. Stef surprises Lena with some news about Monte. Meanwhile, Jude has trouble moving on from the trauma of the shooting incident.

4: More Than Words - Aired: 2015-06-29

When Lena’s half-brother Nate comes for a visit with Lena and her parents, Lena aims to get an apology for an offensive name he called her mother years ago. Meanwhile, Cole invites Callie, Jude and Connor to an LGBTQ prom.

5: Going South - Aired: 2015-07-06

Callie convinces Brandon to head out on a mysterious trip that brings them to Mexico. Stef and Lena discover an empty pregnancy test box in the trash and wonder if someone in the house is worried they are pregnant.

6: It's My Party - Aired: 2015-07-13

Callie thinks she's celebrating her 17th birthday with just the family, but Jude surprises her with a house party. Jude's surprise risks exposing both Callie's and Mariana's secrets when he innocently invites Rafael and Wyatt to attend. Meanwhile, Brandon's suspicions about AJ's behavior come to a head, and Mariana and Callie decide to buy a car together without telling their moms.

7: Faith, Hope, Love - Aired: 2015-07-27

Stef and Lena hesitate to give their blessing when Mariana’s biological grandfather tells her she must be baptized in order to be her new half-sister Isabella’s godmother. Callie’s actions at her birthday party are called out by Stef, and they make a big decision in order to avoid jeopardizing her adoption.

8: Daughters - Aired: 2015-08-03

When Rita’s daughter shows up unexpectedly, Callie sees a different side of Rita and learns the reason behind their strained relationship.

9: Idyllwild - Aired: 2015-08-10

The family heads to Idyllwild for Brandon’s music competition where long-held feelings are revealed and life-changing secrets are unveiled.

10: Lucky - Aired: 2015-08-17

Amid tensions in their own relationship, Stef and Lena host a 40th anniversary party for Lena’s parents.

11: First Impressions - Aired: 2016-01-25

Callie is now officially adopted into the Adams Foster family and must put aside any romantic feelings for Brandon. She does so by throwing herself into her “Fost and Found” website, even drawing the interest of an investor.

12: Mixed Messages - Aired: 2016-02-01

Brandon is upset when he learns that his shared secret with Callie is in jeopardy. Lena and Stef’s mother, Sharon, disagrees over how Stef should handle her diagnosis. Meanwhile, Mariana’s run for junior class president heats up as the simmering resentment between her and Lexi comes to a head.

13: If And When - Aired: 2016-02-08

Callie is surprised to find that Jude is spending time with Jack, a quirky foster teen they met at a foster youth event. Brandon and Mat decide to write a Romeo & Juliet rock musical as their senior thesis project, but they disagree over who should play Juliet. Meanwhile, Jesus asks Ana about the identity of his and Mariana's birth father.

14: Under Water - Aired: 2016-02-15

After Callie and Jude discover Jack is being abused by other boys in his group foster home, they turn to foster care advocate Justina to get him help. Jesus attempts to get to know Gabe at work even as Nick urges him to tell Gabe the truth about who he is. Meanwhile, Mariana is surprised when Nick asks her out.

15: Minor Offenses - Aired: 2016-02-22

While Stef recovers from surgery, she and Lena grow concerned when they find out Justina wants Callie to support a legislation that they know nothing about.

16: EQ - Aired: 2016-02-29

Stef begins teaching a class in the police department’s youth outreach program, but she soon realizes that it is not as easy as she thought it would be.

17: Sixteen - Aired: 2016-03-07

Jesus is upset after his plans for a low key birthday are supplanted by Mariana, who plans a huge dance party instead. Jude is excited by the prospect of a weekend visit with Connor. Meanwhile, Callie and Brandon strike a truce by agreeing not to bring their new respective significant others home or to family functions.

18: Rehearsal - Aired: 2016-03-14

Brandon plays referee between the two stars of his show, Mariana and Mat. Callie testifies on behalf of Daphne in an effort to help her get her daughter back.

19: The Show - Aired: 2016-03-21

As Brandon debuts his “Romeo and Juliet” rock musical, moments in the production are hitting home for the Adams Foster family, causing them to look back at recent events.

20: Kingdom Come - Aired: 2016-03-28

A tragic loss brings the family together. Despite Callie’s hesitation, Justina moves forward with the Fost and Found launch party. Brandon tells his moms that Cortney has a son.

