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Glossary: M
First Air Date: November 12th, 2009
Last Air Date: December 11th, 2013
Created By: Howard Overman
Star Casts: Joseph Gilgun, Karla Crome, Nathan McMullen, Matt Stokoe, Shaun Dooley, Natasha O'Keeffe
Aired On: E4
Episode Runtime: 45 minutes
Total Seasons: 5 Seasons
Total Episodes: 37 Episodes
Type: Scripted
Status: Ended
Homepage: E4 - Misfits

Last Updated: Tue, 28 May 2024 22:31:21 +0000

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When five young outsiders on Community Service get caught in a strange storm, they discover that they have developed superpowers.

Seasons and Episodes

Specials (76 Episodes)

1: Vegas Baby! - Aired: 2011-09-15

In this episode, Nathan takes Marnie and her baby, called Nathan Jr to Las Vegas. He uses his new superpower to scam the casinos, but when things go wrong he is forced to go on the run. The episode also introduces new cast member Joe Gilgun, who is joining the show as Rudy.

2: Erazer - Aired: 2011-12-04

The gang finally discover the identity of the mysterious Erazer character who has been tagging the estate. Exclusive online mini-episode.

3: Simon's Films - Area 51

Season 1 featurette

4: Simon's Films - Stoner

Season 1 featurette

5: Simon's Films - Not Aquaman

Season 1 featurette

6: Simon's Films - Girl Talk

Season 1 featurette

7: Nathan's Coffin Antics - I Spy

Season 2 featurette

8: Nathan's Coffin Antics - Stuffy

Season 2 featurette

9: Nathan's Coffin Antics - The Fly

Season 2 featurette

10: Superhoodie's Surveillance Cameras - Locker Inspection

Season 2 featurette

11: Superhoodie's Surveillance Cameras - Last Supper

Season 2 featurette

12: Superhoodie's Surveillance Cameras - Man Vs Machine

Season 2 featurette

13: Superhoodie's Surveillance Cameras - Dinner Date

Season 2 featurette

14: Superhoodie's Surveillance Cameras - Ready Steady Roll

Season 2 featurette

15: Superhoodie's Surveillance Cameras - Plain Wrong

Season 2 featurette

16: Superhoodie's Surveillance Cameras - The Birthday Boy

Season 2 featurette

17: Superhoodie's Surveillance Cameras - Lock In

Season 2 featurette

18: Introduction to Misfits

No overview available.

19: Strung Out 1

Season 4 featurette

20: Strung Out 2

Season 4 featurette

21: Strung Out 3

Season 4 featurette

22: Strung Out 4

Season 4 featurette

23: Strung Out 5

Season 4 featurette

24: Strung Out 6

Season 4 featurette

25: Strung Out 7

Season 4 featurette

26: Strung Out 8

Season 4 featurette

27: Shooting Misfits - Designing Misfits

Season 2 featurette

28: Shooting Misfits - Getting The Look

Season 2 featurette

29: Shooting Misfits - Life On Misfits

Season 2 featurette

30: Shooting Misfits - Winning The Bafta

Season 2 featurette

31: Behind The Scenes - The Making of Episode One

Season 2 featurette

32: Behind The Scenes - The Making of Episode Two

Season 2 featurette

33: Behind The Scenes - The Making of Episode Three

Season 2 featurette

34: Behind The Scenes - The Making of Episode Four

Season 2 featurette

35: Behind The Scenes - The Making of Episode Five

Season 2 featurette

36: Behind The Scenes - The Making of Episode Six

Season 2 featurette

37: Behind The Scenes - The Making of The Christmas Special

Season 2 featurette

38: Video Profile - Alisha

No overview available.

39: Video Profile - Kelly

No overview available.

40: Video Profile - Curtis

No overview available.

41: Video Profile - Nathan

No overview available.

42: Video Profile - Petra Fried (Executive Producer)

No overview available.

43: Video Profile - Simon

No overview available.

44: Video Profile - Tom Bowyer (Production Designer)

No overview available.

