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First Air Date: November 10th, 2011
Last Air Date: December 20th, 2011
Created By: Ricky Gervais, Stephen Merchant
Star Casts: Ricky Gervais, Stephen Merchant, Warwick Davis, Jo Enright, Rosamund Hanson, Shaun Williamson, Steve Brody, Les Dennis, Keith Chegwin, Matthew Holness, Colin Hoult
Aired On: HBO, BBC Two
Episode Runtime: 30 minutes
Total Seasons: 1 Season
Total Episodes: 7 Episodes
Type: Miniseries
Status: Ended
Homepage: HBO - Life's Too Short

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Life’s Too Short

Life's Too Short is a British sitcom mockumentary created and written by Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant from an idea by Warwick Davis, and is as described by Gervais, about "the life of a showbiz dwarf".

Seasons and Episodes

Specials (4 Episodes)

1: GQ Promo - Aired: 2011-07-29

GQ Exclusive Promo with Ricky Gervais, Steven Merchant, and Warwick Davis.

2: Ricky and Warwick the Frog - Aired: 2011-08-19

Ricky Gervais and Warwick Davis, dressed as a frog, introduce 'Life's Too Short'.

3: The Making of Life's Too Short - Aired: 2011-11-05

Behind the scenes of the new comedy series by 'The Office' and 'Extras' creators Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant.

4: Easter Special - Aired: 2013-03-30

Warwick is a changed man and now works hard for his clients at agency 'Dwarves For Hire'. Val Kilmer visits him to discuss a sequel to 'Willow' - but there are strings attached. Warwick persuades Keith Chegwin, Les Dennis and Shaun Williamson to put together a show to tour. When things turn sour within the trio, Warwick takes them to see a spiritualist.

Season 1 (7 Episodes)

1: Episode 1 - Aired: 2011-11-10

With his career on the slide, a massive tax bill, and his wife divorcing him, showbiz dwarf Warwick Davis is forced to open his doors to a film crew 24/7. He seeks advice from old pals Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant, but Liam Neeson has beaten him to it.

2: Episode 2 - Aired: 2011-11-17

Warwick makes a humiliating guest appearance at a Star Wars wedding, but his fortune rises when Johnny Depp hires him to research a new movie role.

3: Episode 3 - Aired: 2011-11-24

After complaints that he takes all the best roles for himself, Warwick launches a website and creates showreels for his clients. But he still takes on a role opposite Helena Bonham Carter.

4: Episode 4 - Aired: 2011-12-01

During messy divorce negotiations, Warwick asks Ricky and Stephen for personal advice. Meanwhile, he moves into a new apartment and seeks election as chairman of the Society of People of Small Stature.

5: Episode 5 - Aired: 2011-12-08

Warwick seeks spiritual guidance, and following a visit to the dating agency where he met his wife, he embarks on a quest to find a new partner.

6: Episode 6 - Aired: 2011-12-15

Warwick throws a party in his new apartment to show it to his ex-wife and his new date Amy. But when Cat Deeley shows up, he can't resist being a player, and no one is impressed.

7: Episode 7 - Aired: 2011-12-20

Warwick attends a charity event in the hope of hanging out with celebrities. However, in trying to impress Sting he ends up spending more than he can afford. Consequently he has to look for a new home and hopes Amy will see him again.