Season 4 (20 Episodes)

1: Potential Energy - Aired: 2016-06-20

Callie admits her past relationship with Brandon to her moms. But before Stef and Lena can even process the information, the school goes into a “Code Blue” lockdown when it’s discovered Mariana’s boyfriend Nick showed up with his father’s gun after seeing her kiss her ex-boyfriend Mat.

2: Safe - Aired: 2016-06-27

After being given the all clear to head home, tensions are still running high in the Adams Foster household. Fragile and skittish from the school lockdown, the family sticks close, but their secrets keep them apart. Callie and Brandon anxiously wait for their moms to address their behavior in Idyllwild while Stef warns everyone to stay off their phones and computers due to the rumors swirling around their family.

3: Trust - Aired: 2016-07-11

In the aftermath of the school lockdown, Mariana is called out by other students who blame her for Nick’s actions. Callie is also taunted at school and her inappropriate reaction gets her suspended. But what starts off as a punishment turns into an adventure when she meets Aaron, a handsome young law student who knows nothing about her or her past.

4: Now for Then - Aired: 2016-07-18

Callie starts her senior project of photographing the outside of her and Jude’s seven former foster homes. But, when an unexpected encounter with a former foster mother brings her inside, Callie decides to reach out to other people who have fostered her and is shocked to learn that a 17-year-old former foster brother has been convicted of murder. Stressed out by the hardships of supporting himself and Cortney, Brandon throws a house party and things take a turn for the worse. Stef and Lena offer to pay for an attorney to help get Gabe off of the sex offender registry, which is currently putting Lena’s job at risk and causing friction between Mike and Ana. Meanwhile, Mariana tells her moms that, in order to feel safe again, she wants to visit Nick and put an end to their relationship once and for all.

5: Forty - Aired: 2016-07-25

Lena is excited that her family is coming together to throw her a 70s-themed 40th birthday party. But, when Lena’s mom Dana shares her suspicions about Stewart’s behavior, it threatens to put a damper on the festivities. Convinced her former foster brother Kyle has been wrongly convicted of murder, Callie and Aaron try to track down a witness in the case. Mariana and her female STEAM club teammates compete for an invite to the Regional Robotics Competition. Meanwhile, Jude is hurt to discover that Connor came to town and didn’t tell him, and Brandon considers drastic measures to make extra money.

6: Justify - Aired: 2016-08-01

Lena is shocked by the news that her dad has been hiding something that directly puts them all in jeopardy. Additionally, she uncovers a major secret that Brandon has been keeping. Mariana continues to be pressured by Nick and must deal with direct opposition from the male members on her STEAM team. Meanwhile, Jesus grows resentful of Emma’s behavior, and Jude discovers Noah has a medical marijuana card.

7: Highs & Lows - Aired: 2016-08-08

When Jesus’s birth father, Gabe, doesn’t show up to work on Stef and Lena’s garage, Jesus takes on the job himself and gets injured in the process. An exhausted Mariana, deep into her robotics STEAM project, takes Jesus’ ADHD medicine for a boost. Callie and AJ find themselves in an awkward situation when Mike and Brandon unexpectedly come home early. Meanwhile, Stef lets Mike know that Brandon gave his hand injury settlement money to Cortney.

8: Girl Code - Aired: 2016-08-15

Mariana and Jesus compete in the First Robotics Southern California Regionals, but when Mariana gets too competitive under the stress, Lena grows alarmed. Callie gets a warning from the police to stop harassing Patrick Molloy. Brandon practices for his fast-approaching Julliard audition.

9: New York - Aired: 2016-08-22

Brandon travels to New York City for his Julliard audition and meets a girl who forces him to take a hard look at his life, including his relationship with Cortney. Meanwhile, Stef and Lena make an unexpected announcement that leaves the family in shock. And Callie’s friendship with Aaron causes friction between her and AJ.

10: Collateral Damage - Aired: 2016-08-29

Callie and the family set up a “Justice for Jack” booth at a music festival in order to gather signatures to stop Justina’s foster care bill, but Callie’s persistence in advocating for both Jack and Kyle lands her in a dangerous situation. Additionally, Callie’s efforts are sidelined when the tensions between her boyfriend AJ and her friend Aaron come to a head. Mariana, still taking Jesus’ ADHD prescription medication, sees Nick and runs away from the festival, sending the family into a frantic search for her. Meanwhile, Stef discovers that her inquiries into Kyle’s case will have repercussions at her job.

