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Glossary: B
First Air Date: August 4th, 2014
Last Air Date: December 7th, 2023
Created By: ---
Star Casts: Jesse Palmer
Aired On: ABC
Episode Runtime: 85 minutes
Total Seasons: 9 Seasons
Total Episodes: 100 Episodes
Type: Reality
Status: Returning Series
Homepage: ABC - Bachelor in Paradise

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Bachelor in Paradise

Some of The Bachelor's biggest stars and villains are back. They all left The Bachelor or The Bachelorette with broken hearts, but now they know what it really takes to find love, and on Bachelor in Paradise they'll get a second chance to find their soul mates. Contestants live together in an isolated romantic paradise in Mexico and we follow these former bachelors and bachelorettes as they explore new romantic relationships.

Seasons and Episodes

Season 1 (7 Episodes)

1: Episode 1 - Aired: 2014-08-04

Former contenders from "The Bachelor" and "The Bachelorette" get a second chance at love as they explore new relationships in an isolated Mexican locale. In the opener, eight women and six men arrive on the island. At the first rose ceremony, each man chooses one woman, and the two ladies left without flowers are sent home.

2: Episode 2 - Aired: 2014-08-11

A scandalous relationship between a previously ousted contestant and a crew member comes to light. Meanwhile, two new bachelors arrive in Mexico and begin soliciting dates.

3: Episode 3 - Aired: 2014-08-18

No overview available.

4: Episode 4 - Aired: 2014-08-25

No overview available.

5: Episode 5 - Aired: 2014-08-26

No overview available.

6: Episode 6 - Aired: 2014-09-01

No overview available.

7: Episode 7 - Aired: 2014-09-08

No overview available.

Season 2 (12 Episodes)

1: Episode 1 - Aired: 2015-08-02

Season 2 begins with the cast arriving on the shores of Playa Escondida in Mexico and getting acquainted at a cocktail party. But their revelry is soon interrupted by a mystery woman. Later, Clare Crawley from Season 1 shows up and shakes things up; and one lady becomes ill and must be taken by ambulance to a hospital. Also: the wedding of 2014 cast members Lacy Faddoul and Marcus Grodd.

2: Episode 2 - Aired: 2015-08-03

Clare receives a date card and goes on a mission to find herself a man. Later, Ashley S. gets a date card and chooses Dan to accompany her. On the date, the two discuss her infamous crazy girl reputation. At the rose ceremony, the men hand out roses and one woman is forced to leave paradise.

3: Episode 3 - Aired: 2015-08-09

No overview available.

4: Episode 4 - Aired: 2015-08-10

No overview available.

5: Episode 5 - Aired: 2015-08-16

No overview available.

6: Episode 6 - Aired: 2015-08-17

No overview available.

7: Episode 7 - Aired: 2015-08-23

No overview available.

8: Episode 8 - Aired: 2015-08-24

No overview available.

9: Episode 9 - Aired: 2015-08-30

Samantha decides to cancel a date with Justin to go back to Joe. Justin takes Amber out instead and they find out about the sexy art of salsa dancing.

10: Episode 10 - Aired: 2015-08-31

No overview available.

11: Episode 11 - Aired: 2015-09-06

Ashley I. whisks Jared away to a luxurious hotel to give their romantic connection one last chance. After agreeing to stay the night together in the fantasy suite, Ashley I. may finally have her Princess Jasmine dreams come true.

12: Episode 12 - Aired: 2015-09-07

The cast is reeling from a shocking break up that left everyone questioning the stability of their own relationships. Connections are put to the test as each couple hits the town for their final fantasy suite dates to help them determine whether or not their relationships can last outside of Paradise. While some couples enter their fantasy suite excited to move their relationship forward, others enter with reservations.

Season 3 (11 Episodes)

1: Week 1: Season Premiere - Aired: 2016-08-02

The hopefuls gather at their first cocktail party on the beach. Vinny and Izzy share their first kiss. Jubilee takes Jared on a date. Back at the house, one contestant's out of control behavior offends everyone.

2: Week 2, Night 1 - Aired: 2016-08-08

One cast member is forced to exit Playa Escondida early and insults Chris Harrison and his cast mates on his way out! Back at the house, everyone celebrates that the human hurricane has left the building, and they can now get back on track to finding love...