45: Video Profile - Tom Green (Director)

No overview available.

46: Video Profile - Tom Harper (Director)

No overview available.

47: The Making of Misfits - Finding Our Misfits

Season 1 featurette

48: The Making of Misfits - Ice Storm

Season 1 featurette

49: The Making of Misfits - OAP Disco

Season 1 featurette

50: The Making of Misfits - Roof Stunt

Season 1 featurette

51: Best Misfits Moments - Aired: 2013-12-24

To celebrate the end of the iconic series, Misfits cast past and present remember classic Misfits moments, as voted by you, the internet. What will be number one?

52: Behind the Scenes - The Making of Episode One

Season 3 featurette

53: Behind the Scenes - The Making of Episode Two

Season 3 featurette

54: Behind the Scenes - The Making of Episode Three

Season 3 featurette

55: Behind the Scenes - The Making of Episode Four

Season 3 featurette

56: Behind the Scenes - The Making of Episode Five

Season 3 featurette

57: Behind the Scenes - The Making of Episode Six

Season 3 featurette

58: Behind the Scenes - The Making of Episode Seven

Season 3

59: Behind the Scenes - The Making of Episode Eight

Season 3 featurette

60: On Set with Misfits

Season 3 featurette

61: Stunts and Special Effects

A look at the stunts and special effects in season 3.

62: Visual Effects

A look at the visual effects used in season 3.

63: Behind the Scenes - Episode One

Season 4 featurette

64: Behind the Scenes - Episode Two

Season 4 featurette

65: Behind the Scenes - Episode Three

Season 4 featurette

66: Behind the Scenes - Episode Four

Season 4 featurette

67: Behind the Scenes - Episode Five

Season 4 featurette

68: Behind the Scenes - Episode Six

Season 4 featurette

69: Behind the Scenes - Episode Seven

Season 4 featurette

70: Behind the Scenes - Episode Eight

Season 4 featurette

71: Building the Misfits Set

Season 4 featurette

72: Casting the Gang

Season 4 featurette

73: Working with Puppets

Season 4 featurette

74: Season 4 Gag Reel

No overview available.

75: Behind the Scenes - Season 5 Part 1

A look behind the scenes of the first four episodes of season 5.

76: Behind the Scenes - Season 5 Part 2

A look behind the scenes of the last four episodes of season 5.

Series 1 (6 Episodes)

1: Episode One - Aired: 2009-11-12

A group of misfits with nothing in common must perform community service, but get caught in a freak storm that gives them superpowers.

2: Episode Two - Aired: 2009-11-19

Nathan is desperate to move back home, and when the group makes a discovery, he soon realizes he might have found his opportunity.

3: Episode Three - Aired: 2009-11-26

Alisha is having fun using and abusing her powers but she can't seem to get the one man she really wants: Curtis.

4: Episode Four - Aired: 2009-12-03

Curtis regrets the night of his arrest and uses his new power to travel back in time to change history, but it's not as easy as he thought.

5: Episode Five - Aired: 2009-12-10

Determined to prove that the gang was involved in Tony's disappearance, Sally focuses her investigation on Simon.

6: Episode Six - Aired: 2009-12-17

The gang realizes that there's something weird going on in town and it looks like the mysterious, straightlaced "Virtue" organization is behind it.

Series 2 (7 Episodes)

1: Episode One - Aired: 2010-11-11

A new probation officer assigns the group to an art class for the mentally ill. A mysterious hooded figure follows the Misfits for unknown reasons.

2: Episode Two - Aired: 2010-11-18

Nathan is shocked when Jamie, a long-lost brother he never knew he had, turns up at the community center.

3: Episode Three - Aired: 2010-11-25

The masked man saves Alisha from a mugging on the estate. It appears he is able to touch her without being affected by her powers.

4: Episode Four - Aired: 2010-12-02

Ollie, an environmental protester who has the power to teleport, starts his community service. But is he really destined to become part of the gang?