11: Insult to Injury - Aired: 2017-01-31

In the aftermath of Jesus’ fight with Nick over Mariana, Jesus is knocked out. On the way to the hospital, things take a turn for the worse, leaving him fighting for his life. Meanwhile, Callie finds herself in a dangerous situation after taking a ride with Troy and Mariana is guilt-ridden over the fact that her actions led to Jesus’ current condition.

12: Dream a Little Dream - Aired: 2017-02-07

As Stef and Lena stand vigil over an unconscious Jesus, he dreams of an alternate world wherein he tries to save Mariana but can’t get to her. Already stretched thin, the moms receive news that Callie is in serious legal trouble. Mariana seeks comfort in Mat’s arms, while Brandon tries to hold the family together.

13: Cruel and Unusual - Aired: 2017-02-14

Callie tries to keep to herself and focus on getting out of juvenile hall, but when she refuses a guard’s propositions, she ends up making an enemy. As Stef and Lena work to get Callie out of juvie, her biological father Robert turns up, angry for being kept in the dark. Meanwhile, Brandon’s questioning of a situation has consequences for Mariana. Jude gets a second chance with Noah, and Mike makes several life-changing decisions.

14: Doors and Windows - Aired: 2017-02-21

After Brandon confesses to Stef that he didn’t get into Juilliard, she decides she’s fed up with all of the kids’ secrets and removes their bedroom doors. Mariana starts seeing a therapist to deal with the trauma of Nick’s actions. While Jesus struggles with physical therapy, Brandon realizes that music might be a good way to help get through to him. Callie’s biological father Robert brings in his highly paid attorneys to handle Callie’s case, which causes a conflict with Stef and Lena.

15: Sex Ed - Aired: 2017-02-28

Jude feels uneducated about gay sex ed, so he tries to gain some personal experience through a phone app. Callie presents her senior project to her class, but the school admin disapproves of the concept.

16: The Long Haul - Aired: 2017-03-14

Sharon and Will return to the Adams Foster home with news that they are engaged. In an effort to come clean with Jesus, Emma writes him a letter but learns he is hiding a secret of his own. Meanwhile, Jude is teased at school when Lena organizes an LGBTQ-friendly sex ed class for students.

17: Diamond in the Rough - Aired: 2017-03-21

Stef starts a new assignment in human trafficking where she meets a teenaged girl named Diamond who is turning tricks on the streets. Lena deals with repercussions for holding an off-campus LGBTQ sex ed class for Anchor Beach students. Callie’s relentless pursuit of justice starts to impact her relationship with AJ. Meanwhile, Mariana tries to cheer up Jesus with a special project after he’s prescribed a special pair of glasses due to his traumatic brain injury.

18: Dirty Laundry - Aired: 2017-03-28

As Stef works longer hours in her new position, Lena feels overwhelmed trying to keep up with the complicated lives of their five teenagers in addition to the pressures of her own job. Jude, fed up with being bullied at school, resorts to bullying tactics of his own. Callie heads to Los Angeles with Aaron to visit his parents, who are struggling with Aaron being transgender.

19: Who Knows - Aired: 2017-04-04

It seems just about everyone in the Adams Foster household has a secret, but unfortunately for each of them, they all start spilling out. With Callie’s court date inching closer, Robert’s attorneys present a defense strategy that Callie vehemently opposes. Monte and Lena join forces to stop Drew’s underhanded dealings. Stef works to bust Diamond’s pimp. Jesus asks Gabe to keep a secret from his moms.

20: Until Tomorrow - Aired: 2017-04-11

Callie faces a life-changing decision to take a plea deal and go to jail for three years, or go to trial and risk an even longer sentence. Even though Callie struggles with her own situation, she tries to help Diamond out of hers which becomes extremely dangerous. With only 24 hours to make a difference in Callie’s case, Stef and Mike ramp up their investigation into the Martha Johnson murder bringing in as many leads as possible. Lena confronts Drew about his campaign to make a major change at Anchor Beach Community Charter School, while Mariana rallies her fellow students to protest. Meanwhile, Jesus starts to put together the pieces about Emma.

Season 5 (22 Episodes)

1: Resist - Aired: 2017-07-11

Stef frantically searches for Callie after she offers to help Diamond, thinking she has nothing to lose after accepting the plea deal. Struggling with his TBI, Jesus unleashes his anger after discovering Brandon helped Emma with a deeply personal decision. With Mariana leading the charge, protests continue over Anchor Beach Charter’s privatization.

2: Exterminate Her - Aired: 2017-07-18

Callie gets control of her life and applied to audit art classes at a local college. Jesus distances himself from Mariana and Brandon so he can build his treehouse with Gabe alone. The Fosters get a new neighbor.