3: Week 2, Night 2 - Aired: 2016-08-09

An adventurous date ends with a kiss by a waterfall. A bachelor learns a woman he likes doesn't have mutual feelings. The twins play a prank on a new arrival.

4: Week 3, Night 1 - Aired: 2016-08-15

A newly single bachelor tries for the heart of an unavailable woman. The cast members prepare for a cocktail party. Two undecided bachelorettes contemplate their options. Two fun-loving couples go on a double date.

5: Week 3, Night 2 - Aired: 2016-08-16

The arrival of an infamous bachelorette shocks the remaining cast members. A couple spend the day at a Mexican hospital. A bachelor worries about the presence of his possessive ex and its possible effect on his fledgling relationship.

6: Week 4, Night 1 - Aired: 2016-08-22

A bachelor deals with his ex's inability to move on. Two new men cause a stir among the bachelorettes. Two couples go out on a party boat. A pair ride horses out to a waterfall.

7: Week 4, Night 2 - Aired: 2016-08-23

A bachelor decides to leave after realizing the lack of balance in his relationship. A popular couple show up, hoping to restore everyone's belief in finding love. A date in a temazcal sweat lodge leads to an open discussion about feelings.

8: Week 5, Night 1 - Aired: 2016-08-29

A new bachelor arrives. One bachelor's temper gets the best of him. A shocking announcement is made at the rose ceremony. A jealous bachelorette has difficulty letting go of old feelings.

9: Week 5, Night 2 - Aired: 2016-08-30

One bachelorette decides to leave early, resulting in an emotional confrontation. Two new faces arrive with a double-date card. The single mother gets away from the house on a date with her man and gets to know who he really is.

10: Week 6, Night 1 - Aired: 2016-09-05

One bachelor capitalizes on a new arrival's lack of options. A woman is heartbroken after a cold conversation with a disinterested bachelor. Five bachelors hand out their roses while one makes a surprising decision. Couples go on their final dates.

11: Week 6, Night 2 - Aired: 2016-09-06

A panicked bachelor explains himself to a devastated bachelorette. One bachelorette is worried that her quiet man might not reciprocate her feelings of love. Couples arrive at the final rose ceremony.

Season 4 (9 Episodes)

1: Season 4 Premiere: Week 1, Part 1 - Aired: 2017-08-14

The cast of former fan favorites and controversial characters from "The Bachelor" franchise arrives one by one to their own private paradise in the gorgeous town of Sayulita, in Vallarta-Nayarit, Mexico.

2: Season 4 Premiere: Week 1, Part 2 - Aired: 2017-08-15

Alumni Carly and Evan Tie the knot in paradise. Later, one desperate and lonely lady wants a date card to help her get something new started, but is disappointed when it goes to someone she thinks doesn't need it.

3: Week 2, Part 1 - Aired: 2017-08-21

A guy from Rachel's season shows up with a date card, and the other men grow jealous; one female who's unsure of where she stands with her man sets her sights on the newcomer; one couple stumble upon some dancers and join in on the dancing.

4: Week 2, Part 2 - Aired: 2017-08-22

A cast-off member from Rachel's season of "The Bachelorette" arrives, putting couples at odds. Later, a cocktail party leads to the first rose ceremony of the season.New arrivals bring sex, jealousy, and deceit to Paradise. Plus, Chris Harrison has an in-studio interview with DeMario Jackson about the incident that led to the production shutdown and the media frenzy that followed.

5: Week 3, Part 1 - Aired: 2017-08-28

Tonight’s wild episode begins, ironically, with the arrival of a virgin with a date card. Although her “friend” from Nick’s season of “The Bachelor” warns the virgin that her man would be a “waste of time” asking, he lets her know that, despite what she might have heard, he would love to go on a date with her. And so he does.

6: Week 3, Part 2 - Aired: 2017-08-29

Members of the cast join host Chris Harrison in a special studio session, plus a drama queen and her would-be king discuss their rocky relationship. Finally, Corinne returns to tell her side of the story in her first public appearance since the shocking events that started it all.

7: Week 4, Part 1 - Aired: 2017-09-04

A new, hot arrival has an easy time getting a date. Elsewhere, an eager suitor takes a cautious single mom to a Mexican town fair, where he tells her that he's falling for her. Meanwhile, another man decides it's time to end things with one of the bachelorettes.

