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First Air Date: October 11th, 2011
Last Air Date: May 20th, 2021
Created By: Jack Burditt
Star Casts: Tim Allen, Nancy Travis, Hector Elizondo, Christoph Sanders, Amanda Fuller, Jordan Masterson, Molly McCook
Aired On: ABC, FOX
Episode Runtime: 21 minutes
Total Seasons: 9 Seasons
Total Episodes: 194 Episodes
Type: Scripted
Status: Ended
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Last Man Standing

A married father of three tries to maintain his manliness in a world increasingly dominated by women.

Seasons and Episodes

Specials (1 Episode)

1: S01 Sneak Peek - Aired: 2011-09-08

No overview available.

Season 1 (24 Episodes)

1: Pilot - Aired: 2011-10-11

Mike plays Cupid for Mandy by setting her up on a blind-date with Kyle, one of his employees who he thinks would be the perfect guy for her. But Mike's set-up gets off track when Kyle accidentally meets Kristin. Meanwhile at work, Mike's long-time boss and friend, Ed, announces that he's grounding Mike from their catalogue's international photo shoots and putting him in charge of the company's webpage. In this new role, Mike discovers that the Internet might actually provide him just the outlet he needs, a platform that gives him a voice to appeal to those who agree that manliness is under assault, and a pulpit for his opinions about feeling like the last real man in a woman's world.

2: Last Baby Proofing Standing - Aired: 2011-10-11

Mike is outnumbered by his wife and daughters when they all agree that baby proofing the house is a good idea. But soon Vanessa has second thoughts when she finds herself home by herself babysitting Boyd and can't release the toilet seat's complicated childproof latch. Meanwhile, Mike thinks it's time for Mandy to earn her own money and gets her a job delivering pizzas -- without first consulting Vanessa.

3: Grandparents Day - Aired: 2011-10-18

When Vanessa forces a reluctant Mike to attend Grandparents Day at their grandson Boyd's preschool, Mike manages to insult the daycare teacher and Boyd gets kicked out of school. Boyd's mom, Kristin, tells Mike that he now has to look after him, so Mike takes the two-year-old to work with him. Meanwhile, after an elderly looking grandmother at the Grandparents Day event thinks she and Vanessa are the same age, Vanessa goes out of her way to look more youthful hoping no one sees her buying clothes from a boutique her 17 year old daughter.

4: Last Halloween Standing - Aired: 2011-10-25

Mike feels let down when his daughters aren't into celebrating Halloween with him the way they used to. He decides that his two-year-old grandson, Boyd, can be his perfect trick or treat partner. But Kristin, Boyd's mother, adamantly tells him that she doesn't want her son to go out on Halloween. Mike sneaks him out -- with a plan to get the child home before Kristin gets back from work. When Mike, dressed as John Wayne from "The Green Berets," gets to Ed's house with Boyd, they are greeted at the door by Ed's lady friend, Elvira.

5: Co-Ed Softball - Aired: 2011-11-01

The Outdoor Man's softball team holds a vote to decide if they will go coed; Kristin thinks about her own future as she helps Mandy fill out college applications.

6: Good Cop, Bad Cop - Aired: 2011-11-08

Vanessa asks Mike to be the one who says "no" to Mandy when she wants to try out for a modeling show, since he usually says "yes" to his daughters for everything.

7: Home Security - Aired: 2011-11-15

After a neighbor's home is broken into, Vanessa puts together a neighborhood watch program; Mike finds himself in trouble after getting caught up in some gossip.

8: House Rules - Aired: 2011-11-22

Mike establishes new, strict house rules after Kyle accidentally falls asleep in Kristin's room.

9: Guess Who's Coming to Dinner - Aired: 2011-11-29

Mike is surprised to learn he shares similar interests with a new neighbor; Mandy plots revenge after catching her boyfriend in a lie.

10: Last Christmas Standing - Aired: 2011-12-06

Mike's Christmas spirit gets dampened when Ryan, the father of Kristen's baby, unexpectedly comes back to town after a long absence. Meanwhile, Ed hires Mandy as an elf at Outdoor Man, where she tries to unionize the other elves to get better perks.

11: The Passion of the Mandy - Aired: 2011-12-13

Mike, amazed that Mandy might finally have found a passion for something, takes her under his wing at work when she offers to start an Internet campaign to keep Ed's favorite barber shop hangout from closing. Also, an exhausted Vanessa insists that she can still take care of the household despite her hectic work schedule, until she falls asleep during her own business presentation.

12: Moon Over Kenya - Aired: 2012-01-03

A visit from a rising star on the professional fishing circuit leaves Vanessa wondering if Mike feels tied down; Eve and Kristin assume Mandy's decision to become a vegan is a passing phase.

13: Take Your Daughter to Work - Aired: 2012-01-10

Mike is taken aback when he finds out that Ed, who has been an absentee dad, has hired his daughter, Gabriella, to replace him as the new marketing consultant of Outdoor Man. When Ed agrees with Mike that her youth-oriented proposals to re-brand the retail stores aren't the way to go, she plays the Daddy card for all its worth. Also, Mike and Eve bring home a stray dog that Mandy thinks she's allergic to.

14: Odd Couple Out - Aired: 2012-01-17

Vanessa blames Mike when she finds out they were not invited to a neighbor's party; Eve accidentally damages Mandy's car.

15: House of Spirits - Aired: 2012-02-07

When a history of Mike and Vanessa's house reveals a previous occupant died there, the family starts blaming things on a ghost; Ed keeps borrowing money from Kyle because he doesn't carry cash.

16: Tree of Strife - Aired: 2012-02-07

Mandy gets to meet Kim Kardashian; when the city orders Mike to cut down a tree on his property, he decides to organize a protest.

17: Adrenaline - Aired: 2012-02-14

When Mike gets NASCAR driver Tony Stewart and his racecar in the store, he realizes how much he misses the adrenaline rush he used to get from his adventures on the road; Vanessa thinks about how she used to take more chances before she was a mom.