3: Contact - Aired: 2017-07-25

Callie and Aaron go on their first official date. Mariana and Jude spearhead an underground school newspaper. Noah and Jude question their compatibility, while Brandon and Grace take their relationship to the next level. The moms have their new neighbors over for a family dinner party.

4: Too Fast, Too Furious - Aired: 2017-08-01

Callie and Aaron discuss taking their relationship to the next level. Mariana finds fulfillment training with the Latina derby team. Brandon’s new girlfriend Grace catches him playing hero to his ex-girlfriend Courtney.

5: Telling - Aired: 2017-08-08

The Fosters kids attend a party at the Derby warehouse, but things escalate quickly when the cops show up. Lena struggles when Stef starts to become obsessed with an ongoing case at work, meanwhile Brandon’s relationship with Grace is put into jeopardy with Courtney back in his life.

6: Welcome to the Jungler - Aired: 2017-08-15

Callie is torn with turning over a new leaf or supporting a cause that means a lot to her, while Jude and Taylor begin making gaming videos that earn them unwanted notoriety. Stef makes major headway in her case.

7: Chasing Waterfalls - Aired: 2017-08-22

Lena’s parents are back in town for a visit, while Callie and Aaron get closer than ever before. Mariana tries to get closer to Logan, but it backfires when his girlfriend catches wind of it.

8: Engaged - Aired: 2017-08-29

Brandon throws a party which turns south when secrets are revealed. Mariana and Jude try to convince the students to vote against their school going private.

9: Prom - Aired: 2017-09-05

It’s prom night at Anchor Beach. Grace’s mom has a candid conversation with Brandon, meanwhile Ximena faces a life-altering decision when ICE agents show up at prom.

10: Sanctuary - Aired: 2018-01-09

Ximena and Callie are still in the church seeking sanctuary from ICE. The Adams Fosters’ offer support to the Sinfuego family as they struggle with their immigration status.

11: Invisible - Aired: 2018-01-16

Callie actively helps to make Ximena’s fight visible. Meanwhile, Brandon and Grace struggle to be intimate knowing her diagnosis and Mariana is suddenly courted by multiple suitors.

12: #IWasMadeInAmerica - Aired: 2018-01-23

Callie and her friends support Ximena in a big way at a conservative anti-immigration rally and get a lot of buzz for Ximena’s plight. Meanwhile, an unlikely source offers a key piece of evidence that may help save Anchor Beach from going private and the family celebrates Stef’s birthday.

13: Line in the Sand - Aired: 2018-01-30

Brandon and Grace plan the ultimate senior prank which ends up going a little too far. Mariana and Mat make a huge decision about the future of their relationship.

14: Scars - Aired: 2018-02-06

Callie receives a surprising tip from an unexpected source. Meanwhile, Jude tries to assuage Noah’s fears about his budding relationship with fellow gamer Declan.

15: Mother's Day - Aired: 2018-02-13

Stef’s mom comes to visit and helps Stef cope with a tough time. Meanwhile, Callie and Jude grapple with the memory of their biological mother.

16: Giving Up the Ghost - Aired: 2018-02-27

Stef confronts her demons and finally comes clean to Lena about what’s been troubling her. Mariana and Emma find themselves going head to head, putting Poppy and Jesus in an awkward position.

17: Makeover - Aired: 2018-03-06

Callie speaks on a panel about Ximena’s struggle and realizes she may have a passion for something other than art. Meanwhile, Mariana is torn between two suitors.

18: Just Say Yes - Aired: 2018-03-13

Brandon and Grace go on a road trip and discover a lot about each other, while Mariana and Emma vie for a competitive internship. Stef and Lena go on a couples retreat to reconnect.

19: Many Roads - Aired: 2018-03-13

It’s graduation day for Callie and Brandon, but after some shocking news, the family wonders whether they will make it to the ceremony.

20: Meet The Fosters - Aired: 2018-06-04

One year later, the Adams Fosters comes together for some major celebrations.

21: Turks & Caicos - Aired: 2018-06-05

The family travels to Turks & Caicos for Brandon and Eliza’s wedding where they find themselves at odds with their future in-laws, meanwhile when Brandon and Eliza find themselves butting heads, Brandon turns to the person who knows him best.

22: Where the Heart Is - Aired: 2018-06-06

After a turbulent few days in Turks & Caicos, the family starts to question if the wedding will actually take place. The moms make a huge decision that will change the family forever.