8: Week 4, Part 2 - Aired: 2017-09-05

A new female arrival doubles her odds by liking both sexes. Hopeful heartbreakers return to Paradise and target other women's men. A double-dater bails out to spend more time with the woman he's serious about. Two bachelorettes storm out, cursing the close-knit couples who caused their downfall.

9: Week 5 - Aired: 2017-09-11

The couples' time in Paradise comes to an end.

Season 5 (11 Episodes)

1: Week 1 - Aired: 2018-08-07

In the Season 5 premiere, “Bachelor Nation” members begin their journey for another chance at love at a luxurious Mexican resort. The first bachelorette arrives on the beach with her—literal and emotional—baggage in tow; and a feisty female is thrilled that a cute grocer wasn’t chosen for the first date, but isn’t happy when he shows interest in her nemesis.

2: Week 2, Part 1 - Aired: 2018-08-13

A noncommittal single returns from a date to an unwanted confrontation; a man learns last season's Bachelorette is there to visit her friends, causing him a major breakdown.

3: Week 2, Part 2 - Aired: 2018-08-14

No overview available.

4: Week 3, Part 1 - Aired: 2018-08-20

A desperate woman confronts the man who cheated on her by kissing another woman; a bachelorette realizes she is still interested in a former flame; a man gifts a birthday girl with a giant stuffed dog to get under the skin of her jealous suitor.

5: Week 3, Part 2 - Aired: 2018-08-21

The women are handing out the roses, and they are ready for some new options. A hunky ladies’ man walks into Paradise with his long locks flowing and asks out another fair-haired beauty, even though she is seemingly part of a happy couple with everybody’s favorite grocer. To everybody’s surprise, including her concerned beach beau, she says yes, and goes out with the would-be Fabio.

6: Week 4, Part 1 - Aired: 2018-08-27

A fickle female bounces back and forth between the male model and the French-Canadian; a new arrival refuses to take no for an answer when he’s turned down for a date by a woman who fell for his friend before he could get there; a bachelor leaves Paradise early, leaving behind a woman who is desperate to find another man looking for all the love she has to offer, and a newcomer may fit that description.

7: Week 4, Part 2 - Aired: 2018-08-28

A guy is hurt when his girlfriend kisses another man; four men battle over one bachelorette; a new arrival shakes things up.

8: Week 5, Part 1 - Aired: 2018-09-03

A bachelorette is devastated when her man tells her he can’t give her the future that she deserves. Everyone is shocked when they discover that this couple that seemed so stable has split up and split for the States, separately. Later, things shake up yet again with the arrival of two women at the same time, leading to two more couples threatened when the new ladies take off on a double date with previously spoken-for guys.

9: Week 5, Part 2 - Aired: 2018-09-04

Host Chris Harrison shows up with two couples from Paradise's past, to choose which couple to send on what is promised to be the most spectacular date in Bachelor in Paradise history.

10: Week 6 - Aired: 2018-09-10

The first couple to come into focus enjoy a romantic date, which may be a dress rehearsal for their future, as a professional photographer takes potential engagement photos. Things go well until the female model is asked to change into a wedding dress, which rattles her more than she anticipated.

11: After Paradise - Aired: 2018-09-11

For one couple, the woman has been ready to get engaged from the moment they met, while her love-at-first-sight hasn’t been moving quite as fast. However, he seems eager to catch up so only time will tell if his feelings will get there in time to give her a storybook ending. For another couple, the journey hasn’t been easy with others attempting to come between them. Despite temptation, they haven’t given up yet. The final couple is surely in love but has a lot of doubts.

Season 6 (13 Episodes)

1: Week 1, Part 1 - Aired: 2019-08-05

In the premiere episode of what promises to be another wild ride, our favorite members of Bachelor Nation begin their journey for another chance at finding love at a luxurious Mexico resort.

2: Week 1, Part 2 - Aired: 2019-08-06

Kristina wants an explanation from Blake before she considers rekindling their relationship. The women scramble ahead of the rose ceremony, which will see three of them sent home.

3: Week 2, Part 1 - Aired: 2019-08-12

It’s the first rose ceremony of the season and the drama is already ratcheted up! Two very different men – Blake and Dylan – have their hearts set on handing their rose to Hannah G., but who will offer it to her and will she accept?