18: Baxter & Sons - Aired: 2012-02-21

When Mike's younger brother and father visit, a sibling rivalry ensues; Eve, Mandy and Kristin try to help Bud find a girlfriend.

19: Ding Dong Ditch - Aired: 2012-02-28

A teenage prankster gets hurt on the Baxter's property, and the Baxters get a bill for his injuries. Meanwhile, Kristin's busy schedule gets more challenging when she begins taking college courses.

20: Animal Wrongs - Aired: 2012-03-20

Mandy worries when Mike doesn't like her new boyfriend, Terrence, who is an animal rights activist. Kyle discovers that Ed is Basque, like him.

21: Wherefore Art Thou, Mike Baxter - Aired: 2012-04-10

Ed and Mike second-guess their decision to have Kyle on their team in an annual sports competition. Vanessa is caught saying she doesn't want to attend Eve's soccer game and Mandy's school play.

22: This Bud's for You - Aired: 2012-04-17

When Mike's dad, Bud, moves to town to be the builder on the new Outdoor Man store, Vanessa is concerned that some of Bud's well-intentioned ways might elevate Mike's high blood pressure.

23: The Spotlight - Aired: 2012-05-01

When Mike realizes he unintentionally upstaged Vanessa's announcement about being nominated as the top volunteer school parent, his efforts to make it up to her might cause more harm than good. Meanwhile, Eve is afraid she won't fit in at high school; and Ed wants to release an Outdoor Man action figure inspired by Mike.

24: Found Money - Aired: 2012-05-08

When Vanessa's sweet but flighty sister, April, comes to visit, Mike knows she's only coming to ask for yet another loan. Mike would rather use any extra money they have to buy a tank so that he and Ed can take it to a junkyard to run over old cars and boats. Meanwhile, when Kristen and Kyle decide to break up, Kyle is more concerned with what Mike will think.

Season 2 (18 Episodes)

1: Voting - Aired: 2012-11-02

Mike tries to convince Mandy to vote for Romney, but Obama supporters Kristin and Ryan disagree with his methods.

2: Dodgeball Club - Aired: 2012-11-09

Mike secretly forms an afterschool dodgeball club for the neighborhood kids in hope of building character in Boyd.

3: High Expectations - Aired: 2012-11-16

A car in the neighborhood is egged; when Mike and Vanessa won't let Eve quit soccer, Eve acts out by getting drunk at a party.

4: Ed's Twice Ex-Wife - Aired: 2012-11-23

Ed wants to get back together with his ex-wife, Wanda, even though they have gotten divorced twice; Kristin is apprehensive about getting Mandy a job at the diner.

5: Mother Fracker - Aired: 2012-11-30

When Vanessa gives a presentation about her job at an oil company during career day at Eve's school, Eve and her classmates think Vanessa is destroying the planet.

6: Circle of Life - Aired: 2012-12-07

After Mike brings home a duck he shot for dinner, he is forced to try to explain the circle of life to Boyd.

7: Putting a Hit on Christmas - Aired: 2012-12-14

Mike decides to give Vanessa a family-free holiday for Christmas; Ed accidentally shoots a bald eagle.

8: Bullying - Aired: 2013-01-04

Eve is suspended for name-calling; after Ryan gets a job, he buys a motorcycle.

9: Attractive Architect - Aired: 2013-01-11

Outdoor Man's longtime architect, Bill McKenzie (Richard Karn), faces professional competition from a young, attractive woman; Vanessa wonders if her recent promotion was based on looks or talent.

10: The Help - Aired: 2013-01-18

When Vanessa hires a new housekeeper, the topic of immigration comes up, leading to Ed checking the green cards of Outdoor Man employees; Kristin finds a new way to make money.

11: Mike's Pole - Aired: 2013-02-01

When Eve is inspired by her father's patriotism and decides to join the Junior ROTC, Vanessa is concerned.

12: Quarterback Boyfriend - Aired: 2013-02-08

Mike is so impressed with Mandy's new boyfriend that he offers him a job; Kristin navigates her relationship with Ryan.

13: What's in a Name? - Aired: 2013-02-15

Mike discovers that Boyd is no longer using the Baxter name; Kristin, Mandy and Eve make a Valentine's Day music video.

14: Buffalo Bill Day - Aired: 2013-02-22

The Outdoor Man puts on a skit based on a Wild West Show starring Ed and Eve and directed by Mike; Mandy tries flirting with an oblivious Kyle.

15: Breaking Curfew - Aired: 2013-03-01

Mike wages psychological warfare after he catches Mandy sneaking into the house late at night; Kristin tries to hide her new romance from Boyd.

16: Private Coach - Aired: 2013-03-08

When Mike hires a private soccer coach in hope of helping Eve land a scholarship, the ladies of the Baxter household are charmed by the young man.

17: The Fight - Aired: 2013-03-15

Ryan winds up impressing Mike; after Mandy fails history and her laptop and cell phone are taken away, she starts using Mike's old ham radio.

18: College Girl - Aired: 2013-03-22

After Mandy is accepted by two colleges, Kristin decides to re-evaluate her life; during a date with Ryan, Kristin runs into Jon (Jonathan Taylor Thomas), a former co-worker from the diner, who now owns a hip restaurant.

Season 3 (22 Episodes)

1: Back to School - Aired: 2013-09-20

Mike learns that Kyle's new-found interest in philosophy is distracting him from his work; Mike worries about Boyd attending a bilingual school.

2: Driving Lessons - Aired: 2013-09-27

Despite having a good time teaching Eve how to drive, Mike thinks Vanessa should take over so she and Eve can bond; Mandy is annoyed by Mike's endless requests for Kyle to do work around the house.

3: Pledging - Aired: 2013-10-04

Vanessa encourages Mandy to enjoy college life and join a sorority; Ed goes under cover to investigate productivity on The Outdoor Man loading dock.

4: Ryan v. John Baker - Aired: 2013-10-11

Kristin finds herself comparing her boyfriend to John Baker (Jonathan Taylor Thomas), the ambitious owner of the restaurant she manages; as part of Eve's sniper/hunter training, she and Mike try to catch each other unaware.

