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Glossary: I
First Air Date: March 17th, 2013
Last Air Date: June 8th, 2014
Created By: Dominic Mitchell
Star Casts: Luke Newberry, Marie Critchley, Steve Cooper, Harriet Cains, Emily Bevan, Sandra Huggett, Wunmi Mosaku, Emmett Scanlan
Aired On: BBC Three
Episode Runtime: 53 minutes
Total Seasons: 2 Seasons
Total Episodes: 9 Episodes
Type: Scripted
Status: Canceled
Homepage: BBC Three - In the Flesh

Last Updated: Fri, 09 Jul 2021 22:32:09 +0000

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In the Flesh

Thousands of dead people have risen from their graves and nearly destroyed Britain. A cure has been found - but can the treated zombies be rehabilitated back into living society?

Seasons and Episodes

Season 1 (3 Episodes)

1: Episode 1 - Aired: 2013-03-17

Partially Deceased Syndrome sufferer Kieren Walker returns home to the cauldron of Roarton, but doesn't receive a warm welcome from all. His parents, Steve and Sue, are undoubtedly pleased to see him, but his sister, Jem, isn't so ready to pick up where they left off when Kieren died back in 2009. Meanwhile, the zombie-hating Human Volunteer Force, led by the violent Bill Macy, are ready to take action against any PDS sufferer reintegrated on their patch.

2: Episode 2 - Aired: 2013-03-24

Feeling trapped at home, Kieren escapes to his grave where he is reunited with his old hunting partner, Amy Dyer, who persuades him to take a dangerous day trip. After fleeing when he is spotted, Kieren discovers that Rick, his former best mate who died in Afghanistan, is back in town and is persuaded by Amy to go and see him at partisan local pub, The Legion. After an awkward reunion, Kieren finds himself on an HVF hunting mission in the woods, where the night patrol has reported live rabid zombies roaming free.

3: Episode 3 - Aired: 2013-03-31

After visiting the supermarket where he used to hunt with Amy, Kieren remembers that Jem once spared his life. Together, brother and sister confront the demons in their pasts and visit Mr and Mrs Lancaster. Kieren feels momentarily better, but then has to say goodbye to Amy who is leaving Roarton in search of The Prophet. Will Kieren and Rick be able to find peace and acceptance as PDS sufferers in this highly-charged new world?

Season 2 (6 Episodes)

1: Episode 1 - Aired: 2014-05-04

Kieren is overjoyed by Amy's return, but has misgivings about her friend Simon.

2: Episode 2 - Aired: 2014-05-11

Kieren's dreams of escaping Roarton are dashed by Maxine. Jem is humiliated at school.

3: Episode 3 - Aired: 2014-05-18

Kieren's relationship with Simon takes an unexpected turn.

4: Episode 4 - Aired: 2014-05-25

Kieren makes a confession which sends shockwaves through the Walker family.

5: Episode 5 - Aired: 2014-06-01

Kieren is a victim of Roarton's increasing Undead persecution.

6: Episode 6 - Aired: 2014-06-08

Kieren faces his darkest fears when he turns rabid. Danger descends on PDS sufferers.