4: Week 2, Part 2 - Aired: 2019-08-13

Hannah G. has a stunning revelation to share with one of her suitors. Demi is having difficulty moving forward with Derek and shares the feelings she still has for a woman back home. Caelynn has some moves of her own to make. Another suave newcomer provides a powerful temptation for Nicole. As the ladies get ready to hand out the roses, the most vulnerable men plan to pull out all the stops at the cocktail party.

5: Week 3, Part 1 - Aired: 2019-08-19

The explosive start to this week’s adventures in Paradise tests Jordan’s friendship with Clay, as Christian aggressively competes with him for Nicole’s affection.

6: Week 3, Part 2 - Aired: 2019-08-20

The drama picks up with Demi explaining to Chris how conflicted she is between staying and exploring a relationship with a man she cares deeply for and leaving for a certain woman she can’t stop thinking about back home.

7: Week 4, Part 1 - Aired: 2019-08-26

Tayshia has been having a lot of fun with John Paul Jones, but she encourages him to explore his options with other women. All of this action leaves Tayshia free to explore another relationship with a wonderful guy. The relationship merry-go-round spins faster and faster this week until it’s almost out of control.

8: Week 4, Part 2 - Aired: 2019-08-27

Emotions are running high between the men and women in Paradise. Everyone seems upset until a surprise package arrives with an invitation to the wedding of Chris Randone and Krystal Nielson, who got engaged at the end of last season. However, Clay, a good friend of the happy couple, must face his ex-girlfriend Angela, who is a bridesmaid, for the first time since their breakup.

9: Week 5, Part 1 - Aired: 2019-09-02

Sensational confrontations take center stage in Paradise this week. Angela’s arrival brings trouble when Clay discovers feelings bubbling up for his ex-girlfriend that put his current relationship with Nicole in jeopardy. Angela also must tackle her unresolved feelings for Clay as she tries to move on with Mike.

10: Week 5, Part 2 - Aired: 2019-09-03

All those left in Paradise attempt to reassure themselves by checking in with their romantic partners to make sure they are all on the same page, as their time together is winding down.

11: Week 6, Part 1 - Aired: 2019-09-09

Emotions are at a fever pitch on the beach as Dean makes a shocking return to Paradise to ask Caelynn to leave with him immediately. But before she can come to any conclusion, she must talk to Connor with whom she was hoping to build a future. Chris and Katie are hoping that their make-or-break date will show them just how amazing their relationship could be, but will Chris decide to let his walls down and open up to her? It’s almost the end of Paradise and the couples are feeling the heat.

12: Week 6, Part 2 - Aired: 2019-09-10

What couples will survive this last intense week in Paradise? Hannah and Dylan attend a local child’s birthday party, giving them a glimpse of what the future might bring and inspiring them to share their feelings for one another. Nicole can’t wait to say “I love you” to Clay, but will he be able to reciprocate? Shocking breakups litter the beach.

13: Week 7: The Season Finale - Aired: 2019-09-17

Chris Harrison and a studio audience watch as the four remaining couples – Demi and Kristian, Chris and Katie, Dylan and Hannah, and Clay and Nicole – spend one last night in the fantasy suites deciding if they are ready to take their relationships to the next level outside of Paradise. No one knows what the night will bring to these love-struck couples. Engagements, breakups and plenty of tears springing from both joy and heartbreak make for a compelling season finale.

Season 7 (11 Episodes)

1: Week 1 - Aired: 2021-08-16

With the resort officially open, former fan-favorite bachelors and bachelorettes are ready to find their match while living together in a tropical oasis in Mexico.

2: Week 2, Pt. 1 - Aired: 2021-08-23

Knock, knock, Demi’s here! With a rose ceremony on the horizon and the men poised to hand out their stems, the ladies are feeling the pressure to find a potential match. Guest host David Spade continues to bring the funny, but even he can’t quell the tension when the one and only Demi Burnett arrives, setting her sights on one of the beach’s most popular men. Later, more couples are given their first dates, where important conversations lead to strengthened connections. Then, with a cocktail party looming, the competition heats up and a shocking rumor forces one beachgoer to face the others – and the truth.