5: Haunted House - Aired: 2013-10-18

Boyd finds Vanessa's ideas for the Halloween haunted house too scary.

6: Larabee for School Board - Aired: 2013-11-01

When Mike is reluctant to support a neighbor in her bid for the school board, he comes under suspicion when campaign signs start disappearing; Eve gets mixed messages when Kristin and Many give her advice on romance.

7: Shoveling Snow - Aired: 2013-11-08

When Eve's neighbor beats her to starting her annual snow shoveling business, Mike gives her a lesson on capitalism and the free market.

8: Vanessa Fixes Kyle - Aired: 2013-11-15

Vanessa feels guilty after encouraging Mandy to end things with Kyle, so she decides to try to make things right.

9: Thanksgiving - Aired: 2013-11-22

On Thanksgiving, Mike's dad (Robert Forster) announces plans to open a recreational marijuana store; Mike worries what message his dad's business venture will send to the family.

10: Spanking - Aired: 2013-12-06

When Bud gives Boyd a spanking, he's surprised to learn Mike disagrees with his style of discipline; Kyle thinks Mandy's gift of a porkpie hat is an effort to brand him.

11: Elfie - Aired: 2013-12-13

Mandy arranges a holiday surprise for the family's housekeeper; Vanessa gives Boyd an elf doll and tells him it's magical.

12: All About Eve - Aired: 2014-01-10

Vanessa worries Eve will become an outcast after she posts one of Mike's vlogs on her Facebook page; the Baxters have a run-in with the law.

13: Breaking Boyd - Aired: 2014-01-17

Mike and Ryan vehemently disagree when a school counselor suggests that Boyd start ADHD medication; Mandy tries to get good grades.

14: Renaming Boyd's School - Aired: 2014-01-24

Boyd's school considers a change after his research on its namesake causes outrage; Mandy relies on Blanca's expertise while working on a class project.

15: Tasers - Aired: 2014-01-31

Speculation begins when a bouquet of roses is delivered anonymously to the Baxter household; Vanessa is disappointed with the gift she receives from Mike.

16: Stud Muffin - Aired: 2014-02-28

The Baxters' neighbor tells them that their dog impregnated his German shepard; Eve leaves a note on the parked car Mandy hit.

17: Eve's Boyfriend - Aired: 2014-03-07

Eve refuses to talk about her new boyfriend; Kristin and Mandy are concerned when they think Eve and her boyfriend will both be going on the same junior ROTC overnight camping trip.

18: Project Mandy - Aired: 2014-03-28

After Mandy shows off her clothing designs at a student fashion show, she announces her plan to quit school and start her career.

19: Hard-Ass Teacher - Aired: 2014-04-04

Eve tries to avoid a class with a tough teacher so she can get straight A's and go to college at West Point.

20: Parenting Bud - Aired: 2014-04-11

When Bud gets jumped while unloading his truck, Mike tries to suggest ways for him to protect himself; Vanessa talks to the girls about caring for her and Mike in their old age.

21: April, Come She Will - Aired: 2014-04-18

Vanessa's visiting sister needs money for a donor egg so she can have a baby; Mike tries to pull a prank on Chuck Larabee.

22: Mutton Busting - Aired: 2014-04-25

Ryan convinces Kristin to let Boyd participate in the mutton busting competition; Eve's boyfriend tells her he doesn't want her wearing her JROTC uniform to the prom.

Season 4 (22 Episodes)

1: Here's the Kicker - Aired: 2014-10-03

Vanessa is concerned for Eve's safety when she is asked to be the high school's first female kicker; Eve wonders if Justin is jealous of her achievement.

2: War Games - Aired: 2014-10-03

Boyd gets in trouble for starting a game of war at a birthday party; Vanessa turns to Mandy for fashion advice.

3: Rediscover America - Aired: 2014-10-10

Ed's girlfriend impacts Mike and Ed's longtime friendship; now that Eve is the high school foorball team's kicker, she starts feeling the pressure.

4: Sinkhole - Aired: 2014-10-17

After having a close call with a sinkhole on the interstate, Boyd becomes scared to leave the house; Mike and Ryan disagree over how to ease Boyd's anxiety.

5: School Merger - Aired: 2014-10-24

Chuck and Mike debate the merits of an inner city school merging with a high school in an upscale neighborhood; Boyd's Halloween costume -- a lump of coal -- reminds Vanessa of her job's potential impact on the environment.

6: Mike Advises Mandy - Aired: 2014-10-31

Mike gives Mandy advice on how to set aside money for paying taxes, but she decides to do things her own way.

7: Big Shots - Aired: 2014-11-07

Mike finds himself in the middle between Kristin and Ryan when it’s discovered that Boyd was never vaccinated for chicken pox. Meanwhile, Mandy refuses to believe that Kyle let Eve beat him in a shooting gallery game.

8: Risky Behavior - Aired: 2014-11-14

Kyle's safety is put in jeopardy when he gets into an accident, Mind is worried. Ed makes an unexpected announcement. Eve has a game with her high school football team.

9: Changing Light Bulbs - Aired: 2014-11-21

Mike discovers that Vanessa has given away his last light bulb. He and Chuck go looking for more. Mandy wants to move to an apartment, but leaves out an important piece of information.

10: Outdoor Man Grill - Aired: 2014-12-05

Mike tries to fulfill a dream of opening a restaurant and Eve and Mandy go hunting.

11: Wedding Planning - Aired: 2014-12-12

Mike gives Kristin and Ryan some money to put toward their wedding.

12: Helen Potts - Aired: 2015-01-09

Mike has a confrontation with his neighbor over her noisy projects; Eve learns Ed isn't who she thought he was.

13: Mike Hires Chuck - Aired: 2015-01-16

After an Outdoor Man billboard is vandalized, Mike and Vanessa disagree about hiring Chuck's security company to protect it.

14: Eve's Breakup - Aired: 2015-01-30

Everybody believes that they know best how Eve should deal with her feeling after her first high school breakup.

15: Big Brother - Aired: 2015-02-06

Mike feels that the security cameras in the local neighborhood are ruining his family's privacy.