5: Episode Five - Aired: 2010-12-09

Nathan is violently killed again, and he suspects that Jessica, a charity worker from the community center, is to blame.

6: Episode Six - Aired: 2010-12-16

After their superpowers are exposed to the world at large, the gang becomes celebrity superheroes, known as the ASBO Five.

7: Episode Seven - Aired: 2010-12-19

Just before Christmas, the gang meets Seth, a drug dealer who was also struck in the storm and now has the ability to deal powers.

Series 3 (8 Episodes)

1: Episode One - Aired: 2011-10-30

New boy Rudy gets a rude awakening in his first few days of community service.

2: Episode Two - Aired: 2011-11-06

Curtis decides to use his new gender-swap power so that he can return to athletics.

3: Episode Three - Aired: 2011-11-13

Simon saves Peter, a geeky comic book nerd, from being mugged.

4: Episode Four - Aired: 2011-11-20

An old Jewish man plans to use Curtis's power to go back in time and kill Hitler.

5: Episode Five - Aired: 2011-11-27

Kelly gets trapped in the body of Jen, a coma victim, and the gang has to save her.

6: Episode Six - Aired: 2011-12-04

Rudy discovers that he has contracted a strange superpower infection.

7: Episode Seven - Aired: 2011-12-11

The gang battles an army of zombie cheerleaders when Seth resurrects his dead girlfriend.

8: Episode Eight - Aired: 2011-12-18

A fake medium brings some dangerous deceased faces from the past back to life.

Series 4 (8 Episodes)

1: Episode One - Aired: 2012-10-28

New members Finn and Jess are zipping up for their first day of community service, but things get strange when a man stumbles in with a briefcase.

2: Episode Two - Aired: 2012-11-04

Finn isn't quite as innocent as he looks when a dark secret he's been hiding at home is revealed.

3: Episode Three - Aired: 2012-11-11

Rudy and his downbeat doppelganger are forced to unite as they have to confront a long-forgotten face from their shared past.

4: Episode Four - Aired: 2012-11-18

Curtis learns his girlfriend is not the person she claimed to be. As he investigates further, he's forced to use his powers to revive a dead person.

5: Episode Five - Aired: 2012-11-25

Finn tracks down his real dad and learns the man is dying. Finn's half-sister may know more about their father's illness than she's letting on.

6: Episode Six - Aired: 2012-12-02

The gang goes to a party where they are stalked by a mysterious killer rabbit. While tracking it down, Rudy falls head over heels for the first time.

7: Episode Seven - Aired: 2012-12-09

Alex sets off on a mission to try to recover what's missing in his life, but Jess is worried about the extreme lengths he might go to.

8: Episode Eight - Aired: 2012-12-16

Rudy's passion for Nadine is put to the test when he tries to persuade her that they have a future together.

Series 5 (8 Episodes)

1: Episode One - Aired: 2013-10-23

The gang discovers a superpower support group and a group of Devil-worshipping scouts.

2: Episode Two - Aired: 2013-10-30

Rudy sees his father with another woman. Jess helps Rudy investigate his dad and uncovers an even deeper secret.

3: Episode Three - Aired: 2013-11-06

Sam, the mysterious flying boy from the future jumper, saves Dark Rudy from a mugger.

4: Episode Four - Aired: 2013-11-13

The gang encounter Helen, an electrician who has a power that may explain the predictions of the mysterious knitted jumper.

5: Episode Five - Aired: 2013-11-20

To help him get over Jess, Rudy takes Finn to the superpower support group, where a girl becomes infatuated with him.

6: Episode Six - Aired: 2013-11-27

The gang realizes a terminally ill patient seems intent on cheating death, while Dark Rudy gets closer to finding the remaining hero on the jumper.

7: Episode Seven - Aired: 2013-12-04

As the first anniversary of the storm approaches, the gang tries to celebrate. Alex discovers an unexpected side effect of his power.

8: Episode Eight - Aired: 2013-12-11

The gang's community service is over and they are forced to face the future, while Dark Rudy finds that his new group isn't quite what he expected.