3: Week 2, Pt. 2 - Aired: 2021-08-24

With the shocking first rose ceremony in the past, it’s time for some fresh faces to walk down the sunny Paradise steps. Who will be the first to join our sexy singles on the beach? It’s going to be...our new guest host, Lance Bass! The excitement continues as more men arrive looking to get lucky in love, but the excitement quickly fades when the newcomers throw everything into disarray, reigniting old feuds and breaking apart new bonds. Chemistry may bring these couples together, but it may also cause them to combust.

4: Week 3, Pt. 1 - Aired: 2021-08-30

Two new men arrive, and one coupled-up cutie contemplates if she’s ready to stop exploring other options. Meanwhile, things fall apart for a hopeless romantic.

5: Week 3, Pt. 2 - Aired: 2021-08-31

As the women prepare to hand out their roses, nerves get the better of the men. Plus, more familiar faces make their entrances, and the remaining couples will be put to the test.

6: Week 4, Pt. 1 - Aired: 2021-09-06

Joe comes face-to-face with the woman who broke his heart; Natasha and Brendan start to move in the right direction, but just as Natasha feels the spark heat up, another familiar face makes her appearance.

7: Week 4, Pt. 2 - Aired: 2021-09-07

Guest host Titus Burgess storms the beach, ready to shake things up by throwing an exclusive welcome party that stirs up more drama than Wells does drinks; Olivia Holt performs.

8: Week 5 - Aired: 2021-09-14

The beach's most controversial couple faces a reckoning they can't come back from; one couple pays a visit to the Boom Boom Room, another endures a birthday breakup of epic proportions, and one unlucky lady gets a second chance at love

9: Week 6 - Aired: 2021-09-21

Kendall shares a tearful confession with her former beau, but Joe just can't tell her what she wants to hear; guest host Lil Jon brings in two new guys; some couples take it to the next level while others hit stumbling blocks.

10: Episode 10 - Aired: 2021-09-28

No overview available.

11: Episode 11 - Aired: 2021-10-05

No overview available.

Season 8 (16 Episodes)

1: Week 1: Season Premiere - Aired: 2022-09-27

No overview available.

2: Week 2: Part One - Aired: 2022-10-03

No overview available.

3: Week 2: Part Two - Aired: 2022-10-04

No overview available.

4: Week 3: Part One - Aired: 2022-10-10

No overview available.

5: Week 3: Part Two - Aired: 2022-10-11

No overview available.

6: Week 4: Part One - Aired: 2022-10-17

No overview available.

7: Week 4: Part Two - Aired: 2022-10-18

No overview available.

8: Week 5: Part One - Aired: 2022-10-24

No overview available.

9: Week 5: Part Two - Aired: 2022-10-25

No overview available.

10: Week 6: Part One - Aired: 2022-10-31

No overview available.

11: Week 6: Part Two - Aired: 2022-11-01

No overview available.

12: Week 7 - Aired: 2022-11-07

No overview available.

13: Week 8: Part One - Aired: 2022-11-14

No overview available.

14: Week 8: Part Two - Aired: 2022-11-15

No overview available.

15: Finale: Part One - Aired: 2022-11-21

No overview available.

16: Finale: Part Two - Aired: 2022-11-22

No overview available.

Season 9 (10 Episodes)

1: Week 1 - Aired: 2023-09-28

Standouts and fan favorites from "The Bachelor" and "The Bachelorette" return.

2: Week 2 - Aired: 2023-10-05

With connections already starting to sizzle, Aven's highly anticipated arrival is sure to shake things up on the beaches of paradise; early relationships are tested; another former Bachelorette, Hannah Brown, arrives.

3: Week 3 - Aired: 2023-10-12

The women hand out roses and couples solidify; when Tyler and Tanner arrive on the beach, all bets are off; Sam must bypass her urgent medical issue or she'll have to leave the beach.

4: Episode 4 - Aired: 2023-10-19

No overview available.

5: Episode 5 - Aired: 2023-10-26

No overview available.

6: Episode 6 - Aired: 2023-11-02

No overview available.

7: Episode 7 - Aired: 2023-11-09

No overview available.

8: Episode 8 - Aired: 2023-11-16

No overview available.

9: Episode 9 - Aired: 2023-11-30

No overview available.

10: Episode 10 - Aired: 2023-12-07

No overview available.