16: Three Sundays - Aired: 2015-02-20

Mike realizes how important it is for Ryan and Kyle to have a father figure.

17: Kyle's Friend - Aired: 2015-02-27

Mike uses his vlog to find a homeless man who has vanished. Mandy tries to helps a young mother.

18: Mandy's Party - Aired: 2015-03-13

When Mike and Vanessa return home early they discover that Mandy was planning a party.

19: Summer Internship - Aired: 2015-03-20

Mandy manages to secure her dream internship with a top fashion designer in New York but then decides not to take the position.

20: Restaurant Opening - Aired: 2015-04-03

At the grand opening of The Outdoor Man Grill, things get tense when restaurant manager Kristin feels like co-owner Ed is undermining her ability to run the place. Meanwhile, Eve distances herself from a childhood girlfriend who seems to have a crush on her.

21: Vanessa Fixes Up Eve - Aired: 2015-04-10

Vanessa plays matchmaker for Eve and sets her up with one of her students - not realizing Eve may already be going out with someone else. Meanwhile, Mike and Chuck suspect Eve is secretly dating Chuck's son, Brandon.

22: Daddy Dearest - Aired: 2015-04-17

When Mike and Ed take Ryan and his supposedly-ailing dad, Victor, on their hunting trip, Victor admits he wasn't truthful about his reasons for finally coming to see Ryan. Meanwhile, Vanessa scrambles to get more family members to attend Ryan and Kristin's wedding.

Season 5 (22 Episodes)

1: The Wolf Returns - Aired: 2015-09-25

Mike has returned from being on a fantastic two-month road trip traveling to far-flung places for Outdoor Man. It's great to be back with his wife, Vanessa, and their three daughters, but finds a lot has been going on at home as well as on the job since he's been away. To top it all off, a tornado is headed toward the Outdoor Man store and the Baxter home.

2: Free Range Parents - Aired: 2015-10-02

Amidst the mass chaos of picking up Ryan from school, Mike asks a reluctant Ryan to let Boyd walk home unsupervised. Meanwhile, Ed and Kyle hold a "Doomsday Preppers" meeting, and Eve and Mandy try to keep a secret from Vanessa.

3: Ping–pong - Aired: 2015-10-09

Vanessa tries to educate Eve on why she should be more on board with having a woman president. Meanwhile, after Ed mentions to Mike that he hasn't seen his own daughter for years, Mike and Mandy try to figure out what they have in common.

4: Educating Boyd - Aired: 2015-10-16

When Mike blames the public school system for suspending his grandson Boyd from public school, he tells Ryan they should start looking at private schools. Meanwhile, Kristin and Kyle try to capture a raccoon loose in the Outdoor Man restaurant, and Mandy doesn't want Eve to take photos of her for a class assignment.

5: The Road Less Driven - Aired: 2015-10-23

When Vanessa and the girls surprise Mike with a 1967 Impala for his birthday, he's excited to have alone time in the garage with the car. But when the car's original owner, Joe, keeps showing up with spare parts and unwanted advice, Mike drops some not-so-subtle hints that he can do without Joe's help. Meanwhile, Mandy is mad when Vanessa allows Eve to go to a music festival - when she was never allowed to when she was growing up.

6: Halloween - Aired: 2015-10-30

On Halloween, Mike and Chuck decide to spend the evening watching football instead of passing out candy with their wives. But when Vanessa and Carol start pranking them, the competition is on to see who can out-prank who. Kyle dresses up like his hero, Ed, but Ed has a surprising response to Kyle's imitation of him.

7: The Dad Hat - Aired: 2015-11-06

Kristin is surprised that Mike is treating her more like a dad than her boss when she tells him she wants to oversee the opening of the next Outdoor Man Grill restaurant. Meanwhile, Mandy and Kyle hope Ed will want their help in rekindling his relationship with his ex-girlfriend, Wendi.

8: The Big Sleepover - Aired: 2015-11-13

When Eve tells the family her annoying best friend Cammy needs to move in with them, Mike springs into action to find a way to hand Cammy off on someone else, namely the Larabees. Meanwhile, Kristin asks Mandy to design the new uniforms for the Outdoor Man Grill, but they clash over Mandy's creative process.

9: The Gratitude List - Aired: 2015-11-20

Although Vanessa is disappointed it will only be her, Mike and Eve at the Baxter Thanksgiving table, she's more let down when Eve bypasses one of their holiday traditions and calls it "goofy." Meanwhile, Kristin finds out Mandy is lying to their parents about where she and Kyle will be spending Thanksgiving dinner.

10: The Puck Stops Here - Aired: 2015-12-04

When Boyd's hockey team needs a new coach, Mike surprises everyone when he recommends Ryan for the job since he was an all-star hockey player in high school. Meanwhile, Vanessa doesn't understand why ideal student Eve is failing in chemistry.

11: Gift of the Wise Man - Aired: 2015-12-11

Mike, annoyed at how far his family has moved away from the true spirit of Christmas, tells them he doesn’t want any physical gifts this year. Instead, he just wants each of them to perform a “good deed” for him. Meanwhile, Chuck is nominated to be Outdoor Man’s in-store Santa for the season.

12: Polar Run - Aired: 2016-01-08

When Mike and Vanessa need a sure winner on their annual college alumnae 5k race teams, they go to extreme measures to see who will win over Eve. Meanwhile, Kristin senses work might get tricky when Ed hires his girlfriend, Wendi, to be the new hostess at The Outdoor Man Grill.

13: Mike and the Mechanics - Aired: 2016-01-15

To snap Eve out of her funk of not getting into West Point Academy, Mike hopes that taking her to Outdoor Man will show her different career options. But both Mike and Vanessa are taken aback by the unexpected influence that car mechanic Joe has on her. Meanwhile, Mandy makes Kristin feel like they no longer have anything in common.

14: The Ring - Aired: 2016-01-29

When Ed secretly gives Kyle a task involving an engagement ring, Mike thinks Kyle is going to propose to Mandy.

15: Home Sweet Loan - Aired: 2016-02-05

Mike has convinced Kristin and Ryan to buy a home instead of renting an apartment. But when he finds the ideal place for them, Ryan surprises everyone with a change of heart and backs out of the idea. Meanwhile, Mandy doesn't want Eve in the basement, which doubles as her work space, but Kyle defends her right to be there.

16: Eve's Band - Aired: 2016-02-19

Mike tries to break up Eve's new band, but his plan doesn't turn out as he expected; Mandy and Kyle baby-sit Boyd.

17: Tanks for the Memories - Aired: 2016-02-26

Mike is anxious to buy the miniature tank collection once belonging to the late husband of his neighbor, Helen Potts. But when he discovers Helen already sold the collection, he goes to extremes to make the collection his own. Meanwhile, Kristin and Ed are concerned when a mysterious "Bubba X" posts a scathing review about their dining experience at the Outdoor Man Restaurant.

18: He Shed She Shed - Aired: 2016-03-11

Mike thinks Vanessa is using too much of his space at home to do her work, so he builds her a detached shed he calls a "she shed," in their yard. Meanwhile, Kyle has to cope when Kristin is unexpectedly named Employee of the Month at the Outdoor Man.

19: Outdoor Woman - Aired: 2016-03-18

Mike's ex-girlfriend, a famous rock climber, wants him to go on a trip with her to promote her line of climbing gear; Kristen and Ryan part with their old possessions.

20: Tattoo - Aired: 2016-04-08

Vanessa hopes getting a tattoo will help her become closer to her daughters; Kyle gives Ryan camping lessons.

21: The Marriage Doctor - Aired: 2016-04-15

When Mike finds out future son-in-law Kyle fears meeting with the church's new minister, Mike tells Kyle to use him and Vanessa as a strong marriage example. But a recent argument ends up sending them to the minister instead. Meanwhile, Ryan helps Eve with her assignment to debate from the opposite side of her politically conservative beliefs.

22: The Shortcut - Aired: 2016-04-22

In honor of Mike's 25 years at The Outdoor Man, Ed plans a surprise dinner for him and asks Joe and Chuck to come up with the after-dinner speech. Also, Mandy decides that in order for her and Kyle to save money, they should move in with her parents after they're married

Season 6 (22 Episodes)

1: Papa Bear - Aired: 2016-09-23

A bear wanders into Outdoor Man after Kyle leaves a door open on the loading docks. Meanwhile, Kristin's extra efforts at work leave Ryan feeling neglected at home.

2: Gameday Forecast: Showers - Aired: 2016-09-30

A wedding shower is planned for Mandy and Kyle, but it falls on the same day as a big football game. Mike then persuades them to have two separate showers, but the men's shower gets out of hand thanks to Ryan; and Ed's superstitions become a problem.

3: Where There's Smoke, There's Ire - Aired: 2016-10-07

Mandy takes up vaping, much to her parents' chagrin, but it also stirs up fond memories for Vanessa. Meanwhile, Ryan and Kristin stumble upon a hidden safe in their home; and Vanessa and Sheryl worry about an impending teachers' strike.

4: Boyd Will Be Boyd - Aired: 2016-10-14

Boyd turns 10 and Mike wants to buy him a shotgun and take him hunting as part of a family tradition, but Ryan is vehemently opposed to this. Meanwhile, Vanessa tries to persuade Kyle to have a mother-son dance with her at his wedding.

5: Trick or Treat - Aired: 2016-10-21

The Baxters throw a Halloween party and Mike must select the theme, so he makes family members dress up like each other while he dons a Donald Trump costume.

6: A New Place for One of Our People - Aired: 2016-11-04

Eve receives a tough lesson about life in the real world from Mike, who's struggling to be supportive of her gap year. Elsewhere, Kyle tries to get a great wedding present for Mandy by bartering.

7: Bridezilla vs. The Baxters - Aired: 2016-11-11

Mandy becomes intolerable as her wedding day nears, and she fires her wedding planner. Before long, a fed-up Ed drops out of the wedding party, leaving Mandy to find a new best man for Kyle.

8: My Father the Car - Aired: 2016-11-18

Mike covets Chuck's car, which Chuck just inherited from his late father, but Joe also wants to buy the vehicle. Meanwhile, Vanessa is honest about how much she dislikes Kyle's Thanksgiving family heirloom; and Ryan has some new house rules for Eve.

9: Precious Snowflakes - Aired: 2016-12-02

Mike gets to deliver a speech for a graduation ceremony at Mandy's business school, but he must adhere to a politically correct tone. Meanwhile, Cammy comes home and brags about her great college experience, which leaves Eve feeling lousy.

10: Help Wanted - Aired: 2016-12-09

Vanessa can't find a job, so she hovers over her family and tests their patience, prompting Mike to find a way to get her to resume doing the work she loves. Meanwhile, Ryan and Kyle get competitive with their zombie knowledge.

11: My Name Is Rob - Aired: 2016-12-16

The Baxters meet Rob, Eve's new boyfriend, at Christmas dinner, and Mike's unsure if he approves of him. Meanwhile, Mandy persuades Kristin to drop hints to Kyle about what he should get his wife for Christmas.

12: Three Sisters - Aired: 2017-01-06

Eve asks for money from her parents and they turn her down, but Kristin fulfills her request, which annoys Mike. This leads to a tense dinner at the Baxter home in which the three Baxter siblings have a fight. Meanwhile, Kyle and Ed's bond intensifies.

13: Explorers - Aired: 2017-01-13

A museum seeks an artifact donation from Mike, but Ed feels left out because he's wanted this honor. Meanwhile, Mike and his poker pals bond during colonoscopy prep; and the Baxter gals get nostalgic and have a slumber party, which Vanessa crashes.

14: A House Divided - Aired: 2017-01-20

When Mike and Vanessa ask newlyweds Mandy and Kyle to tone down their constant displays of affection, Mandy agrees but only if her parents become more discreet in the way they express their feelings to each other. Meanwhile, Kristen gets Eve a gig playing at the Grill, but Ed wants to fire her after a lackluster performance.

15: The Fixer - Aired: 2017-01-27

Mike hopes to get brothers-in-law Ryan and Kyle to learn how to fix things around the house by pitting them against one another. Meanwhile, Eve is caught off-guard when her boyfriend tells her that he loves her.

16: The Force - Aired: 2017-02-03

Mike and Vanessa pressure Eve to apply to college, and the school she finally chooses puzzles them. Meanwhile, Kyle and Mandy try to preserve the memory of Ed's recently deceased dog by having the animal stuffed.

17: The Friending Library - Aired: 2017-02-17

The winner of the "Meet Outdoor Man" contest thinks Mike's video log contains secret messages; Vanessa starts a lending library to meet people in her neighborhood; Chuck adjusts to his new life after his wife takes a job in Los Angeles.

18: Take Me to Church - Aired: 2017-02-24

After becoming worried that their daughters don't attend church anymore, Mike and Vanessa take it upon themselves to make church more interesting; Ryan has Kyle as a guest on his podcast, but the two don't expect their wives to hear the conversation.

19: House of Tutor - Aired: 2017-03-10

After Mike encourages Vanessa to branch out her tutoring business, she takes his advice but gets frustrated when he gets a little too involved. Meanwhile, Kyle is determined to be like the other Baxter's and become a high-powered entrepreneur.

20: Heavy Meddle - Aired: 2017-03-17

Eve doesn't get invited to an anniversary party for Rob's parents, and Mike and Vanessa give Eve conflicting advice on how to deal with this. Elsewhere, Kristin and Ryan think an escape-room challenge is too perplexing for Mandy and Kyle.

21: Bad Heir Day - Aired: 2017-03-24

Mike and Vanessa think it's time for Mandy and Kyle to move out, but then Mike has second thoughts after Chuck relays some unexpected news about Kyle's absentee mom. Meanwhile, Eve tells Ryan that Boyd is making up stories about his dad's real job.

22: Shadowboxing - Aired: 2017-03-31

Mandy job shadows Mike and causes a dispute between Chuck and Joe, but her conflict-resolution skills differ from Mike's. Meanwhile, Kristen and Eve invite Vanessa to their kickboxing class so she can blow off some steam.

Season 7 (22 Episodes)

1: Welcome Baxter - Aired: 2018-09-28

Mike and Vanessa eagerly await Eve's return from the Air Force Academy; Ryan's anxiety about current events leads to a shocking announcement.

2: Man vs. Myth - Aired: 2018-10-05

Having avoided expressing any sort of emotion after his dad died, Mike finally has the heart-to-heart with Bud that he never had while he was alive. Meanwhile, Kristin proposes a new business venture, and Mandy gives Kyle a makeover to fit his new corporate job.

3: Giving Mike the Business - Aired: 2018-10-12

Under the threat of corporate takeover, Mike and Ed disagree on the direction of Outdoor Man's future. Meanwhile, Vanessa is elated when she thinks Mandy and Kyle are trying to have a baby.

4: Bride of Prankenstein - Aired: 2018-10-19

Mike and Chuck find the perfect target for a prank while working late to set up a security system at the store on Halloween; Mandy, Kyle, Kristen and Ryan hold a séance.

5: One Flew Into the Empty Nest - Aired: 2018-11-02

When Vanessa wants to board a foreign exchange student, Mike must work overtime to impress her father; Kristen and Ryan try to remain cool when Boyd invites a girl over.

6: The Courtship of Vanessa's Mother - Aired: 2018-11-09

Vanessa's mother comes to visit and hits it off with Ed; Mandy and Kyle tutor Boyd, but they may be the ones getting outsmarted.

7: Dreams vs. Realty - Aired: 2018-11-16

Mandy nearly gives up on her dream of becoming a fashion designer when she is faced with rejection; Vanessa looks back at her own career path, which stirs up regrets; Mike steps in to help the women in his family realize their dreams.

8: HR's Rough n' Stuff - Aired: 2018-12-07

Kyle's first day in Outdoor Man HR is more than he bargained for when Chuck and Joe file a complaint against Mike. Meanwhile, Ryan finds himself in the doghouse when he, Kristen and Boyd take care of a neighbor's puppy.

9: The Gift of the Mike Guy - Aired: 2018-12-14

Mike finds getting Ed a special Christmas present is easier said than done..for the man who has everything. Meanwhile, Eve returns to visit and Vanessa helps the family realize the importance of their long-standing holiday family traditions.

10: Three for the Road - Aired: 2019-01-04

When Mike offers to take Boyd on a fishing trip, Ryan objects, as his plans interfere with an existing trip he made with his son. Boyd insists the three take a trip together, forcing Mike and Ryan to get along. Meanwhile Mandy and Kyle play detectives when they suspect Ed was involved in a long-ago hugging.

11: Common Ground - Aired: 2019-01-11

Mike struggles to find common ground with the new foreign exchange student, fearing she is being too polite with him; Kyle and Chuck mess with Ed's ancestry results.

12: Cabin Pressure - Aired: 2019-02-01

Mike and Vanessa take the girls to the family cabin, where Mike challenges them to literally unplug for the weekend and stay off their phones. Meanwhile, for a school assignment, Jen shadows Kyle at work

13: The Best Man - Aired: 2019-02-15

When Chuck and Carol decide to renew their vows, Mike plans to take his officiating to the next level.

14: Sibling Quibbling - Aired: 2019-02-15

With Chuck away on his honeymoon, Ed takes over Outdoor Man security duties with a new approach. Meanwhile, Mandy and Kyle combine their finances and things go less than smoothly.

15: Arrest Her Development - Aired: 2019-02-22

Vanessa "helps" Mandy and Kyle look for their first apartment. Meanwhile, Mike is thrilled when Ryan's good business decisions have him unknowingly embracing capitalism.

16: Urban Exploring - Aired: 2019-03-01

As Boyd's sense of adventure grows, Mike and Kristen have a different opinions on how much space they should give him. When Mandy and Kyle move into their apartment, they find Ryan isn't a "fun" landlord.

17: Cards on the Table - Aired: 2019-03-08

Mike begrudgingly invites Ryan to his weekly poker game, but immediately regrets it when Ryan gets the guys to open up about their feelings.

18: Otherwise Engaged - Aired: 2019-03-15

When Ed and Bonnie start spending more time together, Vanessa doesn't want Mike to interfere with their relationship. So of course, he does. Meanwhile, Mandy and Kyle eavesdrop on Kristin and Ryan through their new home security system.

19: The Passion of Paul - Aired: 2019-03-22

When Reverend Paul calls on Mike to teach Sunday School, Mike calls on Kyle to take his place. Meanwhile, Eve fears Mandy and Kristin are taking advantage of Jen at home.

20: Yass Queen - Aired: 2019-04-19

In an effort to help get her clothing line off the ground and into stores, Mike invites Mandy to sit in on a business meeting with an aggressive sales rep. Meanwhile, Ed hires Kyle to transcribe his life story.

21: The Favourite - Aired: 2019-05-03

Mike and Chuck get their game on when Ed has a pinball machine installed in the office. Meanwhile, Kristen and Mandy become jealous of a poem Vanessa wrote for Jen.

22: A Moving Finale - Aired: 2019-05-10

When Mandy and Kyle are hesitant to move out of the Baxter household and into their own place, Mike gives them some tough love. Meanwhile Ed and Chuck try to avoid contributing to Boyd's theater fundraiser.

Season 8 (21 Episodes)

1: No Parental Guidance - Aired: 2020-01-02

Mike helps Vanessa deal with empty nest syndrome. Meanwhile, Kristin announces her pregnancy to the family and unknowingly upsets Mandy in the process.

2: Wrench In The Works - Aired: 2020-01-02

Mike and Chuck's plans to open a classic car renovation service crash when Joe is invited to join in. Also, Vanessa realizes that Mandy is tricking Kyle into doing all their married chores.

3: Yours, Wine, and Ours - Aired: 2020-01-09

After a chat with Bonnie, Mike struggles to balance his need for "Me Time" and finding common hobbies with Vanessa. Meanwhile, Kyle and Ryan mourn the passing of their favorite fantasy writer.

4: You've Got Male (or Female) - Aired: 2020-01-09

When Kristin entrusts Mike with her gender reveal party, he promptly holds it over Vanessa's head. Also, Chuck and Joe regret turning Ed's spare room into an oversized dollhouse for Bonnie.

5: The Office - Aired: 2020-01-16

Mike debates what to get Vanessa for a business anniversary gift. Meanwhile, Kristin and Mandy try to get out of Kyle's Outdoor Man HR Orientation.

6: Mysterious Ways - Aired: 2020-01-16

Mike challenges a higher power when he tries to convince Kyle to take a promotion in the HR dept. versus Rev. Paul's offer to join the ministry full-time. Also, Vanessa is secretly obsessed with Jen's new video game.

7: Bedtime Story - Aired: 2020-01-23

Mike tries to avoid hurting Vanessa's feelings due to her snoring. Meanwhile, Mandy goes overboard preparing for the arrival of Kristin and Ryan's new baby.

8: Romancing the Stone - Aired: 2020-01-30

Vanessa learns a secret that she thinks will ruin Ed and Bonnie's wedding day.

9: Girls Rock - Aired: 2020-02-06

Mike and Vanessa each try to influence Jen's career path, while Kristin uses her pregnancy to her advantage with Outdoor Man customers.

10: Break Out The Campaign - Aired: 2020-02-13

Vanessa turns to Mike and Carol for advice on her State Assembly campaign, while Kyle is overcome with anxiety when Ed gifts him an expensive watch.

11: Baked Sale - Aired: 2020-02-20

Mike's offer to help Jen with her school's bake sale goes up in smoke when he suggests she set up camp outside of Bud's Buds. Meanwhile, Kyle finds unlikely advice from Joe on where he should enroll in college.

12: I'm With Cupid - Aired: 2020-02-27

Mike plays cupid for Joe when he sets up him on a date with Cece. Meanwhile Kyle is jealous when Ryan invites Jen to be a guest on their podcast.

13: Student Doubt - Aired: 2020-03-04

When Mandy worries about Kyle passing his first college exam, she secretly enlists Vanessa, Jen and Ryan to help tutor him. Meanwhile, Mike learns of Ed and Chuck's superstition involving their decision-making.

14: This Too Shall Bass - Aired: 2020-03-12

After finding out that Ed is skipping Oudoorman's Annual Bass Festival for Bonnie's fancy art gala, Mike attempts to convince his mother-in-law to have a change of heart. Meanwhile, Mandy takes over festival planning for Kristin and things don't go as planned.

15: Chili Chili Bang Bang - Aired: 2020-03-19

Mike and Chuck compete in Outdoorman's Annual Chili Cook-Off. Meanwhile, Ryan and Kyle take the place of Kristin and Mandy at Vanessa's weekly mother/daughter luncheon.

16: Along Came a Spider - Aired: 2020-03-26

Mike and Mandy go to extreme measures to help Vanessa connect with voters in her State Assembly campaign. Meanwhile, Ed's offer to split a baby gift for Kristin and Ryan leads Chuck and Kyle to wonder which of them makes more money.

17: Keep the Change - Aired: 2020-04-02

When Mike and Vanessa invite Jen's father to her graduation, Jen struggles with accepting his "plus one" - his girlfriend, Fiona. Meanwhile, the Outdoor Man crew debate over which word was said in a viral audio recording that's been tearing the internet apart.

18: Garage Band - Aired: 2020-04-09

A car restoration article throws Mike, Chuck, and Ed into the spotlight while leaving Joe feeling unappreciated. Meanwhile, Ryan overacts after taking Kyle's psych test.

19: The Big LeBaxter - Aired: 2020-04-16

When Rev. Paul recruits Kyle and Mandy to the church bowling team, Mike is left with two unappealing options for Team Baxter - Ryan and Jen. Meanwhile, Vanessa anxiously awaits an endorsement from the Teacher's Association for her Assembly campaign and Kristin and Chuck worry they have offended Ed with their old age jokes.

20: Extrasensory Deception - Aired: 2020-04-23

When Kyle and Mandy individually reveal a secret to Mike and Vanessa respectively, they are sworn not to tell the other. Meanwhile, Ryan invites Mike to be a guest on his podcast and Vanessa and the girls devise a plan to pay back a ride waiter.

21: How You Like Them Pancakes? - Aired: 2020-04-30

Eve returns home for a weekend visit and Vanessa tries to recreate a childhood tradition for the girls... without Mike. Meanwhile, Jen asks Ed and Chuck for help in finding out who is stealing her work lunches and Kristin's big day finally arrives.

Season 9 (21 Episodes)

1: Time Flies - Aired: 2021-01-03

A series of time jumps finds Mike & Vanessa with two new grandchildren, as well as Mandy and Kyle living with them. Mike accidentally-on-purpose gets involved when Vanessa and Mandy clash over Vanessa's "helpfulness". Meanwhile at Outdoor Man, Chuck desperately hopes its last call on Ed's mixology happy hour.

2: Dual Time - Aired: 2021-01-07

The Baxters see double when Vanessa hires a home improvement repairman who bears an uncanny resemblance to Mike. Meanwhile, Kyle and Ryan defend their favorite comic book writer to Mandy and Kristen, and Mike struggles with an idea for his Outdoor Man 10th Anniversary vlog.

3: High on the Corporate Ladder - Aired: 2021-01-14

Mike reluctantly finds himself acting as Ryan's mentor when he is offered a big corporate job. Meanwhile, Mandy and Kyle attempt to make Ed's bucket list dreams come true after finding a secret file on his computer.

4: Jen Again - Aired: 2021-01-21

Mike surprises Vanessa with a visit from Jen that might last longer than she expected. Meanwhile, Ryan's asks Chuck for advice to impress his new corporate boss on the golf course.

5: Outdoor Toddler - Aired: 2021-01-28

When Vanessa asks Ed to revive the Outdoorman Toddler campaign, she is forced to choose between her two new granddaughters for the ad. Meanwhile, Ryan's plan to buy a house on Mike's street hits a snag - Mike -.

6: A Fool and His Money - Aired: 2021-02-04

Mike regrets convincing Joe to use his inheritance money to buy a classic jeep when he realizes how he intends to restore it. Meanwhile, Kristin and Ryan worry that Mandy and Kyle are teaching Sarah bad language.

7: Preschool Confidential - Aired: 2021-02-11

Vanessa's attempt to have both her granddaughters admitted to an elite preschool puts her in a sticky situation to return a political favor. Meanwhile, Mike worries Rev. Paul is taking advantage of Kyle.

8: Lost and Found - Aired: 2021-02-18

When Ed pits Mike and Joe against each other to find the next classic car for renovation, Chuck teaches them a valuable lesson. Meanwhile, Mandy, Kyle and Vanessa meddle in Jen's love life.

9: Grill in the Mist - Aired: 2021-02-25

In the wake of the pandemic, Mike and Kristin are forced to make some tough business decisions involving Outdoor Man. Meanwhile, Jen helps Mandy get organized.

10: Meatless Mike - Aired: 2021-03-04

Mike's willpower is put to the test when Vanessa challenges him to go vegetarian for a week. Meanwhile, Ed trolls ventriloquist Jeff Dunham on social media and Mandy and Kyle move into Kristin and Ryan's guest house.

11: Granny Nanny - Aired: 2021-03-11

On the eve of her birthday, Vanessa refuses to believe that she needs to slow down, going above and beyond on her grandma responsibilities. Meanwhile, Joe puts Mike's friendship to the test.

12: Midwife Crisis - Aired: 2021-03-18

In a flashback set during the pandemic, Mandy and Kyle decide to have a home birth - at Mike and Vanessa's. Meanwhile, Ryan and Chuck team up to construct a state-of-the-art crib.

13: Your Move - Aired: 2021-03-25

While Mike is away, Kristin learns what it takes to be in charge at Outdoor Man. Meanwhile, Vanessa and Kyle debate how to upgrade the backyard play area and Ryan teaches Mandy how to play chess, but he may be the one getting schooled.

14: The Two Nieces of Eve - Aired: 2021-04-08

Eve comes home for a visit and struggles to connect with her nieces. Meanwhile, Kyle turns to Ed when he worries he isn't dynamic enough in his preaching.

15: Butterfly Effect - Aired: 2021-04-15

Mike and Vanessa help Mandy and Kyle with their estate planning, but are disappointed with whom they plan to appoint as Sarah's legal guardian. Meanwhile, Jen begins working at OutdoorMan and takes advice from Chuck a tad too seriously.

16: Parent-normal Activity - Aired: 2021-04-22

After her granddaughter starts misbehaving, Vanessa gives Mandy a valuable parenting lesson. Meanwhile, Mike is challenged to find a meaningful gift for his business anniversary with Ed.

17: Love & Negotiation - Aired: 2021-04-29

Kristin and Ryan go head-to-head in a business negotiation for Outdoor Man that puts their marriage in a sticky situation. Meanwhile, Vanessa and Mandy compete to see who can log the most steps in a day.

18: Yoga and Boo-Boo - Aired: 2021-05-06

After Mike's doctor recommends that he start stretching, Mike uses Chuck's injury as an excuse to get out of yoga with Vanessa. Meanwhile, Kristin and Ryan and Mandy and Kyle each believe the other couple is jealous of their relationship.

19: Murder, She Wanted - Aired: 2021-05-13

Mandy gets jealous after Mike spends time with Ryan at a marketing retreat. Meanwhile, Ed attempts to get Chuck and Joe to see a musical.

20: Baxter Boot Camp - Aired: 2021-05-20

Mike teaches Kristin about work/life balance, as Vanessa and Mandy school Jen on camping. Meanwhile, Ed asks Kyle how to get into heaven.

21: Keep On Truckin' - Aired: 2021-05-20

After Mike's beloved truck is stolen, just as he completes his 10-year renovation on it, the Baxter family and friends gather together for an emotional good-bye.